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pamphlets should be on letter-size paper with a heavier paper binding cover. The date of original preparation and the date of each successire revision if any, should be shown, preferably on the outside cover. The pamphlet should contain only slight reference to prospective improvements where those improvements have not yet been authorized by Congress.

(6) Two copies of each information pamphlet on river and harbor and flood control projects shall be furnished each Division Engineer direct for his files. Upon receipt of information pamphlets Division Engineers should ascertain the number of additional copies needed for offices in their division, and obtain the necessary copies from the districts issuing them by direct correspondence.

(c) Fifty copies of each new or revised pamphlet shall be furnished the Chief of Engineers.


295. To be submitted at least every 3 months.--District Engineers shall submit in duplicate at least every 3 months photographs of construction projects (both new work and maintenance) in their charge, which are capable of photographic representation. For fortification photography requirements, see Chap. IV.

295,1. Character.--Photographs should show the general features of the works, and when practicable, any particularly interesting details or details believed to be peculiar to the special work or to the district. Photographs of locks and dams constructed by the Corps of Engineers, breakwaters, food control structures, bank revetments, wing dams, and other typical works are particilarly desired. Characteristic navigation scenes on improved harbors, rivers, or other navigable channels, and photographs of floating and other major items of plant are desired, but such photographs as these need be submitted only as occasion may warrant.

295.2. Point of view.--When taking progress photographs the point of view should be carefully selected so that the same, or substantially the same, point of view and direction may be used from time to time to show the progress made between the intervals when the photographs are taken.

295.3. Size and marking.--All general progress photographs shall be of a uniform size, 8 x 10 inches, with a one-inch additional margin at the left for binding. A brief description of the photograph will be placed on the face of each print a space one inch wide along the bottom, -the entire length of the ten-inch dimension, being reserved therefor. The description will include: date taken, serial number, name and location of district, whether the work accomplished by Government plant and hired labor or by contraét. If by contract show contractor's name, contract number and contract date. If necessary, any additional description may be placed on the back. Projects should be identified by source of funds under which the work is being done, such as river and harbor, flood control, fortification, Public Works Administration, Work Projects Administration, or other source.

295.4. Mounting.--All photographs shall be mounted on linen backing. If for any reason, linen-back paper is not available, the following procedure should be helpful in providing satisfactory glossy prints. After fixing and washing, prints should be placed face down on thin sheet iron enameled to a high gloss, or on chromium-plated ferro-type plates. These plates are then passed through a wringer roll to remove excess water and allowed to dry in a rack. The prints when taken from the plates should be rolled face outward in staggered position, in a paper roll over a cardboard tube about three inches in diameter. The prints should preferably remain in the paper roll over night and then be removed the following morning. Reasonable care should be exercised thereafter in avoiding the proximity of heat or dampness.

295.5. Annual.--Also, apart from the foregoing, District Engineers on Noveniher Ist of each year shall submit a set of typical photographs in quadruplicate of current river and harbor and flood control works in their districts. Each photograph will be g'' by 10'' in size and unmounted. No typing should appear on the glossy face of these photographs. The description or caption should be on separate slip temporarily attached to back of photograph by sticker.

295.6. Mailing.-Photographs should be sent to the Office of the Chief of Engineers flat, without clips and unfolded, using the proper size of photographic mailing envelope, so as to prevent damage in the mails.

295.7. Motion picture.--A file is maintained in the Office of the Chief of Engineers of 16 mm. motion picture films showing typical activities of the Department, with particular reference to river and harbor and flood control operations. These films are available for loan for departmental engineering discussions as well as for civic conferences and meetings. It is desired that Division Engineers assure the furnishing from time to time of films of marked value for this purpose. Information regarding the availability of films for loan may be obtained from the Chief of Engineers.

295.8. Air Corps.--Request for aerial photography to be performed by the Air Corps shall be submitted to the Chief of Engineers (See C. L., R. & H. No. 47, 1938) and will except in cases of major disaster, include:

(a) A statement that no aerial photographs exist for the area in question or that the existing ones are unsuitable. In the latter case, the reasons for the unsuitability of the existing aerial photographs will be given.

(6) Maps, index map in triplicate, showing area to be photographed.
(c) Photographs, size desired.
(d) Camera, type, single-lens, 5-lens, etc.
(e) Scale.
(f) Overlap, forward, side.

(9) Prints, number desired and kind (glossy or mat, etc.). Negative, if desired.

(h) Project elevation, if not clearly shown on map. (i) Period during which work is to be accomplished. 295.9. Special.--Instructions regarding the submission of special photographs such as floating plant under construction, panoramic views, negatives for making lantern slides, and other views, will be issued by the Chief of Engineers as occasion may require.

295.10. Mapping, non-military agencies.-For information regarding aerial mapping by non-military agencies of the Federal Government, see Chap. III.

295.11. Bridges.---For instructions regarding the submission of photographs of completed bridges, see Chap. V.


296. Cost.-Immediately on the completion of a survey, or of any sheet of a survey, 'by Engineer troops, a cost report shall be made on E. D. Form 217 to the Chief of Engineers. Every item of cost incident to the survey from its commencement to the completion of the field sheets will be included. No expenses incident to reproduction will be reported. Where the field sheets are drafted and lettered in such a way as to permit reproduction without redrafting, the cost of excess drafting not needed for the field sheets will be considered a reproduction charge and will not be included in the report. (A. R. 100-5).

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Paragraph --- 234 285, 286

293 210

210 -- 209, 210


- 295 --' 279.2

213 283, 284

211 274

Absence, officers, report of_-
Access of reports to public.
Accidents, marine reports of..
Accounts, money,

Acting Division Engineers..
Addresses --
Adoption of projects---
Aerial photography---
Agriculture, Department of, liaison.
Air mail---
Analysis of economic justification, survey reports.
Anchorage, violation, U. 8. Coast Guard S----
Annual papers to be submitted separately-
Annual Report, Chief of Engineers :

Brevity and clearness of statement
Commercial statistics ----
Condition at end of fiscal year..
Cost and financial summary-
Data for Coast and Geodetic Survey
Draft, preparation.--.
Draft, time of forwarding-
Examinations and surveys_-
Existing project----
Floating plant and boat yards---
General provisions-
Harbor lines.--
Local cooperation
Location of project--
Military activities, fortifications.-
Miscellaneous Civil Works
Object of the Annual Report.
Omission of technical details.
Operations and results during fiscal year.
Papers to be submitted separately---
Parts of
Permits, harbor lines, etc--
Plant allotment.
Preliminary matter..
Preparation of draft
Previous projects----


254 275 267 269 256

251 252, 268, 275

272 261

274 210, 252

249 258 274 264

259 246, 247, 248

273 249 253 266 274 250 274 271 257 251 260

Annual Report, Chief of Engineers---Continued.

Proposed operations.--
Recommended modification of project----
Reference to published articles not previously reported-
Table of inactive projects.
Terminal facilities ----
When may be made public-
Works of Miscellaneous Civil Section

Wrecked vessels, tabular list---
Annual reports required, general list of..
Annual statement of preference of officers.
Answer by wire requested.--
Appeal to Board of Engineers-----
Appropriations, summary of monthly report.---
Appropriations, estimate data, ensuing fiscal year.
Assistants, reports of-----
Authority, work by other departments.


268 262 263 270 265 25 273 274 230 21 206 285 238 277 290 211

Batteries, completed, report of..

247 Beach erosion investigations and studies

289 Blank forms, requisitions-

210 Boards, reports of, submitted through Division Engineer. 210, 282, 291 Boat yards: Annual report--

274 Reports on..

276 Boiler inspections, correspondence re-

211 Brevity and clearance of statement, Annual Report

251 Bridge and permit applications, monthly report.

241 Bridge and permit plans.---

228 Bridges (preliminary examinations and surveys)

280.4, 282.5, 283.16 Bureaus, direct correspondence with.--

211 Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation -

293 Bureau of Mines, correspondence with--

211 Bureau of Reclamation, notice to (preliminary examinations and surveys)- 279.2 Bureau, Foreign and Domestic Commerce, correspondence with.-

211 Bureau of Standards, correspondence with--

211 Bureau of Public Health Service..

279.2 Bureau, U. S. Weather


Cable, dispatches by

215 Cargoes, salvage of

293 Casualties, marine--

293 Change of station, officers_.

235 Change in plans.---

229 Civil Aeronautics Authority (preliminary examinations and surveys) ---- 279. 2 Civil Service: Changes-

210 District manager.

210 Separations.--

210 Class of vessels using locks on rivers, monthly report.-

236 Coal, correspondence with Bureau of Mines re purchase.

211 Coast and Geodetic Survey, data for.

256 Correspondence with


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