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during the month, the date and authority therefor, with statement of Engineer Department file number if any, will be given.

234. Report of absence.-A District or Division Engineer shall report to the Chief of Engineers by letter or W. D., A. G. O. Form No. 80, upon his reporting at station for duty, the date of his arrival at station for duty, the date of his arrival at station and the date of his assumption of duty in charge of the district or division, his departure on leave, his relief from or return to duty, giving the date and source of the order assigning him to duty, granting leave or directing relief, and in case of return from leave, the date of return. Other officers on duty with the Engineer Department at Large shall report to the Chief of Engineers by letter or W. D., A. G. O. Form No, 80, upon reporting at station for duty and when required by Par. 12, A. R. 605-120; all other changes in the status and absence during the month on leave or duty will be reported on the monthly personal report (E. D. Form No. 1) only.

235. Change of station. In case of a change of station, the date of leaving one station and joining the other and the authority for the change, shall immediately be reported to the Chief of Engineers by the officer concerned and will also be shown on his personal report for the month.


236. River and harbor and flood control works-general provisions. The monthly reports of operations for river and harbor and flood control works shall be prepared on letter size paper (8 by 1072 inches), except the prescribed cost forms, written single space on one side only, with a margin of 1 inch on the lefthand margin of the page in which three holes will be placed one-quarter inch in the clear from the edge of the sheet one hole being on the center line of the page and the other holes 444 inches therefrom. Each page will have in its upper right-hand corner its serial number and under this number the abbreviated name of the month to which the report pertains. That portion of the report referred to in paragraph 236.1, items (a) to (g), and the "Monthly Summary Sheet" for each district, shall be fastened together with tape or suitable fasteners and will be mailed flat. A letter of transmittal will contain a complete list of improvements with a reference for each project to the page on which its report begins. If desired a district having a large number of improvements may attach an index in lieu of including the list of projects in letter of transmittal. In the list or index under the heading covering preliminary examinations and surveys both for rivers and harbors and flood control each individual examination and survey, or review, will be named including the page of the report on which the data appear. The list or index should be in the sequence of the Annual Report. Flood control projects should be listed after river and harbor projects and special projects not authorized by Congress such as those initiated under Emergency or Relief appropriations should also be included. Only the letter of transmittal requires the signature of the District Engineer. The portions of the report that will not change for several months may be printed or mimeographed.

236.1. The report for each work on which operations are in progress will be preceded simply by the number and the title of the improvement written in capital letters in the same form as it appears in the Annual Report. The title will be identical with that given in the authorizing legislation. Further identification may be added if deemed desirable. Each report shall be made under the following headings in the order indicated :

(a) Money statements (E. D. Cost Forms Nos. 53 and 53A).
(6) Present condition.
(c) Local cooperation.

(d) Operations during month.
(e) Status of specifications.
(f) Probable operations next month.
(g) Progress map.

236.2. If work is being prosecuted under more than one authorization or allotment for a given improvement as for example where separate appropriations or allotments have been made for individual locks and dams in the same river, or for different portions of any improvement, each of these items will be treated separately with appropriate subheadings under each of the above headings.

236.3. Money statement.-E. D. Cost Form Nos. 53 and 53A will be used.

236.4. Present condition. This paragraph read in conjunction with the corresponding paragraph of the last Annual Report should clearly show the present status of the improvement.

(a) For brevity reference to the last Annual Report may be made in a form such as:

Same as in Annual Report for

Same as in Annual Report for except (6) References to manuscript of the Annual Report giving page number is permissible in the interval between the submission of the manuscript and its publication.

236.5. The following information should be fully covered by the paragraph or reference:

(a) If the project is completed, a statement to that effect.

(0) A brief but comprehensive statement of all work done since the last Annual Report. A clear concise picture of the status of the improvement up to the date of the report should be given. Each major item of the project should be reported on separately under appropriate subheadings and should include a statement of the percentage of completion of each major subitem as well as the project as a whole. The information given must be compatible with that presented in the Monthly Project Cost Summary, E. D. Cost Form No. 38 in order that further details may be obtained therefrom if necessary.

(c) In projects for channel improvement a statement of the present depths as compared with the project depths with the date of the information on which the statement of the present depth is based. If different portions of the project have different depths, the information should be shown in tabular form. The depths stated should be the through depths available to navigation. If depths useful to commerce exist through a part but not the whole of the channel the statement should show how far the various depths are available. In important channels the width over which the depth or depths have been secured should be stated thus : "The 40-foot channel to the navy yard has full depth for width of 100 feet, and 30-foot depths for project width of feet. Dredging to full depth to total width of 200 feet, in progress, has reached a point 3,250 feet from the navy yard."

(d) In projects for river improvement where the depth varies with the stage, or on the operation of dams a statement of the controlling depth during the month of the report when practicable. A statement of the depth at a date some years past is not desired.

(e) In projects involving acquisition of land or easements the completion of which is not stated in or clearly inferred from the last published Annual Report a statement of the present status of negotiations. If the acquisition has been completed and approved a statement to that effect should be made giving date.

(f) If locks, dams, flood control, or other works are under construction a clear description of the status of completion of each major part. The description

should be made from the viewpoint of results accomplished and should show the relation of these results to final completion, thus: "Land wall, 360 feet in length, excavation completed, foundation piles driven for 275 feet, wall completed for 185 feet, concreting in progress in an additional length of 60 feet." If the completion of the part is to be expected within a few months the status of completion may be stated as a percentage, thus: "Land wall 75 per cent completed." The use of meaningless percentages such as very small or very large percentages shall be avoided. Thus work nearly done should be described as "The land wall completed except for the machinery recesses," and not "The land wall is 98 per cent completed."

(g) As a rule a statement of yardage excavated, concrete laid, etc., is not necessary or desirable in this paragraph but may be pertinent under appropriate conditions.

236.6. Local cooperation.-If no local cooperation is required in connection with the execution of the project state "None required." If required and fully complied with state "Fully complied with" and give date and file number of approval or acceptance. Otherwise state concisely the cooperation required, the act and document in which required, the progress made toward compliance, and anticipated action of local interests if known, with dates. If substantial improvements have been made by other agencies than the Engineer Department which are indirectly beneficial to navigation or flood control but are not a part of the authorized project, a description thereof should be given even if not required as a condition precedent to the Engineer Department appropriation. 236.7. Operations during month.-Give a detailed summary of the amount and character of the work done during the month and the results accomplished following the same general outline as the section on "Present condition." This section also must be capable of being reconciled with the Monthly Project Cost Summary, E. D. Cost Form No. 38.

(a) Improvements by agencies other than the Engineer Department which are directly beneficial to navigation or flood control and which form a part of the authorized project should be described under the applicable item indicating the agency doing the work and the fact that costs thereof other than supervision and inspection if any are not included in costs to the Engineer Department.

(b) On projects having locks in operation a statement showing the number and class of vessels using the locks will be submitted in the following form:

Statement of number and class of vessels using locks on nations, azal

anolisnimao Commercial Boats

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Vessels passing over the wicket type dams such as those in operation on the Ohio River will be shown on the statement of lockages but stated separately.

236.8. Status of specifications.-Give a statement showing the status of any specification for major items of work under preparation or under advertisement giving the probable or actual date of submission for approval or the date of opening bids as the case may be. If proposals for major items have been opened during the current fiscal year and work not awarded give date of opening and reason for no award unless the work has been subsequently readvertised and contract awarded.

236.9. Probable operations next month.---Give a brief statement of the work proposed during the month next succeeding.

236.10. Progress map.--Each project reported upon where work is in progress or upon which work is contemplated with available funds will be accompanied by an outline small-scale progress map. This map should indicate clearly and by definite colors the extent of work under contract or under way with Government plant and hired labor, work for which plans and specifications are ready, and such other pertinent information as is essential to a clear understanding of current operations both new work and maintenance pertaining to the project.

237. Monthly reports on examination and surveys.-(a) A report for each locality under investigation will be submitted. A separate page will be used for each investigation, the pages to be numbered as prescribed for other works. The letter of transmittal (Par. 236) will contain a complete index list of the reports. In order that the Chief of Engineers may be informed at all times as to the status of all authorized investigations, the reports of operations will contain full and up-to-date information on all outstanding examination and survey reports and review reports still before the District or Division Engineer at the end of the month. If, after the report is first submitted to the Chief of Engineers it is returned for revision, the report should again be covered in the monthly report of operations until resubmitted. Statements such as “No change from previous report” will not be used.

(6) It is pertinent to point out that the monthly reports are constantly referred to in the Office, Chief of Engineers, forming the basis for answer to both written and telephonic Congressional inquiries, status of funds, etc. Care in the preparation of these reports to insure their accuracy and the sufficiency of information contained therein is therefore enjoined on all District Engineers.

237.1. Form.-The report will be submitted in the following form:

(a) Money statements, as applicable, in the same form as prescribed in Par. 236.3.

(0) One money statement will be furnished for the allotment "Examinations, Surveys and Contingencies, General.”

(c) One money statement will be furnished for the allotment "Preliminary Examinations and Surveys, Flood Control General.”

(d) One money statement will be furnished for allotments pertaining to surveys in the interest of navigation, flood control, power development, and irrigation, (H. Doc. No. 308, 69th Congress, 1st Session, and the River and Harbor Acts approved January 21, 1927, and August 30, 1935).

(e) One money statement will be furnished for allotments pertaining to surveys in the interest of navigation, flood control, power development, and irrigation, as authorized by Section 10 of the Flood Control Act approved May 15, 1928, and for which funds were allotted from the appropriation for "Flood Control, Mississippi River and its tribuntaries.”

237.2. Title and authorization.—(a) Give title in full as carried in act, or resolution, of authorization including date of approval.

(0) Examination assigned. (Date and file number.)
(c) Survey assigned. (Date and file number.)
237.3. Cost.- (a) Estimated total cost, (present working estimate).

(0) Amount allocated, (specific allotment by the Department or amount allocated by the District Engineer from a general allotment), and percentage of completion that can be accomplished with the allocation.

(c) Cost to date, (reported on current E. D. Cost Form No. 38).
(d) Balance of allocated funds available, '(item (6) minus item (c)).
(e) Additional funds required to complete, (item (a) minus item (6)).

In the case of investigations being paid for from both river and harbor and flood control funds, separate statements will be furnished showing the allocation and status of funds from each appropriation.

237.4. Progress to date.-State work accomplished. Give information as to public hearings held or scheduled. If for any reason the investigation is not in actual progress state reasons for delay and when it will be undertaken.

237.5. Probable operations next month.

237.6. Probable date of submission of report.—The date on which the District Engineer will forward the report to the Division Engineer will be indicated and where possible it is desired that the date also be shown on which the Division Engineer will forward the report to the Chief of Engineers. If the examination report has been submitted, so state and give date. If it becomes necessary to change the date on which a report is scheduled for submission, authority therefor should be requested from this office in a letter briefly describing the reasons for the change. The date of submission reported in the monthly report of operations should not be changed until approved by the Chief of Engineers.

237.7. Period covered.-Monthly reports on preliminary examinations and surveys will begin with the month in which the preliminary examination is assigned to the District Engineer. If the District Engineer's report on the examination is unfavorable the examination will be dropped from his monthly report of operations after the Division Engineer has forwarded the report. If the report on the preliminary examination is favorable, the monthly report on the item will be continued until the survey report has been forwarded by the Division Engineer, or urtil notice is received of the unfavorable action of the Chief of Engineers on the report on the preliminary examination. Operations of District Engineers, under allotments made for the purpose, in connection with a review of a report by the Board of Engineers for River and Harbors in accordance with a request from a committee of Congress, will be reported in the same manner as preliminary examinations and surveys. All investigations conducted by special boards of officers should be covered by each District Engineer in his monthly report of operations in so far as the investigation pertains to his district. The junior district engineer member of the board should also include information pertaining to the status of the report of the special board itself.

238. Summary of all appropriations.-The monthly report of operations will be accompanied by a summary sheet (E. D. Cost Form No. 54 (revised)) showing the status of all appropriations. The summary sheet will follow immediately after the letter of transmittal and will be listed therein. Columns on Form No. 54 are self-explanatory as to the information required to be reported and should be totaled for all appropriations or accounts separately as to river and harbor and flood control work. Appropriation titles must be identical with the titles in the money accounts. Different fiscal year appropriations should be entered separately. No-limit appropriations which are available until expended will not be separated by acts. In the column showing unliquidated encumbrances the amounts apply only to funds already appropriated or allotted. The amount of

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