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(6) Checking Account Balances, Schedule of (G. A. O. Reg. No. 80, 1934). (7) Checks, Canceled, Schedule of (G. A. O. Reg. No. 80, 1934).

(8) Collections, Schedule of (G. A. O. Reg. No. 80, 1934).

(9) Cumulative Obligations and Expenditures by Federal Projects for Public Works Administration Funds, Letter Report of (C. Ls. Finance No. 34, 1936, and No. 142, 1939).

(10) Cumulative Obligations of Regular Funds for the Current Fiscal Year, Telegraphic Report of (C. Ls. Finance No. 34, 1936, and No. 142, 1939).

(11) Deposit Account, Special, Detail of (G. A. O. Reg. No. 80, 1934). (12) Deposits, Schedule of (Treas. Dept. Form No. 1, Revised) (G. A. O. Reg. No. 80, 1934).

(13) Deposits, Schedule of (Treasury Dept. Form No. 6599) (G. A. O. Reg. No. 80, 1934).

(14) Deposits in Transit, Schedule of (G. A. O. Reg. No. 80, 1934).

(15) Disbursements and Collections by Appropriation Limitations, Summary Statement of (Std. Form 1095).

(16) Disbursements and Collections by Official Projects, Summary Statement of (Std. Form 1092).

(17) Disbursements, Schedule of (G. A. O. Reg. No. 80, 1934, and Chap. VIII).

(18) Discounts Obtained and Lost, Schedule of (Chap. VIII).

(19) Expenditures by Objective Classification (Emergency Relief Funds), Letter report of (C. Ls. Finance No. 34, 1936, and No. 142, 1939). (20) Procurement Operations (copy), Report of (W. D. Form No. 8) (Chap. VIII).

(21) Property, Engineer, Transfer of (E. D. Form No. 35) (Chap. IX). (22) Property Purchased, Abstract of (E. D. Form No. 25) (Chap. VIII). (23) Property Sold and Exchanged, Inventory of (E. D. Form No. 27a) (Chap. IX).

(24) Public Property at Public Auction or on Sealed Proposals, Account of Sales of (W. D. Form No. 325) (A. R. 35–780).

(25) Purchases (C. L. Finance No. 92, 1938).

(26) Retirement Fund Credits, Schedule of (G. A. O. Reg. No. 80, 1934). (27) Subsistence Expense Act of 1926, Advances under, Schedule of (G. A. O. Reg. No. 80, 1934).

(28) Tax Exemption Certificates (E. D. Form No. 49) (G. A. O. Reg. No. 86, 1937).

(29) Transfers and Refunds, Special Deposits, Schedule of (Std. Form No. 1046) (G. A. O. Reg. No. 80, 1934).

(30) Transfers (from others), Schedule of (G. A. O. Reg. No. 80, 1934, and Chap. VIII).

(31) Transfers (to others), Schedule of (G. A. O. Reg. No. 80, 1934, and Chap. VIII).

(32) Vouchers (Chap. VIII).

(33) Warrants, Accountable, Schedule of (G. A. O. Reg. No. 80, 1934).

(n) Noneducational Positions, Tentative Allocation of.

(0) Operations, Report of (Chaps. II and IV).

(p) Personal Reports (Chap. II).

(q) "Plant Allotment" Fund, Status of.

(r) Plant, Floating, Performance (Par. 146, Cost Accounting Manual) : (1) Operations-Hopper Dredges, Report of (E. D. Cost Form No. 27). (2) Operations-Pipe-line Dredges, Report of (E. D. Cost Form No. 28).

(3) Operations-all other Dredges, Report of (E. D. Cost Form No. 29). (4) Subaqueous Drilling Operations, Report of (E. D. Cost Form No. 30). (8) Plant, Major Items, Status of (E. D. Cost Form No. 52) (Chap. II). (t) Plant, Floating, under Construction, Monthly Report of (Chap. II). (u) Project Cost Summary (E. D. Cost Form No. 38) (Par. 152, Cost Accounting Manual).


(v) Register of Bills (E. D. Form No. 61) (C. L. Finance No. 31, 1938). (w) Shipments Made (A. R. 30-905).

(x) Travel Performed by Division Engineers and Officers under their Jurisdiction (Chap. VI).


(a) Cash Held in Personal Possession (Chap. VIII).

(b) Checks, Undelivered (Chap. VIII).

(c) Federal Power Commission, Supervision of Investigations Under (Chap. V).

(d) Forms, Blank, Requisitions for (E. D. Form No. 21) (Chap. II).

(e) Hydraulics, or Soil Mechanics (C. L., R&H No. 8, 1939).

(f) Injuries, Classification of (Par. XIV (b), Safety Bulletin 4/30/36). (g) Land Acquisition (C. L., Misc. Civ. No. 5, 1938).

(h) Mail Transmitted Free of Postage (Chap. II).

(i) Model Studies (Chap. I).

(j) Photographs of public works (Chaps. II and IV).

(k) Printing, Field, Contract (J. C. P. Form No. 2).

(7) Printing, Field, Field Plant Report (J. C. P. Form No. 1).

(m) Printing, Field, Machinery and Equipment (J. C. P. Form No. 4).

(n) Property, Lost, Affidavits of (Chap. IX).

(0) Purchase of Railroad Ties and Timber (Chap. IV).


(a) Documents, Registered (W. D. Form No. 34) (A. R. 330–5).

(b) Engagement of Physicians (C. L. Finance No. 77, 1939).

(c) Expert Services, Engagement of (Chap. X).

(d) Federal Power Commission, Operations of (Chap. V).

(e) Organization Charts (C. Ls., Finance No. 5, 1939, Finance No. 22, 1939, and Finance No. 22, Supplement No. 1, 1939).

(f) Passenger-Carrying Vehicle Authorization, Status.

(g) Specifications Issued, List of (Chap. VII).

(h) Telegraph Code, Report of (Chap. II).


(a) Advertise, Authority to (Chap. VII).

(b) Boiler Inspections (Chap. IV).

(c) Budget Estimate, Appropriation (Chap. VIII).

(d) Channels, Data Regarding Controlling Depths and Widths of (Chap. II). (e) Commercial Statistics (Chap. II).

(f) Continuing Authorities, Renewal of (Chap. I).

(g) Cost Summary, Project, Annual (E. D. Cost Form No. 38) (Par. 152, Cost Accounting Manual).

(h) Dredging Sleeves Required 20'' (C. L., May 3, 1921, E. D. 131519).

(i) Efficiency Reports of Employees (Chap. X).

(j) Efficiency Reports of Officers (Chap. II).



(k) Electric Power Survey (E. D. 7496, O. C. of E., July 26, 1933).

(1) Employees, Hourly or Per Diem, Reports of Service (C. L., Finance No. 70, 1935, and 205, 1934).

(m) Employments, Annual Authority for (Chap. X).

(n) Examinations, Surveys and Contingencies (Chap. II).

(0) Experience Records of Employees, Classification of (C. L., Finance No. 69, 1938).

(p) Field plant, Inventory of (J. C. P. Form No. 5).

(q) Fires Resulting in Property Damage of $100 or More Each (C. L., Finance No. 5, 1938).

(r) Federal Power Commission, Estimate of Funds Required for Work under (Chap. V).

(8) Federal Power Commission, Operations of (Chap. V).

(t) Flags, Procurement of (Chap. I).

(u) Fortification Work, Estimate Data Sheets for (Chap. IV).

(v) Income Tax Data for Commissioner of Internal Revenue (C. L., Finance No. 245, 1935).

(w) Job Cost Sheets-Contract Work (E. D. Cost Form No. 19) (Par. 167, Cost Accounting Manual).

(x) Maps, Project (Chap. II).

(y) New Work and Maintenance, Estimates (Chap. II).

(z) Operations, Annual Report of (Chap. II).

(aa) Permanent Work, Estimated Cost of (C. L., Finance No. 48, 1935).

(bb) Permits Issued, Harbor Lines, Bridges, and Anchorages Approved, Number of (Chap. II).

(cc) Photographs of Current Work (Chap. II).

(dd) Plant Allotment (Chap. II).

(ee) Plant, Floating, Authority for Repairs to (Chap. I).

(ff) Plant, Floating, Performance (Par. 150, Cost Accounting Manual): (1) Report of Operations-Hopper Dredges (E. D. Cost Form No. 27). (2) Report of Operations-Pipe-line Dredges (E. D. Cost Form No. 28). (3) Report of Operations-all other Dredges (E. D. Cost Form No. 29). (4) Report of Operations-Drill Boats (E. D. Cost Form No. 30).

(5) Report of Operations-for Other Types of Plant as Required (E. D. Cost Form No. 31).

(6) Statement of Plant Owned by the United States (E. D. Cost Form No. 32).

(gg) Preferences, Statement of (Chap. II).

(hh) Printing, Field, Expenditures and Requirements (C. L., Finance No. 249, 1934).

(ii) Proposed Operations, Annual Report (Chap. II).

(jj) Radio Transmitting Stations.

(kk) Real Estate Owned, Maps of (Chap. XI).

(11) Real Estate, Federal, Utilized (C. L., Misc. Civ. No. 11, 1939).

(mm) Retirement and Disability, Civil Service, Deductions by Appropriations (Chap. VIII).

(nn) Searchlights, Mobile and Portable (Chap. IV).

(oo) Shops and Yards (E. D. Cost Form No. 37) (Pars. 143 and 151, Cost Accounting Manual).

(pp) Surveys Contemplated (For Coast and Geodetic Survey) (Chap. V). (aq) Water Transportation Lines (Chap. II).

(rr) Work Performed, General Analysis of (E. D. Cost Form No. 48) (Par. 168, Cost Accounting Manual).

(88) Wrecks Removed (Par. 162, Cost Accounting Manual, and Chap. II).


(a) Accidents, Automobile (Chap. VII).

(b) Aids to Navigation, Establishment or Renewal of, During Progress of Improvement Work (Chap. V).

(c) Appointments, Probational (Chap. X).

(d) Appointments, Temporary (Chap. X).

(e) Armament, New, Authority to Mount (Chap. IV).

(f) Armament, New, Receipt of (Chap. IV).

(g) Batteries and Accessories, Completed (Chap. II).

(h) Bridges, Commencement and Completion of, and Completion of Other Structures Approved by the Department (Chap. V).

(i) Coast and Geodetic Survey and Hydrographic Office, Harbor and Channel Data for (Chap. V).

(j) Collision of Vessels, Accidents, and Personal Property of Employees (Chap. VII).

(k) Construction Contracts, Completion of (Chap. VII).

(1) Cost, Breakdown for Completed Contracts (C. L., Finance No. 32, 1939). (m) Damage Caused by Neglect of Officers and Employees (Chap. VII).

(n) Damage to Private Boats or Other Property by Government Vessels (Chap. II and VIII).

(0) Definite Project, Flood Control (C. L., R. & H., No. 19, 1939).

(p) Dredges, Location of (Chap. II).

(q) Duties and Change of Station, Transfer of (Chap. I).

(r) Eight-hour Laws, Violation of, by Contractors (Chap. VII).

(s) Employees, Injury to (Chap. X).

(t) Gun Carriages, Seacoast, Installation of Motors on (Chap. IV).

(u) Harbor Lines, Establishment of (Chap. V).

(v) Inspection of Tests of Materials (Chap. VII).

(w) Leases, Renewals, Additions, Reductions, Terminations or Other Changes in Rent Under (Chap. XI).

(x) Leases of Public Property or Privileges, Termination of (Chap. VIII).

(y) Leave of Absence, Departure on, and Return From, Officers (Chap. II). (2) Mileage to be Paid by Quartermaster Corps (Chap. VI).

(aa) Military Survey, Cost of (Chap. II).

(bb) Obstructions to Navigation and Injury to River and Harbor Work, Reports to District Attorney of (Chap. V).

(cc) Officers, Detached (Chap. II).

(dd) Officers' Pay from River and Harbor Funds, Commencement and Termination of (Chap. VIII).

(ee) Photographs of Completed Bridges (Chap. II).

(ff) Plant Rental Charges and Earnings, Summary of (E. D. Cost Form No. 22A) (Par. 74, Cost Accounting Manual).

(gg) Plant Rental Computation (E. D. Cost Form No. 22) (Par. 62, Cost Accounting Manual).

(hh) Power Projects, Interruption in Operation of (Chap. V).

(ii) Property, Government, Damaged by Fire, Storms or Other Causes, Exceed

ing $500 in Value (Chap. IX).

(jj) Property, Government, Emergency use of (Chap. I).

(kk) Reservoir Data Sheets (C. L., R&H., No. 44, 1939).

(1) Searchlight Mirrors, Repair of (Chap. IV).

(mm) Suboffices, Establishment or Abandonment of (C. L., R. & H., No. 11, 1936).

(nn) Technical Papers for Publication (Chap. II).

(00) Wage Requirements, Minimum (Chap. VII).

(pp) Wages, Underpayment of, for Laborers and Mechanics on Public Buildings and Public Works of the United States and District of Columbia (C. L., Finance No. 80, 1938).

(qq) Work, Emergency, in Excess of 8 Hours Daily (Chap. X).

(rr) Wrecks, Removal of, and other Obstructions (Chap V).


231. (a) For regulations governing the preparation and submission of annual statement of preferences, see A, R. 605-120.

(b) For general provisions regarding the preparation and submission of efficiency reports of officers, see A. R. 600-185.

(c) Each Division Engineer shall prepare efficiency reports as directed in A. R. 600-185 for his own commissioned assistants and his District Engineers, except when such officers are also on duty as Corps Area or Department Engineers, or as assistants thereto, in which case the reports should be prepared by the Corps Area or Department Commander, or the Corps Area or Department Engineer, respectively. Efficiency reports prepared by a Division Engineer will be forwarded as follows:

(1) For officers on duty solely under the Chief of Engineers, direct to the Chief of Engineers.

(2) For officers who in addition to duty under the Chief of Engineers are on duty under a Corps Area or Department Commander, to the appropriate Commander for his action thereon. Subject to the same exceptions as in the case of a Division Engineer, each District Engineer shall prepare efficiency reports for his commissioned assistants and forward them to the Division Engineer who after proper indorsement shall dispose of them as indicated for the reports prepared by him.

(d) When efficiency reports are submitted officers will not be rated on Organized Reserve duty unless they are on such additional duty by War Department orders. In the latter case the report will be forwarded through the Corps Area Commander for this rating.


232. By whom to be submitted.-All officers of the Corps of Engineers, except those on duty in the Office of the Chief of Engineers shall submit a monthly personal report to the Chief of Engineers on the prescribed form, mailing it direct not later than the 10th of the following month.

233. Statement of duties.-In stating the duty on which engaged, the various fortification, river and harbor or flood control works pertaining to an engineer district will not be listed in detail. A general statement will suffice, such as "in charge of the Engineer District with river and harbor and flood control duties," or "fortification, river and harbor, or flood control duties," as the case may be, or "assistant to the District Engineer, District." An assistant who is detailed to the charge of some special work or works such as "in charge of the operations section of the district office," or "Area Engineer in charge of --," will state this fact. Duties of all other classes including miscellaneous civil or military by whatever authority assigned and membership on boards, commissions, etc. (excepting court-martial details, membership on purely transitory boards, etc.), and duties assigned to the officers. personally, by whatever authority, will be specified. In the case of assumption or completion of or relief from a duty of any of the classes above specified

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