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PAGE Territorial and Casual Revenue,

1015, 1016 Timber Drivers, duties and powers of,

907 appointinent of,

776 Town of Moncton Civil Court,

528 Portland Civil Court. See Portland,

523-526 Towns, management of Schools in incorporated,

631-633 TREASURER. See County Treasurer, Treaty of Washington, 1842,

45-50, 1020 Treaties, proof of,

375 Trespasses to Lands and other property of the Crown,

162-166 Trespasses on Lands, privaʻe property, and Lumber,

1056–1060 TRESPASSES. See Fences, Trespasses, and Pounds,

908-913 Trials, judgments, and writs of Inquiry in Supreme Court, 250-255 and amenilments in County Courts,

472-475 in Saint John City Court,

512-514 in Justices' Courts,

537-539 of informations in Bastardy matters,

866, 867 Trust Estate, assessment on. See Rates and Taxes, Trustee Act, 1850, (Imperial)

1097-1119 Act extending provisions of,

1119_1123 Applies to this Province,

427-1118 Trustee Process. See Garnishee &c.

334-349 TRUSTEES of Absent Debtors,

349-359 of Schools. See Schools,

593-633 to be joint tenants,


427, 428 Trusts, declarations and assignments of, to be in writing, when, 699


• 25 581-592

Uniformity of certain laws in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New

UNIVERSITY of New Brusswick,

Assembly, detailed accounts of University to be

laid before House of,
Conference, annual, of Senate and Faculty,
Corporation of, how constituted,
Courses of study,
Iegrees, conferring of,
Faculty, of whom composed,

powers of,

meetings of, Internal management, . President, duties of,

588 585

582 591, 592

584 585

585 585, 586 586-588 581, 585 PAGE


Professors, appointment of,
Religious tests,
Senate, of whom composed,

powers of,
Students, free,
Support and management of property,

Visitor, Lieutenant Governor to be,
UPHAM, Boundaries of Parish of,
USER OF LIGHT AND Air not acquired by prescription,
USURY, Interest and


583 588, 592

583 583, 584

587 589_591

583 1084

67 714

710 1061-1063


1080, 1081

805-808 805-808, 811



Vaccination. See Public Health,
VAGRANTS, arrest of, in Saint John,
VALUATION, County, for assessment purposes,
VALUATORS, appointment and duties of,
VENUE in actions against School Trustees or Secretary,

Justice of the Peace,

Parish and County Officers,
See Supreme Court,

County Courts,
VESSEL, definition of the term,
VESSELS, mooring and anchoring of. See Harbours,

licenses for sale of liquor on, VICTORIA, Boundaries of,

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WAKEFIELD, Boundaries of Parish of,
Warden, County. See Municipalities,

757-794 Game. See Protection of certain Birds and Animals, 915-919 Port, duties of, regarding damaged goods,

1053 WASHington Treaty, 1842,

· 45-50, 1020 Watchmakers and Jewellers, Lien of,

742, 743 WATERBOROUGH, Boundaries of Parish of, WATERFORD, Boundaries of Parish of, WATERS, free navigation of internal, Weapons, carrying dangerous. See Criminal Law,

1084 WEIGHERS of Coal, appointment of,

776 Hay and Straw, appointment of, WELFORD, Boundaries of Parish of, WELLINGTON, Boundaries of Parish of, West Isles, Boundaries of Parish of,



776 73

PAGB WESTFIELD, Boundaries of Parish of,

65 WESTMORLAND, Boundaries of,

60 · Boundaries of Parish of,

83 See Sewers and Marsh Lands,

922-938 WICKHAM, Boundaries of Parish of,

68 Wicklow, Boundaries of Parish of, Widow. See Dower,

685, 686 Intestate Estates,

707 - 709 Wild Fowl, See Protection of certain Birds,

918, 919 Wild LAND Tax,

673-678 Wills,

700-707 Alteration of, after execution, when valid,

703 Children, gifts to, shall not lapse,

706 Codicil, execution of,

703, 704 Construction of terms,

705, 707 Disposition of property by,

700, 701, 701-706 Distribution of estates per autre vie,

701 Evidence, when certified copy of registry of the Will admissible in,

691, 692 Execution of,

701, 702 who competent to prore,

702, 703 Devisees of lands,

704-706 Infants cannot make,

701 Marriage, when Will revoked by, Married women may make, when,

701, 706 Provirg, where witnesses are dead or out of the Province or County,

494, 495 in solemn forin,

500 Publication of, what sufficient,

702 Registry of. See Registry of Deeds,

687, 688 certified copy of, when, .

693 exemplification of, when, Residuary devise, what included in, Revocation of a Will or codicil,

703, 701 Soldiers and Mariners, Wills of,

702 Suppression of, penalty for,

490, 491 Witnesses attesting, competency of,

702, 703 Wilmot, Boundaries of Parish of, Winding up of Incorporated Companies, .. 1070-1078 WINTER Roads. See Highways,

664, 665 Witnesses and Evidence, See Evidence,

371-381 examination of, under a con niission or order, 269-272, 473, 474

in Equity,

415 fron a Foreign State, 380





PAGE WITNESSES AND EVIDENCE- Continued. examination of, under a commission in proving Wills,

495 before trial in Saint John City Court,

515 competency of witnesses,

372 attesting Wills,

702, 703 when witnesses may be compelled to testify ; exception, 372, 373 contradicting witnesses on trial,

378, 379 may be questioned as to conviction for felony,

379 when attesting witness need not be called,

379 may be subpænaed to prove execution of conveyances, 693 in criminal cases, how compelled to attend,

1094 expenses, how paid,

1096 Witnesses before the Legislature,

1017-1019 Women not liable to arrest in actions in Saint John City Court,

Justices. Courts,

541 assessment on property of, in lieu of statute labour,

660 property of Married,

Woodcock. See Protection of certain Birds and Animals, 915-918
Woods, penalty for negligently lighting fires in,
WOODSTOCK, Boundaries of,

Alms House Commissioners for the Town and
Parish of,

843-851 Board of Health for the Town of,

889, 890 Management of Schools in the Town of,

631-633 York, Alms House Commissioners in,

851-855 Boundaries of,

58 Wild Land Tax in,





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