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0 20

Appraisers, each,

$0 40 Drawing appraisement,

0 20 On sale of goods distrained, 7 cents on every $4 of rent due. Bailift or other officer, for taking charge of goods,

0 50 All costs necessarily incurred by the bailiff in the removal or

care of goods or property seized under warrant. Fifteenth.- EJECTMENT UNDER CHAPTER RELATING TO LANDLORD AND

TexaNt. Drawing affidavit of lan.lloril,

0 40 Administering oath,

0 20 Signing affidavit,

0 10 Summons, ......

0 20 Copy summons,

0 10 (opy affidavit to answer summons, Each subpæna,

0 20 Justices on hearing, each, ......

2 50 Swearing each witness,

0 10 Warrant of possession, Counsel fee to the successful party when Counsel attend, not exceeding,

...... 10 00

Constable. Travel on service of summons, cach mile going and returning, 0 05 Service of summons, copy and affidavit, ......


0 40 Sixteen th.-Summary ConvictioNS.

Justice. Information or complaint in writing,

0 20 Every summons,

0 20 Warrant to arrest,

0 30 Taking recognizance, each party,

0 10 Entering up recognizince,

0 20 Warrant of distress,

0 40 Commitinent,

0 20 Administering an oath,

0 10 Drawing an affidavit,

0 20 First folio of the minutes in writing on trial,

0 20 Every additional foli),

0 10 Writ of replevin,

0 30 Subpoena, ...... Copy of writ, summons, or other paper, half the allowance for

Trial on conviction,

Serving summons and making return,
Serving warrant to arrest,
Taking replevin bond,

Serving warrant of distress,
And poundaç e 20 cents for every $4,
Executing warrant of imprisonment,
Serving subpæna and return,
In addition, 5 cents per mile going and returning, according

to number of miles actually travelled.

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Seventeenth.-CLERK OF THE PEACE, Copies of all papers, per folio,

$0 10 Motions for trial, minuting the same,

0 20 Svearing each witness, .....

0 10 Preparing, signing and scaling every subpæna,

040 Each ticket, ......

0 10 Every certificate under seal,

0 40 Entering appearance of defendant,

0 20 Entering judgment of Court, each person,

0 20 Trial and judgment, ......

0 70 Every warrant of assessment and seal,


AND Taxes.

To the Sheriff
Filing warrant,
Memorandum and registering,
Summoning and swearing jury to appraise,
Attending to view lanı, ......
Preparing and executing conveyance,
Mileage actually travelled, the same as allowed on serving writs.

To the County Secretary.
Taking and filing affidavit of Collector and granting certificate, 1 00
Issuing warrant,

0 50 To the Registrar. Filing memorandum and warrant, each ......

0 20 To the Jury. For viewing the land and defining the por ion to be sold, each, 0 50 The same mileage as Jurors attending the Supreme Court.

To the Justice. Issuing execution,



0 20 Affi lavit (when taken),

010 To the Constable. Tue saine fees as are payable in Civil Suits before Justices of the Peace for similar services. Nineteenth._Under CHAPTER 102_RELATING TO THE SETTLEMENT

of the Poor.

The Justice. Summons or warrant, ......

0 50 Each copy of summons or warrant,

0 25 Complaint, .....

0 20 Swearing each witness or constable,

0 10 Judgment and record,

1 00 Order of removal, or other order,

0 50 Sheriff, Constable, or other person, for serving summons,

order, or warrant, shall be entitled to ten cents per mile for distance actually travelled going and returning, and thirty cents for service of any order, warrant or summons.


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0 30



Witness. Each day's attendance,

$0 50 Travelling, going and returning, each mile,

0 05 Twentieth Under Chapter 103_RELATING TO BAStardy.

Clerk of the County Court. The same fees as are allowed for similar services in ordinary suits in that Court.

Clerk of the Peace Receiving, reading and filing information, &c.

1 00 Attending to enter same for trial,

0 50 Costs,

0 20 Copy and service,

O 30 Attending taxation,

0 20 Every necessary attendance on the Judge,

0 60 On final judgment,

1 00 Execution when issued, including Clerk signing,

0 50 Every notice and service,

0 30 Every motion,

0 40 For Scire Facias,

1 00 Each copy, ...... Letter,

0 50 And for any service not here in specially provided for, the same or a similar amount as allowed for the Attorney under any law relating to County Courts.

On the trial of any cause anil on any argument before the Court or a Judge at Chambers, a Counsel fee not exceeding ton dollars, at the discretion of the Judge.

Witnesses' fees, Sheriffs' and Constables' fees same as in Supreme Court. I wenty first-Under Chapter 110-Relating to Fences,


Justice. Warrant of replevin, .....

0 20 Each copy of warrant,

010 Order for return of goods,

0 40 For all other seryices, the saine as in civil suits before Justices of the Peace.

For replevying cattle and serving warrant, ......

0 50 And inileage on executing warrant, the same as allowed for

serving sumronses in civil suits before Justices of the

For pr-paring Lone and getting it executed,


1 00 For assigning bond (to be paid by the party applying for the

assignment), For all other services, the same as is allowed in civil causes

before Justices of the Peace.

0 50

Witnesses and Jurors.
The same as is allowed before Justices in civil suits.
The Justice shall in contested cases tax and allow to the suc.

cessful party, if he appear by Attorney of the Supreme

Court, a Counsel fee of $5.
Costs of review, the same as in review of civil causes fro:n
Justices of the Peace.
T'wenty second-Under CHAPTER 115_RELATING TO Sewers

Clerk, on warrant of distress,
Each notice of sale,
Selling land,
Deed and affidavit,
Cash actually expended for advertising and registering.


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$0 50 040 1 00 5 00



Section. 1 All Acts public.

The Consolidated Statutes. 2 Clerk to endorse date of passing. 3 Acts printed by Queen's Printer 12 Title of Act. to be evidence.

13 When Act comes into operation. 4 An Act may be amended during 14 Exception as to certain Sections.

Session in which it passes. !5 What Acts may be incorporated 5 No Act revived without express with the Consolidated Statutes. enactment.

16 Certain blanks to be filled up. 6 No law of Nova Scotia in force in 17 Certain unrepealed Acts may be New Brunswick.

published. 7 Parties acting under repealed law 18 Title of volume. to continue to act under substi- 19 & 20 Repeal of certain Acts. tuted provisions, &c.

21 Certain bye laws to remain in 8 Effect of repeal as to actions ex force. isting, &c.

2? Reference to repealed Acts, how 9 As to penalties incurred.

construed. 10 As to appointments made. 23 What shall be deemed the original 11 As to Bonds given.

of" The Consolidated Statutes."

1. All Acts shall be deemed public, and may be declared on and given in evidence without being specially pleaded.

2. The Clerk of the Legislative Council shall endorse on every Act the date of its passage, and the endorsement shall be held part of the Act, and shall be the date of its commencement unless otherwise provided.

3. Printed copies of Acts, or of Rules and Regulations made under any of them, published in the Royal Gazette or purporting to be published by the Queeu's Printer for the Province, shall be evidence of such Acts

4. Any Act may be altered or repealed during the Session in which it may have passed.

5. No Act or portion of an Act heretofore or hereafter repealed shall be revived unless by express enactment.

6. No Law of the Nova Scotia Legislature passed prior . to the erection of this Province shall have any force herein.

7. When any Act has been or shall be repealed wholly or in part, and other provisions substituted, all officers, persons, bodies politic or corporate, acting under the old Law, shall continue to act as if appointed under the new Law, until others are appointed in their stead; and all proceedings taken under the old Law shall be taken up and continued under the new Law when not inconsistent therewith, and all pen. alties and forfeitures may be recovered, and all proceedings had in relation to matters which have happened before the repeal, in the same manner as if the Law were still in force pursuing the new provisions as far as they can be adapted to the old Law.

8. The repeal of an Act at any time shall not affect any act done, or any right or right of action existing, accruing, accrued, or established, or any proceedings commenced in a civil cause before the time when such repeal shall take effect but the proceedings in such case shall be conformable when necessary to the repealing Act.

9. No act or default punishable by summary conviction done or made, and no penalty or forfeiture incurred, and no proceeding pending under any Act at any time repealed, shall be affected by the repeal, except that the proceeding shall be conformable when necessary to the repealing Act; and where any penalty, forfeiture or punishment shall have been mitigated by any of the provisions of the repealing Act such provisions shall be extended and applied to any judgment to be pronounced after such repeal.

10. All appointments made, and all bonds and securities given, by the parties appointed under any Act at any time passed and repealed, shall not be affected there by, but shall remain in full force; and all offices, establishments, books, papers and other things made or used under any repealed Act shall continue as before the repeal; and all rules, regu. lations, bye laws and ordinances made under any repealed Act shall, as regards any matter or thing happening before

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