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(18) “Grantor” may include every person from whom, and “Grantee” erery person to whom any freehold estate or interest passes by deed :

(19) “Goods” shall include chattels, and every description of personal property:

(20) “Gaol ”shall mean the gaol of the County where the offender or person may be proceeded against :

(21) “Her Majesty," or "The Queen,” shall include Her Heirs and Successors :

(22) “Highway,” or “ Road” shall signify any public highway, road, o: bridge:

(23) “Issue "shall mean all the lawful lineal descendants of the ancestors :

(24) “ Justice ” shall siguify any Justice of the Peace for any City, County, or City and County:

(25) “ Lumber" shall signify timber, masts, spars, posts, pules, knees, futtocks, deals and deal ends, logs, planks, boards, scantling, clapboards, laths, staves,and shingles, and any other article or thing cut or sawed from wood :

(26) “Month "shall signify a calendar month, and a year twelve calendar months:

(27) Officers appointed and to be appointed by the Gov. ernor, or Governor in Council, shall remain in office during pleasure :

(28) “Oath," or "Sworn,” or “Affidarit,” shall include declaration or affirination, or wherever by law declarations or affirmations may be substituted for an oath ; which oath may be administered by any Justice of any Court in which or before a Judge of which, the same is to be used, or by any person before whom the party is by law authorized or required to make any statement on oath; a Justice of the Peace may also admiuister an oath, or take an affirmation or declaration, in any matter over which he has jurisdiction ; may swear appraisers, petitioners on petitions to any public individual or body, or inventories or accounts rendered to the executors of an estate, insurance proofs, or the like. Any person holding an enquiry by authority of an Act of Assembly, or of the Government, may also administer an oath, declaration, or affirmation, if directed. Judges of the Supreme and County Courts, and Commissioners for taking Affidarits to be read in the Supreme Court, may administer any oath, declaration, or affirmation, or take an affidavit to be used in any cause, matter or proceeding in any Court in this Province, or authorized to be administered or taken by any law in force in this Province :

(29) “Overseers of the Poor” shall apply to any persons having charge by law of the Poor:

(30) “Proper Officer” shall mean the chief officer of the department, or any officer in the department established at a different place from that of the principal, or any person authorized by law to act in his stead :

(31) “Person” or “Party” may include any Body Corporate, Company, or Society not corporate :

(32) “Parish” shall include any City or Town :

(33) “Representatives" may mean executors and administrators :

(34) “River” may mean creek, stream or brook :

(35) The words “County Secretary,” or “Secretary” (where used instead of County Secretary), shall mean the Secretary, or (in case one person holds the office of Secretary and Treasurer), Secretary-Treasurer of the County; in like manner and cases the words "County Treasurer," or "Treasurer,” shall mean the Treasurer or Secretary-Treasurer of the County :

(36) “Sureties" and "Security" shall in both cases mean that the same shall be sufficient :

(37) “Sheriff” shall inean Coroner, or other officer, or person authorized by law to act when the Sheriff is interested, or the office may be vacant:

(38) “Ship” or “Vessel” may mean any description of ressel, or boat, impelled by sails, steam or otherwise :

(39) Chapters, Parts and Sections of this and all other Acts, shall be deemed as much a Part thereof as if enacted; and capital letters and numbers inserted in the Sections shall be taken as referring to Forms in the Schedules haying the like letters or numbers at the head thereof, and shall, with the forms, letters, numbers, and matters connected therewith, explain the meaning and form a part of such Sections.

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FEES. The Fees in the following table shall be the only Fees to be taken for the several services therein mentioned.


Retaining fee in cach cause,

$3 00 Drawing bill, answer, plea, demurrer, or other writing, not otherwise provided for, per folio,

0 20 Engrossing on parchment, per folio,

0 14 Copy, per folio, ...

0 10 Fee for each term, only four allowed,

1 00 Attending to get petition answered,

1 34 Attending Court on every common motion,

0 67 Attending Court on every special motion,

1 34 Copy of every order (except where otherwise provided for) per folio,

0 10 Serving the same (except otherwise provided); ...

0 67 Attending the Court on every hearing or argument,

3 00 Abbreviating bill, answer, or other proceeding, per folio,

0 06 Every process, Every copy,

0 50 Replication and engrossing, ...

100 Each copy,

0 30

... Order for appearance (B. C.),

1 00 Each copy of order of appearance for service out of the jurisdiction,

0 30 Cost of service of order of appearance out of the jurisdiction

actually incurred, to be proved to satisfaction of the Clerk, Serving all papers not otherwise provided for ... ...

0 20 Attending Clerk on every decretal order, ... ...

1 34 Attending Examiner to file any charge or discharge,

0 67 Attending Examiner on summons or adjournment,

1 34 Injunction order, ... ... ... ... ... ...

1 00 Each copy, Costs of obtaining order for execution under Section 68, to be endorsed on the same, ...

... ... Attending Commissioners on executing commission de lunatico

inquirendo, or de idioto inquirendo, ... ... ... Each attendance on a Judge, or County Court Judge, when

taking evidence on an application in the case of an habitual drunkard,

1 50 Each attendance on Commissioners of Partition, ... ... 1 50 For all other services, the like fees as are allowed to Attorneys

on the Common Law side of the Supreme Court. Postages and expenses of printing actually incurred.

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1 50

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Retaining fee.
Perusing and signing bill, answer, plea, demurrer, replication,
or other plearling requiring the signature of Counsel, inter-

rogatories, or exceptions, ..
Every motion of course,
Every special motion,
Arguing every plea, demurrer, exceptions, or other special

inatter before the Court or on the hearing, fee at the dis.

cretion of the Court.
Counsel fee on references, where evidence is taken by an Ex-
aminer, on executing a commissio:7 de lunatico or de idioto
inquirendo, on taking of eyidence in the case of habitual
drunkards and in other special matters where the assistance
of Counsel is necessary, at the discretion of the Court or
Judge, on the certificate of the Examiner, Barrister or
Commissioners on whom the attendance was.

Drawing and entering all orders and rules, per folio,
Filing and entering any bill, answer, or other pleading,
Filing eve.y report, or other paper,
Copies of all orders and reports, per folio, .. ..
Drawing and engrossing on parchment, and copying on paper,

same fee as Solicitor for like service.
Signing every copy of affidavit, .. .. ..
Signing every copy of certificate,
Setting down a cause for hearing, or on motion paper,
Every decree and dismission,
Every search,
Entering attachments, for each person,
Entering of all amerciaments,
Entering of appearances, ..
Signing and sealing any process,
Every paper read in evidence,
Taxing a bill of costs,

0 40

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: : :


**. Eraminer or other officer

0 10

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Copies of all writings before the examiner or other officer, per

Report or certificate on hearing, .
If above ten folio, for every additional folio,
Report or certificate on petition or motion,
If exceeding five folio, for every additional folio,
Every recognizance, per folio,
Examination fee for each person, s.
Preparing and executing conveyance of land,
For every tolio in conveyance above ten folio,
Preparing advertisement for sale of land, or any other purpose,
Attending a public sale under his direction,
Examining and settling a conveyance to be executed by another,
Swearing a witness,

.. .. .. ..





0 40 1 00 5 00 2 50 0 20

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Appointing time and place for his examination,

$0 30 Taking interrogatories and depositions, per folio,

0 40 Certifying the examination,

0 50 Swearing a party to Bill, answer, or other plea lins,

() 40 Sjort attendance on summons,

1 34 Aitenlance over one, not exceeding two hours, ..

2 50 Aito: dance over two honrs, not exceeding four hours,

4 00 Every recognizince liken by him, .. .. ..

0 70 Every exbibit signed by in Svi niver or other officer, every person shewn to, eac'i,

0 30 Every exemplification examined ly Ex wider, .. .. 0 60

Commissioners in Lunacy;, Dower and Purtition. To each Commissioner in Lunacy for each day actually en gaged, not exceeding, ..

15 0 To each Commissioner in Dower or Partition for each day actually engaged, not exceeding . . . . . . . .

Sheriffs or Coroner's. The same fees as for similar services on the Common Law side of the Court.

Jurors. For each day's attendance,

.. .. .. 1 00 Second.—THE SUPREME COURT (LAW SIDE.)


Writs. All Writs, and engrossing the same, excepting Subpænas, under four folio,

2 00 For every folio above four, per folio,

0 20 Every Subpoena, and engrossing same, Special indorsement of demand on Writ, ......

1 00 Copy and service of Writs, &c. For each copy, excepting Subpæna, including copy of all notices required to be indorsed,

1 00 If more than four folio, for each additional folio,

0 10 Copy of Subpoena,

...... Notice of a Writ for service out of the jurisiliction,

...... 100 When Writ is served, out of the Province, Correspondent's

charges, and actual expenses of service, in discretion of the

taxing officer. To the Attorney, for service of Subpoena on each necessary witness,

0 50 Agent's fee, in cases where there is no appearance,

1 00 In all other cases,

...... 200 [No Agent's fee to be allowed until after the return of Writ.]

Instructions, &c. Instructions and Warrant to sue or defend, For instructing Counsel on drafting and signing pleadings, 1 40 [No fees for instructions to Counsel are to be allowed when

such Counsel or his partner is Attorney in the suit.]

1 00


0 50

3 60

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