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16. One half of every penalty recovered under the thir. teenth and fifteenth Sections hereof shall be paid to the informer, and the other half thereof to the Overseers of the Poor of the Parish where the act was committed, to be applied for the benefit of the poor of such Parish.



Section. 1 Reward offered ; amount.

3 Receiver General to pay reward 2 Skin of Bear to be brought to

on presentation of certificate, nearest Parish Commissioner: and to lay Accounts annually Commissioner to destroy nose before Legislature. and give certificate. Person 4 Limit of Chapter. bringing skin to make affidavit. 1. From and after the passing of this Chapter, a reward of three dollars shall be paid to any inhabitant or inhabitants of this Province, for each and every bear such inhabitant or inhabitants shall kill or destroy within the limits of the same.

2. To entitle any person or persons to the reward of three dollars for killing a bear, as mentioned in the first Section of this Chapter, he or they shall bring the skin of the bear for the killing of which the claimed, to the nearest Commissioner of any Parish Court, and shall take and subscribe the oath in the Schedule to this Chapter, marked (A), which oath such Commissioner is authorized and required to administer without fee; and the said Commissioner is also authorized and required to cut off the nose of the bear so killed, from the skin so produced before him, and burn or destroy the same; and the said Commissioner shall also certify under his hand at the foot or end of such affidavit, in the form of the Schedule to this Chapter, marked (B), that he believes the statement made in the said affidavit to be true, and that he has cut off and destroyed the said nose so prc. duced, and shallthen deliver the said affidavit and certificate to the deponent or deponents.

3. It shall be lawful for the Receiver General of the Province, and he is hereby required on the presentation of any such affidavit or affidavits, with certificate or certificates as aforesaid, at bis Office in the City of Fredericton, forthwith to pay orer to the deponent or deponents or his or their

order,out of the Provincial moneys, the sum of three dollars for each and erery bear so proved to hare been killed as aforesaid ; for which sum the said deponent or deponents or person receiving the same,shall give a receipt or acquittance, together with the said affidavit and certificate and order, if there be any to be filed by such Receiver General, as a voucher of such payment, which vouchers shall be laid before the House of Assembly at its then next sitting.

4. This Chapter shall continue and be in force until the first day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy nine, and no longer.



Oath or Affidavit. I (or wel, do swear that I (or we), did on the day of kill (or assist to kill), a bear at [describe the place as near as may be), in the Province of New Brunswick, and that the skin now produced by me, is the skin (or skins) of the bear (or bears) so killed, for which the bounty granted by law is claimed, and that no other person has received the bounty for the same.

A. B., (Signature of Claimant.) Sworn to at in the County of

this day of , A. D. 18 , before me,

C. D., Commissioner of the Parish of Parish Court.


Certificate. I hereby certify that I believe the facts stated in the above affidavit to be true, and that I have cut off the nose (or noses) of the bear (or bears) so killed, and have destroyed the same.

C. D., Commissioner of the Parish of

Parish Court.



Section. 1 Meetings of proprietors, when 5 Calling of meetings, when not held.

held at the time herein before 2 Right to vote by proxy ; form of mentioned. proxy.

6 Mount Island, in Queen's County, 3 Violation of regulations, penalty to be subject to provisions of

this Chapter. 4 Proprietors may order assess.

ments if necessary.

1. The respective proprietors of the Islands in any Rivers may meet on the first day of the first semi-annual meeting of the County Council in each year in the respective Counties which include such Islands, and the majority of the propries tors present are empowered to make regulations for the managing, improving, and better husbandry of the said Islands, and to appoint Pound keepers and other officers to enforce such regulations ; the votes to be taken according to the respective rights or shares of the proprietors present, giving to each, one vote for every lot into which the Island is divided, held by each such proprietor, except in case of the owner of a part of a lot, who shall be entitled to one vote. The regulations so made shall be in writing, subscribed by the major part of the proprietors present collecting their votes as aforesaid, deposited with the County Secretary, and remain in force until others are made in their stead.

2. The respective proprietors of such Islands may attend the meetings and gire their votes as herein provided, as fully and effectually by proxy as in person ; provided that such proxy shall be in writing, signed by the proprietor in the presence of a witness, and shall be in the following form, or to the like effect:

I, A. B., proprietor of lots on the Island called or known as Island, in the River , and lying in the County of

do hereby constitute and appoint C. D., of ide Parish of , in the County of my proxy to represent me at the annual meeting of the proprietors of the Islands in the County of , in the year one thousand eight hundred and

A. B., Proprietor. Signed, in presence 1 :

of E. F

3. If any person shall occupy,manage,or improve any part of any of the said Islands contrary to any such regulations, he shall be subject to an action of trespass by any proprietor for the damage occasioned to such proprietor thereby, and shall also forfeit the sum of eight dollars to the use of the Poor of the Parish in which the Island is situate, but the prosecution must be commenced within one month.

4. The proprietors may order assessments for Pounds or other necessary purposes, which shall be reported to the County Council, and levied and collected as other County and Parish rates.

5. If the meeting is not held at the time before mentioned, it may be held on any other day, notice thereof, signed by three of the proprietors, having been previously posted on the door of the Court House for fourteen days prior to the day of holding the meeting.

6. All that portion of Grimross Neck, in Queen's County, cut off by the canal, and known as “Mount Island;" shall be subject to the provisions of this Chapter. ; ..;.

-. .. CHAPTER 115. várna


Section. I Governor in Council may appoint 19 How a District may be withdrawn Commissioners.

from the jurisdiction of Commis. 2 May appoint Special Commission. sioners.. . ers.

20 Commissioners to deliver up Albert and Westmorland,(except Sack books to successors. ville).

21 Commissioners for Berrage Point 3 & 4 County Council may divide Marsh.

Parish into divisions and dis : Parish of Sackville. · tricts. 5 Shall determine time and place 25,

hoc 22, 23, 24 & 25 Division of Marsh - for the meeting of proprietors.

Lands; number of Commission6 Elestion of Commissioners; term 26 Dav and place of election.

ers to be elected. of office.

27 Mode of conducting election. 7 & 8 Commissioners elected to be

28 Commissioners elected to be Com. Commissioners for whole Parish.

missioners for all the Districts. 9 Mode of conducting election. 10 Who may be Commissioner.

29 & 30 low undivided Districts

placed under jurisdiction of 11 Who may vote at election.. 12, 13, 15 & 16 Close of poll and pro. 31 How withdrawn from such juris.

Commissioners." iceedings thereafter. 14 What evidence of election.

diction. 17 Election when Commissioner Bye Roads through. certain Marsh dies, &c. ..

Lands. s. 10; 18 No rate to be made without as- 32 Coumişsioners may make bye

sent of majority of Commission roads through warsh lands... ers. .

Section :

Section. Queen's County. 48 As to cutting canals and draining 33 & 34 Appointment of Commission or flooding marsh.. * ers.: 10,9 ::

49 Duty of Commissioners when proMissiguash Commissioners of Sewers. prietor more injured than bene. 35 Appointment of.

fited. 36 Powers of.

... 50 Proprietor may have damage asGeneral Provisions.

sessed. 37 Commissioners to devise means 51 Jury shall take into consideration for building lykes, &c.

benefit to proprietor. 38 May appoint Clerk and Collector. 52 Commissioners may make assess. 39° Shall be sworn,and determine re- ment.

muneration of Collector. 53, 54 & 55 Mode of assessment.. 40 Powers of, as to regulations, as. 56 May assess for costs & expenses. sėssments, &c.

57 Liability of Commissioner for neg. 41 Remuneration of.

lect. 42 Comunissioners to give notice of 58, 59, 60 & 61 Penalties against pro erecting dykes, &c. -.

prietor for disobedience hereof. 43 Owner, &c., to perform labour af- 62 Definition of term “ Marsh," or ter notice.

“ Marsh Lands." 44 To bring oxen, &c., when neces. 63 To what the provisions of this sary.

Part shall apply. 45 Powers of Commissioners in case 64 Certain Sections not to apply to of sudden breach.

Germantown Lake District. 46 As to new dykes.

65 Power of Governor to appoint 47 Where dykes are erected outside Commissioners not limited. of other dykes,

. Sohedule.

. PART I. | APPOINTMENT OF COMMISSIONERS OF SEWERS. 1. On the application of any proprietor of any marsh, low meadow, or other unreclaimed lands, the Governor in Council may appoint Commissioners of Sewers ; the Commission shall authorize them to exercise the powers herein given to Commissioners of Sewers.

2. The Governor in Council, on the application of any proprietor of any such lands which may lie in two or more Parishes, and in the reclaiming, draining or enclosing of which two or more Parishes may be interested, may appoint special Commissioners to superintend such work, who shall, so far as relates to such work, supersede the powers and control of Commissioners otherwise appointed or elected.


SACKVILLE) AND IN ALBERT. 3. When the proprietors of at least two hundred acres of marsh land in the aggregate, in any Parish in Westmorland, (except Sackville,) or Albert, desire to elect Commissioners of Sewers, and petition the County Council of the County

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