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rities heretofore acting in that behalf, and not in the County Council of the County in which such City or Town may be situate, and all moneys payable for licenses, or recovered forfines or fees for violation of the provisions of this Chapter, or the regulations made thereunder, within any City or incorporated Town, shall be paid to the Treasurer or Chamberlain of such City or Town for City or Town purposes, and not to the County Treasurer; and in lieu of the recognizance mentioned in the eighth Section, a bond shall be taken to the City or Town Corporation, or as provided by any local law in that behalf.

30. No license shall be granted or issued within any Parish or Municipality in this Province when a majority of the ratepayers resident in such Parish or Municipality shall petition the Municipal Council against issuing any license within such Parish or Municipality.

31. The provisions of this Chapter shall apply to all Cities, Towns, and Parishes, except in so far as they are inconsistent with any local laws in force concerning the subject matter of this Chapter, and relating to the said Cities, Towns, or Parishes.


B (A)

Information, if in writing.

to-wit :-The complaint of taken and sworn this

day of , A. D. 18 , before me who saith that is (or he suspects that

is) selling liquor without license, (or as the case may be, in the same general manner, specifying the time and place as near as may be.]

J. P. (B)

Summons. To A. B. of , (labourer)

Whereas information has this day been laid for that you [here state shortly the matler of the information or complaint] these are therefore to command you to appear on at o'clock in the

noon, at

, before such Justice or Justices as may then be there, to answer the said information, and to be further dealt with according to law. Dated this day of A. D. 18 ::

J. P.


Warrant to apprehend. To any Constable of the County of Bring before me,charged with selling liquor without license, (or as the case may be, specifying the time and place as near as may be,] to answer thereto at suit of Dated the day of A. D. 18

J. P.

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Conviction. On this day of , 18 , A. B. is convicted before me,the undersigned, for selling liquor without license, (or as the case may be), and I adjudge him to pay the sum of

to be paid to the party prosecuting); the whole to be leried by distress and sale of the goods and chattels of the said with the costs of levying; or for want thereof, the said to be imprisoned in the common gaol of the County of for days.-Dated, &c.

J. P.

J. P.

Warrant of Distress. To any Constable of the County of Make distress of the goods and chattels of for the sum of (penalty and costs), ordered to be paid by him on conviction before me ; and if the same be not paid, sell the said distress on six days notice, rendering the proceeds (if any), after deducting costs of such distress and sale,and after pay. ing the sum of (the penally) to the County Treasurer, (or as the case may be,) and the sum of (the costs] to me, to the said

; and for want of goods and chattels, take the body of the said

and commit him to the common gaol of the County of for thirty days (or as in the conviction), unless the amount aforesaid be sooner paid.-Dated, &c.

J. P. J. P.



Section. 1 Non-resident Pedlers not to sell 4 License when to be produced. without license.

5 Penalties, how recovered. 2 County Secretaries to grant 6 Penalty for selling smuggled or licenses.

prohibited goods. 3 Penalty for trading without 7 Nothing in this Chapter to affect license.

any incorporated Čity or Town 1. No person residing without the limits of the Province, shall rend or sell goods from place to place throughout any County in this Prorince, without an annual license first had and obtained for that purpose from the Secretary of the County for which such license may be desired : For such license the non-residevt pedler shall pay thirty dollars.

2. The Secretaries of the sereral Counties are authorized to grant Licenses (A) for their respective Counties, and receive the license fee ; which license fee, when received, shall be paid over to the County Treasurer; and a copy of the Register of Licenses shall be laid before the first semi-annual meeting of the County Council in each year.

3. Every non-resident aforesaid shall, if found trading without a license, or contrary thereto, for each and every act of trading forfeit and pay the sum of twenty dollars.

4. Every such person so trading shall,on demand made by a Clerk of the Peace, Justice of the Peace, Sheriff, or Town or City Clerk, or by any person with whom he shall be trading, produce and shew his license under which he is at the time selling, under a penalty of sixteen dollars.

5. All penalties under this Chapter shall be recovered under and by virtue of the Chapter relating to Summary Convictions, and when recovered shall be paid to the County or City Treasurer where collected for the use of the said City or County.

6. If such person shall be convicted of knowingly dealing, vending or selling any sinuggled, contraband, or prohibited goods, fraudulently or dishonestly procured, either by them" selves or through the means of others, or with their privity or knowledge, such person shall, on conviction thereof, forfeit his license, and shall thereafter be incapable of obtaining or holding a new license.

7. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to interfere with the rights and privileges given to the Cities of Saint John and Fredericton, or any incorporated Town or City, by their respective Charters.


Be it remembered, that A. B, a non-resident of this Province, haring this day paid to me the sum of thirty dollars, License is hereby granted to the said A. B., a non-resident, to use the occupation ofa Hawker or Pedler throughout the County of

pursuant to Chapter 106, relating to ‘Non-resident Pedlers;' this License to continue and be in force for one year from this date and no longer. Given under my hand this day of , A. D. 18.

C. D., Secretary of County.

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Section. 1 Fire Districts.

9 Punishment for neglect to account 2 Appointment and registry of fire. 10 General powers of Firewards. men.

11 May cause buildings to be pulled 3 Regulations and penalties for

down. breach thereof.

12 Owners, how compensated. 4 Firemen exempt from filling 13 & 14 Investigation as to cause of Parish offices, &c.

fires, &c. 5 Powers of Firewards as to fire 15 Witnesses inay be summoned; places, &c.

penalty for disobedience. 6 Commands of Firewards to be 16 Kindling fires in the woods, &c., obeyed.

penalty for. 7 Extent of assessment authorized 17 To what localities this Chapter

by this Chapter, and how made. shall apply. 8 Accounts before whom to be laid.

1. The County Council may define the locality and extent of the several Fire Districts in their respective Counties for the purposes of this Chapter, and designate the Firewards for each such district.

2. The Firewards shall appoint by warrant a sufficient number of able men in each district, not exceeding fifty for each engine, who shall have the care and management there. of, whose appointments shall be registered by the Secretary of the County Council upon certificate of the Firewards.

3. The Firewards shall make such regulations as to the conduct and duty of the firemen, and impose such fines for the breach thereof, as a majority of them shall deem meet: No fine shall exceed eight dollars, and shall be recovered and applied as the Firewards shall direct.

4. All firemen shall be exempted from filling any Parish offices, and from the performance of statute labour.

5. Any two of the Firewards may at any time enter into any building in the District, and if in their opinion danger may be apprehended from any stove, pipe, oven, hearth, or chimney, they may by writing prohibit the lighting of fire therein until the alteration they direct in writing be made, and any person neglecting or disobeying such directions, shall forfeit and pay for each act of neglect or disobedience eight dollars.

6. The Firewards may sererally command assistance for the extinguishing of fires, for the sufficient working of ep. gines, or for any other purpose incident thereto, and may form persons into line for the conveyance of water, or for the removal and safety of goods; any person disobeying such command may be sent by such Firewards to the gaol or lock-up house, for a period not exceeding forty eight hours, and shall forfeit and pay eight dollars.

7. The County Council may assess for any sum not exceeding twelve hundred dollars in any one year, as the Firewards by estimate in writing recommend to be necessary for the crecting and repairing engine houses, for purchasing, repairing or keeping in order any fire engines, ladders, hooks, or other necessaries; the same to be assessed, levied and col. lected in and upon the District for whose benefit the purchase or repair is to be made, or in which the erection is to be made, as the case may be, in the same manner as other Parish rates are assessed, levied, and collected ; and for this purpose the Assessors and Collectors of the Parish in which the District to be assessed is situate, shall be the Assessors and Collectors respectively of the District. The assessment when collected shall be paid to the Firewards.

8. The Firewards shall annually before their election or appointment render to the County Council a particular account of the expenditure of all moneys received as aforesaid, and also of all fines.

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