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(here set forth a description of the lands), and after having duly advertised and sold the same according to law. E. F. of

, in the County of , became the purchaser of the same for the sum of ; Now know ye, that I, the said Sheriff, in pursuance of the power in me vested, and in consideration of the said sum of do grant, bargain and sell unto the said

all the said lands and tenements hereinbefore described, together with all buildings and the appurtenances thereon being, and all the estate, right, title, interest, property, claim and demand of the said C. D. in and to the same; to have and to hold the same unto the said E. F., his heirs and assigns, for erer. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day of in the year 18 ..

A. B. (L.S.] Signed, sealed and delivered /

in the presence of On this day of , 18 , before me Esquire, one of the Justices of the Peace for the County of personally appeared A. B., the above named Sheriff, and acknowledged the within conveyance to be his act and deed, executed by him for the purposes therein mentioned.

Justice of the Peace. (I)

Affidavit of the Sheriff. On this day of A. D. 18 , personally appeared before me , Esquire, one of the Justices of the Peace for the County of , A. B. the within named Sheriff, (or Deputy Sheriff) and made oath that the lands and tenements mentioned in the within Deed were duly seized, advertised and sold as by law required.

Justice of the Peace.


Order to bring Collector before Council. To any Constable of the Parish of

You are commanded to arrest A. B., Collector of Taxes for the Parish (or District, as it may be), of if he can be found, and bring him forth with before the Council in and for the County of to be dealt with according to law. Dated this day of , A, D. 18 .

E. F., Secretary.




23 Magistrates, &c. may visit Almg General.

House. 1 Overseers of Poor a corporate 24 Commissioners to account for all

body; County Council to assess profits.
the amount required by the Over-

Part VI.
seers of the Poor.

The Town and Parish of Woodstock 2 Any idle or disorderly person may 25 Board of Supervision of Alms be compelled to labour.

House, &c., how constituted.

26 Quorum ; Mayor to be Chairman.. Certain French Paupers.

27 Meetings, when held. 3 Overseers in certain Parishes to

28 Board to appoint three Commis.

sioners. make a separate statement of 90

29 Board inay remove such Commis. French paupers.

sioners. 4 French inhabitants not liable for

TOP 30 Powers of Commissioners. support of other paupers ; ex• 31 Commissioners to have manageception.

ment of Alnis House and Work 5 Powers and duties of Overseers of

House. the Poor for French inhabitants, 39

habitants. 32 Commissioners to be under conPart Iil.

trol of Board of Supervision. City and County of St. John. 33 No contract involving more than 6 Commissioners of Alms House forty dollars to be concluded and Work House.

without sanction of Board of 7 May make rules, &c.

Supervision. 8 Shall render an annual account 34 Tonimissioners may provide for and estimate.

setting to work idle persons, &c., 9 Shall account for all profits.

and provide materials. 10 Not to receive any compensation. 35 Commissioners may make rules, 11 Magistrates, &c. may inspect

&c., for management of Alms Alms House.

House and Work House, 12 Commissioners to be subject to 36 Profits of labor, how applied.. control of County Council. 37 Commissioners authorized to borPart IV...

row money if necessary : forni of Certain Parishes in the County of a certificates. Charlotte.

38 Certificates to be negotiable." 13 Duties of Commissioners for Saint 39 S

or Saint 39 Sanction of the Board to be ob

tained for loan. Andrews, Saint Stephen, Saint 10

" 40 Commissioners to file account of George, and Saint David. -14 May provide for employment of

ent of receipts and expenditures ; esti.

mate. paupers. 15 Empowered to make regulations. 41

Some 41 Warrant of assessment to be is,

sued for expenses, &c. 16 Shall render an annual account

42 Board of Supervision may make a

A and estimate. 17 To account for all profits.

rate for payment of loans.

43 Assessments, how made and col18 Justices,&c. right of visitation, &c. ?

lected. Part V.

44 Moneys, how applied. The County of Northumberland. 45 Board of Supervision to cause ac19 The Governor in Council may ap- counts of Commissioners to be

point Commissioners. [&c. published. 20 Commissioners may make rules, 46 Board of Supervision may appoint 21 Sball provide for Alms House and a Collector.

Work House, and for setting at 47 Collector appointed, to give bond. 11. work any idle or disorderly per. 48 Collector to pay over moneys "! son.

every month. 22 Shall lay before the County Coun- 49 Constables for Parish of Wool

cil an account and estimate of stock to execute all executions all expenditures, &c.

issued under this Chapter.



Section. 50 Justice to make return of all mo- 59 Commissioners may cause idle neys collected, &c.

people to be set at work. 51 Justice refusing to pay over mo- 60 Commissioners to make regula. neys collected, penalty for.

tions, &c., tor government of 52 Neglect of duty on the part of any Alms House.

meinber of the Board of Super. 61 Coinmissioner for Fredericton to vision, penalty for.

lay before City Council all re53 Two Commissioners to have full quired statements. power to act.

62 Commissioners to lay before the 54 Form of Warrant of Assessment. Municipal Council accounts of 55 Pay of Commissioners.

expenditures, &c. Part VII.

63 & 64 Commissioners of Parishes

may agree with Commissioner of The County of York.

City for maintenance of paupers. 56 Municipal Council to appoint a 65 Profits of any work by paupers,

Commissioner for each of certain how applied.

66 This Chapter not to affect present 57 City Council of Fredericton to ap- liabilities. point a Commissioner for the 67, 68, 69, 70 & 71 How the interest

of any Parish in the Alins House 58 Commissioners to superintend in Fredericton may be disposed

and manage Alms House in Fre of.

72 Proceeds of sale, how applied.
73 If meeting fail to agree, a sub-

sequent meeting may be called, PART I.

GENERAL 1. The Overseers of the Poor in each Parish shall be, and they are hereby constituted a body corporate under the name of “The Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of in the County of ," and by such name may sue and be sued. The Overseers of the Poor shall annually, at such time as the County Council sball appoint, lay before them a correct statement of the number and condition of the poor in their several Parishes,and the sum required therefor; which shall be examined and allowed by the County Council who shall forthwitli by warrant order the same to be assessed and collected.

2. Any two of said Overseers, with the consent of two Justices, shalloblige any idle, disorderly person, rogue, or vagabond, who is likely to become chargeable on the Parish where he resides, to labour for any person who may employ him; if such poor person has children in a suffering condition, any two Orerseers, with consent aforesaid, may bind such children apprentices, if males until twenty one, if females until eighteen years of age ; and if any such idle, disorderly person, rogue or vagabond shall refuse to labour, such Justices may commit him to the common gaol, to be kept at hard labour for a term not exceeding forty days..


CERTAIN FRENCH PAUPERS. 3. The Orerseers of the Poor for the Parishes of Dorchester, Moncton, and Shediac, in the County of Westmorland, shall not include in their statement the French paupers in their respective Parishes, nor the sum required for their support, but the Overseers elected under Section sixty seven of Chapter 99 relating to "Municipalities," shall in manner and at the time as directed by Section one of this Chapter lay before the County Council a correct statement of the number and condition of the French paupers in their respective Parishes, and the sum required for their support, which the County Council shall examine and allow, and order the same to be assessed and levied upon the French inhabitants of the said Parishes respectively, which shall be assessed and leried upon such French inhabitants accordingly as other Parish rates are assessed and levied.

4. The French inhabitants of the said Parishes shall not be liable nor shall they be assessed for Poor rates, except those ordered to be assessed upon them by virtue of the last preceding Section ; provided always, that if any French inhabitant of any of the said Parishes shall be desirous of being exempted from the operation of this part of this Chapter, he shall within twenty days after the appointment of the Assessors file with the Town Clerk of the Parish in which he resides, or in which his property liable to be assessed is situated, as the case may be, a notice to that effect, and the Town Clerk shall thereupon notify the Assessors of Rates for the l'arish and also the Assessors of Rates appointed under said Section sixty seven of the Chapter relating to “Municipalities,” that such notice has been filed with him, and thereupon such French inhabitant shall be relieved from the operation of this part of this Chapter, and shall for the pur. poses of this Chapter be dealt with as if he was not a French inhabitant, and the Town Clerk shall file the notice served on him with the County Secretary, together with a statement of the time and manner of notifying the Assessors of Rates as herein provided ; and any notice so given shall be held to continue in force for a period of three years and thenceforward until a notice of retraction is served upon the Town Clerk as aforesaid and by him notified to the Assessors as aforesaid.

5. The said Overseers of the Poor for the French inhabitants of the said Parishes respectively, shall exercise all the powers and duties conferred upon and to be done by Orerseers of the Poor with respect to the French paupers of their several l'arishes.

PART III. THE CITY AND COUNTY OF SAINT JOHN. 6. It shall be lawful for the Governor in Council from time to time to appoint so many fit persons, not exceeding seven nor less than five, of whom two shall be Justices of the Peace for the City and County of Saint John, as he shall think fit, to be Commissioners for superintending and managing the Alms House and Work House in the City and County of Saint John, and the land and premises in connection therewith; it shall be law sul for the said Commissioners from time to time to provide such materials and things as they shall judge necessary for the setting to work and em. ploying such poor persons, of what age or sex soever they may be, who may apply for relief and shall be capable of working; and the said Ửommissioners or any two or more of them shall have power and authority at their discretion to compel such idle or poor people, begging or seeking relief, as do not betake themselves to some lawful employment, or who do or shall hereafter seek and receive alms within the City of Saint John, Town of Portland, or any of the Parishes within the said County, or who may stand in need of relief from the said City or Town, or any of the said Parishes, to dwell, inhabit, and to work in the said Alms House and Work House, and to do all such work as they shall think them able and fit for, and shall have the same powers to bind out poor children apprentices, as are by the laws of this Province given to the Overseers of the Poor in the several Towns and Parishes.

7. The said Commissioners shall have power to make such rules, orders and regulations for the good government and management of the said Alms House and Work House as they shall find necessary, (such rules and regulations to be approved of by the County Council), and to inflict such correction and punishment, bysolitaryconfinement or otherwise from time to time, as to them shall seem reasonable, on any person or persons within the said Alms House and Work

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