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or lot of land shall be deemed improved, and exempt from taxation under this Chapter.

8. In all cases whenever the improvements made in manner aforesaid upon any lot or tract shall not equal the proportion of ten ucres to every hundred acres contained in such tract of land, every hundred acres of which the im• provement falls short shall be deemed wild lands and subject to the tax imposed hereby; provided always, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to extend to lots not ex. ceeding three hundred acres each, actually settled ; and in case any proprietor of any tract or lot of land containing more than three hundred acres shall cause some person to reside thereon, but shall not have cultivated at the rate of ten acres for each and every hundred acres, such proprietor shall be liable to taxation for every hundred acres, more or less, not excepted by cultivation, which may exceed three hundred acres, at the rate of one half cent per acre ; provided always, that no owner of lands shall be taxed under the provisions of this Chapter on lands in the Parish where he resides.

9. All moneys collected and paid over to the Commissioners of Bye Roads under the provisions hereof, shall be by them expended in each and every year, in the opening and improving of roads and the building and repairing of bridges through or near to the wilderness lands from which such moneys shall be raised, in the respective Parishes, and as far as practicable to encourage the settlement and improrement of such wilderness lands; and such Commissioners respectively shall, ten days before the first meeting of the County Council for the respective Counties in each and every year, file a detailed account on oath, accompanied by proper vouchers, in the Office of the County Secretary, shewing the manner in which such moneys have been expended and applied ; provided, that in opening out new roads the same shall be laid out and recorded by the Commissioners of Highways as now provided by law.

10. The Assessors and Collectors of Rates, in case of neglect or refusal to perform the duties required of them respectively by this Chapter, shall be subject and liable to the same fines, penalties, and forfeitures, to be imposed, recovered and applied in the same manner as provided under the laws in force relative to the assessing, levying and collecting of County or Parish rates.

11. Any Commissioner receiving moneys under the provisions of this Chapter, who shall neglect or refuse to render his account for the moneys received, or work done by him, or shall retain in his hands any moneys contrary to the provisions hereof, or not properly expend the same, shall be liable to the same proceedings, fines and penalties as may be imposed on Commissioners of Highways.

UNIMPROVED GRANTED LANDS IN YORK COUNTY. . 12. The County Council of the Municipality of York are hereby authorized and empowered, at their semi-annual meeting in January in each and every year, to appoint a fit and proper person in each Parish in the County, being a resident of the said Parish, a Commissioner to expend the taxes to be received and collected under the authority hereof from unimproved granted lands in the County of York.

13. In case the Council fail to make an appointment of a Commissioner for a Parish, or in case any Commissioner appointed should refuse to serve, or die, or leave the Province, or become incapable of acting, then it shall be lawful for the Councillors of the Parish in which such vacancy shall occur to appoint a Commissioner or a person to fill the vacancy, and so on toties quoties, and any Commissioner so appointed shall continue in office till the then next January semiannual meeting

14. The Collectors of Rates of the several Parishes in the said County, instead of paying over the moneys received by them to the Commissioners of Bye Roads, shall pay the same over to the Commissioner appointed under the provisions of the last preceding Sections, who shall expend the same as herein provided.

15. Every Commissioner appointed under the twelfth or thirteenth Sections hereof shall be allowed to retain for his services out of the moneys received, five per cent. on all moneys expended by him under the provisions of this Chapter, and shall, before entering upon the duties of his office, enter into good and sufficient bonds to Her Majesty, with two sufficient sureties to be approved of by the Councillors, or one of them, of the Parish for which he is appointed, in double the amount assessed, for the faithful discharge of the duties of his office.

16. Every such Commissioner, before expending the said moneys in the opening and improving of roads and the building and repairing of bridges, shall carefully examine the site for the location of such proposed road, or the part of the road where any such money is to be expended, and shall lay out and mark off such allotment or allotments as may conveniently be contracted for, in order that the making or repairing of the same may be let by auction to the lowest bidder; and in all cases such Commissioner shall put up a sufficient number of notices, not less than ten days previous to the sale, in three or more of the public places in the neighborhood where the work is to be done, which notices shall specify and describe the work to be performed, and also the place, day and hour when and where the same will be let by auction as aforesaid ; and the said Commissioner shall personally attend at the time and place so appointed, and there let out to the lowest bidder such allotment or allotments, and at the same time enter into written contracts for the faithful performance of the work in the time and manner set forth in such contracts, taking a bond with two sureties to the said Municipality for the due performance of such contract; provided always, that before any work is done under the said contract, or the same is considered as binding upon the Municipality, it shall be submitted by the Commissioner to the Councillors of the Parish, or one of them, and the approval of both or one of the said Councillors obtained thereto, which shall be signified by their indorsing such approval thereon; and provided always, that in cases where the work required to be performed cannot be conveniently let at auction, such Commissioner may agree with fit and proper persons to perform the same by day's labour, at the most reasonable rate, provided that no more than one quarter of the moneys received by such Commissioner in any one year shall be expended as hereinbefore lastly specified.

17. The owner or agent of any granted lands in the County of York may in writing notify the Commissioner for the Parish in which his land lies, of the place where he desires that the money raised from the wild land tax shall be expended ; and the said Commissioner shall expend the same in improving and repairing the roads andbuilding of bridges, in accordance with the directions in said notice, provided the place designated be the nearest settlement to, or highway or road leading or near to the said land, notwithstanding that in order to do so, it shall be necessary for him to make such expenditure and do such work in the Parish adjoining that in which the lands lie, and for which he is appointed.

18. For the purposes of the last Section the several Commissioners shall have anthority to exercise their duties in the Parishes adjoining to that for which they are severally appointed.



Section. 1 When children under fourteen 8 Consideration to be secured for

years may be bound as appren: minor.

9 Remedy of apprentice for bad 2 Minors above fourteen years may usage. bind themselves.

10 No person to sell to minor on 3 Binding, how effected.

credit. 4 Indenture, when not binding. 11 No master of vessel to harbor ap. 5 Overseers of the Poor may bind prentice; penalty.

children of paupers as appren: 12 When apprentice may demand tices.

discharge. 6 Provisions in Indentures. 13 When Justices may punish ap7 Consent of Justices to be given. prentice by imprisonment.

14 Rights of parents or guardians. 1. Children under the age of fourteen years may be bound as apprentices until that age by their father, or in case of his death or incompetency, by their mother or legal guardian, and if illegitimate, by their mother. If they hare no parent competent to act, and no guardian, they may bind themselves with the assent of two Justices of the County.

2. Minors above the age of fourteen years, not having parents or guardians competent to act, may be bound in the same manner, with their consent expressed in the indenture, and testified by their signing the same ; females to the age of eighteen years, or to the time of their marriage within that age, and males to the age of twenty one years.

3. No minor shall be bound unless by an indenture of two parts, sealed and delivered by both parties, and one part shall be kept by the parent or guardian, when executed by them respectively, or deposited with the Town Clerk or County Secretary, for the use of the minor.

4. No indenture shall be binding on the minor after the



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death of the master, nor shall any indenture be assignable, nor the minor be taken out of the Province, unless with his consent declared in the presence of a Justice, and certified by him.

5. The Overseers of the Poor may bind as apprentices the children of any poor person who has become chargeable to the Parish, and children whose parents are dead, who have become chargeable themselvis, whither they are under or above the age of fourteen years; females to the age of eighteen years, or to the time of their marriage within that age, and males to the age of twenty one years.

6. Provision shall be made in every indenture for teaching children to read and write, and to cypher as far as the rule of three, and for religious and other instruction, and such other benefit and allowance to the minor as may be agreed upon ; and in case of sickness, for medical attendance, board and care.

7. Before any indenture is finally concluded, the parties shall go before a Justice, who shall examine whether the apprentice has any just objection thereto, and certify thereon accordingly; and no indenture shall be deemed executed without such certificate.

8. All considerations of money, or other things paid or allowed by the master upon any contract of apprenticeship made in pursuance of this Chapter, shall be paid or secured to the sole use of the apprentice.

9. In case of the non-performance of the agreement, or of cruel or hard usage by the master, any apprentice may apply to two Justices, who shall hear the complaint, and if they find sufficient cause, make an order for his discharge, or other relief. If either party be dissatisfied therewith, he may appeal to the next Session of the County Court, where the matter shall be determined.

10. No person shall sell upon credit to any apprentice, and every action founded on such credit, brought against an apprentice, shall be void.

11. Any master of a vessel harboring an apprentice, shall be liable to a penalty of forty dollars for each act of har boring; and any other person who shall be guilty of a like act shall be liable to a penalty of twenty dollars.

12. Every apprentice bound by indenture may, at the expi.

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