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tention of this Chapter, that its provisions with respect to the committal and confinement of juvenile offenders, and other juvenile persons herein referred to, apply only to a County having established such a Reformatory or Industrial School as above mentioned, and that juvenile offenders or other juvenile persons referred to in the ninth Section of this Chapter, cannot be committed or sent from one County into another except as next hereinafter provided.

21. If the County Council of any County in which no such Reformatory shall have been established, desire to have juvenile offenders sent to any such Reformatory in another County, of which the Directors shall be willing to receive them, such County Council may apply to the Governor in Council for leave to make an arrangement with such Directors ; and upon such arrangements being made and secured satisfactorily to such Directors,and approved by the Governor in Council, he may cause the notice thereof to be given in the Royal Gazette, and the publication of such notice shall be sufficient to constitute such Reformatory as a Reformatory Prison in the Province for both or all of such Counties making such arrangement. All expenses of conveyance to and from the Reformatory to be borne and provided for by the County Council of the County from which such offenders are committed ; and for such expenses, and such sum or sums of money as may be agreed to be paid to the Reformatory of any other County for juvenile offenders sent there, the said County Council may add to the annual assessment for the contingencies of the County such amount as they may from time to time determine to be necessary and sufficient.

22. In this Chapter the word “Reformatory” shall be taken to mean a Reformatory prison for juvenile offenders ; “Industrial School,” to mean a place of confinement to which children not being offenders may be sent under the provisions of this Chapter; “County," any County or City and County; "juvenile offenders," " child or children,” a child or children under sixteen years of age, and the masculine gender to include the feminine as applied to children, parents, or guardian.

23. The following Forms, and such others as may be required, adopted from the forms authorized by the law relating to summary convictions and orders, with such variations as circumstances may require, may be issued, and no summary notice, order or conviction made under this Chapter shall be set aside or guashed for mere want of form or for any merely technical defect.


(A) To A. B., parent (or guardian) of C. D.

The said C. D. having been brought before us as a child falling within the provisions of the ninth Section of Chapter 66 of the Consolidated Statutes

These are to command you to appear before us on at o'clock,

at , or before such two Justices as may then be there, to shew cause, if any there be, why the said C. D. should not be sent to the Industrial School of County, there to remain until he shall be discharged or removed according to law.--Given under our hands the day of A. D. 187.

J. P.

J. P. [To be left at the last place of abode of the child.]


Order to send vagrant and other Children to an Industrial School

under this Chapter.

County (or City and County) of , to-wit:

Be it remembered, that on the day of A. D. 18 ,it having been duly made to appear to me, A. B., a Justice of the Peace, that C. D. is a child within the provisions of the ninth Section of Chapter 66 of the Consolidated Statutes, I do order that the said C. D. be sent to the Industrial School of this City and County (as the case may be), there to be detained for

years, unless he shall sooner attain the age of sixteen years or he shall be otherwise discharged according to law.

A. B., J. P,


GREAT ROAD 8. Section.

Section. 1 What roads shall be Great Roads. 17 No person to drive faster than a 2 Width of Great Roads.

walk over certain bridges; pen3 Governor to appoint Supervisors. alty for. 4 Supervisors to render Accounts; 18 No timber, &c. to be dragged over penalty for neglect.

any Suspension Bridge. 5 Supervisors to give bonds. 19 Defacing any bridge or railing, 6 Supervisors to have ordering of penalty for.

repairs and alterations. 20 Suspension Bridge at St. John to 7 Work to be let by Auction, &c. be free. 8 Certain work to be done prior to 21 Penalty for driving any horse, &c. Sept. 1st.

over said Bridge faster than a 9 All wages to be paid in money,&c. walk. 10 Neglect to remove obstructions, 22 Person in charge may detain any penalty for.

party violating last Section, or 11 Supervisors may enter on unculti. his goods and chattels.

vated lands, and take materials. 23 Such person or goods and chat Appraisement of damages.

tels to be released on deposit of 12 Alteration of roads. Appraise. twenty dollars. ment of damages.

24 Actions against Supervisor. De. 13 Persons to whom damages shall fences. be payable.

25 No action to be brought before 14 When old roads may be closed. notice given. 15 Obstructing any Great Road, pen• 26 Supervisor to make return of alty for

alterations, &c. 16 Interrupting or hindering any Su. 27 Payment of Supervisors.

pervisor in discharge of his duty, 28 Authority of Supervisors, how penalty for.

limited. 1. The Great Roads existing at the time of the passing of this Chapter shall continue, by the routes as now established, to be the Great Roads of communication throughout this Province, and they are as follows:

No. 1 From the City of Saint John to the Nora Scotia line, by the following route : From the City of Saint John to Road No. 51, near A pohaqui Station ; thence to Hayward's Mills; and thence to the Nora Scotia line.

No. 2–From Saint John to Saint Andrews, by the follow. ing route : From Carleton to the Yorkshire Tavern, so called ; thence to Lepreau; and thence to Saint Andrews.

No. 8--From Road No. 1 at the Town of Moucton, to Shediac.

No. 4--From Shediac to Road No. 1 in Dorchester.

No. 5—From Shediac to Chockpish; and thence to Richibucto.

No. 6--From Richibucto to Chatham ; and thence on the southerly side of the South West Miramichi River to Road No. 12.

No. 7–From Road No. 11 in Newcastle, along the shore, to the Gloucester County line.

No. 8–From the terminus of Road No. 7, through Caraquet, to Bathurst.

No. 9—From Bathurst to the Belledune River.

No. 10— From the Belledune River, through Dalhousie and Campbellton, to Upsalquitch River.

No. 11-From Newcastle, throuh Douglastown and across the Little Bartibog River, to Bathurst.

No. 12– From Fredericton to Boiestown; and from thence to the Ferry landing at Newcastle.

No. 13–From Fredericton to Saint John, by the way of the Nerepis, to the Suspension Bridge.

No. 14–From Fredericton to Woodstock on the west side of the River Saint John.

No. 15—From the Meduxnikeag Bridge at Woodstock to River de Chute.

No 16–Froin River de Chute to Grand Falls Suspension Bridge.

No. 17–From Grand Falls, crossing the Suspension Bridge to Edmundston; and from thence by the Valley of the Madawaska River to the Quebec boundary line.

No. 18--From Edmundston to the River Saint Francis.

No. 19–From Road No. 16 to the boundary of the State of Maine, where it comes out at the River Saint John.

No. 20–From Pickard's Store, near the mouth of the Tobiquc River, by the Arestook Road, so called, to the boundary of the State of Maine.

No. 21–From the River Saint John at Florenceville to the boundary of the State of Maine on the Big Pres qu'isle.

No. 22–From Woodstock to the boundary line of the State of Maine, by the road running to Houlton through Richmond.

No. 23—From Fredericton to Saint Andrews.

No. 24–From Road No. 23 at the Waweig Bridge, around the head of Oak Point Bay, and thence through the Town of Saint Stephen to the lower Bridge over the Saint Croix.

No. 25-From Roix's on Road No. 2, crossing Road No. 23 to Road No. 24, near the head of Oak Point Bay.

No. 26-From Road No. 24 at the head of Oak Point Bay, through Tower Hill Settlement and the Howard Settlement, to Road No. 14, at the mouth of Eel River.

No. 27.–From the Dead water Brook Bridge on Road No. 23; thence crossing Road No. 26, by the way of Moore's Mills, to the Town of Saint Stephen.

No. 28–From the Lower Trout Brook Bridga on Road No. 23, by the second Falls of the River Magaguadavic, and over Young's Bridge, to the Town of Magaguadaric.

No. 29--From Road No. 1 at Salisbury, in Westmorland County,through Corerdale to M’Latchey's Creek, and thence to Derry's Corner, Harvey.

No. 30–From the terminus of Road No. 29 to the Salmon River Post Office in Alma, and thence by Bennett's Mills and Moore's Mills, to the Penobsquis Station in Cardwell, King's County.

No. 31–From Road No. 32 near the head of Loch Lomond, to junction with Road No. 30, Albert County.

No. 32–From the City of Saint John, past the Loch Lomond Lake, to Quaco, including branch road to the Peni. tentiary.

No. 33-From Balleisle in King's County, to Road No. 1, near A. B. Smith's.

No. 34--From Road No. 1 at Rothesay Station, by the way of Gondola Point, and through Kingston, to the bridge at the head of the Belleisle.

No. 35–From Gagetown through the Summer Hill and Coote Hill Settlements, to Road No. 13.

No. 36--From the Ferry Landing, lower side of Nashwaak, opposite Fredericton, along the eastern bank of the River Saint John, to the lower line of Sunbury County.

No. 37–From the terminus of Road No. 36 to the Jemseg, and thence crossing the Washademoak Lake to Norton Sta. tion, in King's County.

No. 38–From Road No. 1 at Cole's Island, in Sackville, Westmorland County, to Cape Tormentine, with a branch thereof from the Post Office at Sackville, by way of Four Corners, to intersect said Road No. 38.

No. 39.--From Road No. 36 on the lower side of the Nash. waak, to Little Fork Salmon River, in the County of Kent.

No. 40--From the terminus of Road No. 39 to Richibucto.

No. 41--From Road No. 39 at Little River Mills, to Road No. 36, near M'Gowan’s.

No. 42--From the Baptist Meeting House in Upham, in King's County, to Road No. 1 at the upper corner in Sussex.

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