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and County School Fund; for the rental of land and buildings; for the care of School property, fuel, light, and insurance ; for the purchase of maps, apparatus, and of books for indigent children; for interest on debentures that have been or that may be issued; for salaries and unforeseen and contingent expenses, with all other current expenses, together with any amount needed for repayment of any temporary loan effected with the approval of the Governor in Council, and for payment of any liabilities incurred in reference to the aforegoing objects and purposes; and shall within the like time notify the Council of the aggregate amount thereof, and request the Council to cause such amount forth with to be assessed and levied :

(11) Such sum, not exceeding for the City of Saint John fifty six thousand dollars, for the City of Fredericton fourteen thousand dollars, together with any further amount required for payment of interest on debentures, and for repairing and furnishing School buildings as aforesaid, shall by the Council of the said Cities and Towns respectively, forthwith upon sạch notification and request, and so as that in fact the rates herein mentioned may be made up, assessed and levied at the same time as other City or Town rates, and either by a separate assessment, or by including the same in any other assessment for City or Town purposes, be ordered and caused to be assessed, levied and collected ; but it shall be in the power of the Council, notwithstanding such excess as aforesaid, to order the assessing and levying of the full amount of such estimate, together with a further sum as aferesaid for repairing and furnishing School buildings:

(12) The said rates and assessments shall be made, assessed and levied as follows, that is to say :-A tax of one dollar shall be assessed and levied on the poll of every male inhabitant of the district between the age oftwenty one and sixty years, (except clergymen and persons in indigent circumstances,) and the balance of the sum shall be assessed and levied in the same manner as other City or Town rates, oras specially provided in any City or Town for the assessing and levying of such balance ; the said rates and assessments shall be collected in the same manner as other City rates; and the sum so raised shall be paid by the Chamberlain or Treasurer, on the order of the Board of Trustees, not withstanding any local law or regulation to the contrary :

(13) The Board of Trustees is hereby authorized, with the sanction of the Council, to co-operate with the governing body of any School existent on the 17th day of May, 1871, on such terms as to the Board shall seem right; but any such arrangement shall be annual in its nature, and shall be determinable by lapse of time, or on breach of conditions, and shall not include the building or furnishing of School houses, and in such cases the Board may make allowance to such Schools out of the funds under its control; but no public funds shall be granted in support of any School uuless the same be a free School, and conducted in every respect in conformity with this Chapter and the Regulations of the Board of Education :

(14) The Council shall annually appoint two Auditors to audit the Accounts of the Board of Trustees, and the expenses of such audit shall be paid out the contingent expenses of the Board :

(15) The title of all School property shall be vested in the Board of Trustees, and such property shall not be subject to taxation, or be liable to be taken in execution ; but in case of any judgment being recovered against the Board of Trustees, they shall forthwith notify the Council of the amount thereof, and the like steps shall be taken by the Council to levy and collect the same, as in other cases provided for by this Chapter:

(16) All the provisions of this Chapter, except as herein otherwise provided, shall extend to the City of Saint John and to the City of Fredericton, and the sereral Towns to which this Section may apply.

INCORPORATED TOWNS. 96. The provisions of the last preceding Section shall apply to the Towns of Portland, Saint Stephen, Milltown, and Woodstock, with the substitution of the words "Town Council" for "City Council,” and “Treasurer or other fiscal officer” for “Chamberlain.” With a like substitution the said provisions of the last preceding Section shall apply to any Town now incorporated, or which may hereafter be incorporated, provided that the Town Council, at a meeting called for such purpose, determine in favour of the adoption of such provisions, and under its corporate seal certifies the same to the Governor in Council, who shall appoint a pro

portion of the Trustees as provided for in sub-section two of the last preceding Section.

97. The Towns to which the provisions of Section ninety five apply may issue School debentures, for the purposes and in the manner provided for the Cities of Saint John'and Fredericton by sub-section seren of said Section ninety five, provided that such debentures shall be made payable in twenty years from the date thereof, and the amount thereof shall not exceed for the Town of Portland the sum of fifty thousand dollars, and for any other Town the sum of forty thousand dollars ; and the amount mentioned in Section ninety five, sub-section eleven, shall in the case of the Town of Portland be twenty two thousand dollars, and for the Towns of Saint Stephen and Woodstock, and any other incorporated Town, shall be ten thousand dollars.

98. In case of the adoption by the Town Council of Moncton of the provisions of Section ninety five, the School district of the Town of Moncton shall embrace all the territory heretofore included in district number five of Moncton; and the Board of Trustees of Moncton School District shall, in addition to the powers, rights and duties cast upon or given to them by virtue of the adoption of the provisions of Section ninety five, succeed to all the rights and property, and be subject to all the liabilities, debts and engagements of School District number five aforesaid; and the Town Council of Moncton is hereby required, after the adoption of the provisions of Section ninety fire as aforesaid, to exercise all such powers and authorities, and perform all such acts within and for said district as are by Section ninety five conferred upon and exerciseable by the Common Council of Saint John and the City Council of Fredericton, subject to the provisions of Sections ninety six and ninety seven.

99. For the purpose of levying and assessing any School rate upon said district, the persons, properties and incomes ratable within the said district as hereby constituted, as well without as within the Town of Moncton, shall be deemed to be ratable as if within the said Town; and the Assessors of Rates for the Town of Moncton shall, for the purpose of levying and assessing any rates ordered to be levied by the Town Council, in accordance with the requisition of the Board of Trustees or otherwise, under the provisions of this

Chapter, include in the assessment list for said Town the name ofeach person liable to pay a School rate or tax in said School District as hereby constituted, whether resident therein or non-resident, and whether resident within the said Town or non-resident therein ; and such rates shall be assessed, levied and collected in the same manner as if the whole of said district were included within the corporate limits of the said Town of Moncton.

GRAMMAR SCHOOLS. 100. The Trustees of the Grammar School of any County may unite with the Trustees of any district in such County for the management and support of the Grammar School, subject to the approval thereof by the Board of Education.

PUBLIC MONEYS. 101. All moneys, whether Provincial, County, or District or Local, raised or available for School purposes, shall be taken, considered and construed to be public moneys.

CHARACTER OF SCHOOLS. 102. All Schools conducted under the provisions of this Chapter shall be non-sectarian.


County, to-wit: (L.S.] TO

Assessor of the Parish of You are commanded to assess and levy the sum of dollars in and upon the said Parish of , as a County School rate, together with for assessing, and for collecting, and cause the same to be collected and paid according to law. Sealed and dated this

day of A. D. 18 . By the County Council.

E. T., Secretary.



Section. 1 County Council may establish Re: 4 When Reformatory may lawfully formatories, &c.

receive prisoners. 2 May issue debentures if necessary. 5 Directors to be appointed, how. 3 To report when premises are 6 Powers of Directors. ready, &c.

7 Alteration of premises.


Section. 8 Provincial allowance, ainount of. 16 Children detained, how supporte:1. 9 Who may be committed to such 17 Directors to provide for religious Reformatory.

instruction of children. 10 Justices to make inquiry in cer. 18 Ex officio visitors; Inspectors may tain cases, &c.

be appointed. 11 When Justices may order deten. 19 When Institutions shall cease to tion of child.

be a Reformatory ; proviso. 12 Child may be sent to Reformatory 20 Children not to be sent from oue upon request of parents.

County to another; exception. 13 Order for detention to specify 21 Special arrangements may be time, &c.

made for such transfer. 14 Order to be forwarded to Direc. 22 Construction of terms. tors.

23 Forms. 15 Judge of the County Court may

order discharge of a child. 1. The County Council of each County in this Province are hereby authorized and empowered to provide for the establishment, maintenance and management of Reformatory and Industrial Schools, united under one management, but as separate institutions, for the reformation ofjuvenile offenders who for any offence may be sentenced by any Court, Judge, or Justice, to imprisonment; and for the reception, education and maintenance of any vagrant, homeless or destitute child. ren, who, by lawful authority as hereinafter provided, may be sent to the same; and for this purpose may lease, buy, receive or accept the conveyance of and hold in fee simple such lands and premises, and erect such buildings thereon as may be deemed necessary.

2. Whenever the County Council of any County shall determine to establish a Reformatory or Industrial School, or both, they may at a special meeting to be ordered at a semiannual meeting, and called for the purpose by at least one month's public notice thereof in the Royal Gazette, or in one or more newspapers published within the County where it is intended the Reformatory or Industrial School is to be established, cause a loan to be effected for the amount deemed necessary, upon debentures to be issued under the Seal of the County Council, and signed by the Warden and Secretary, in such form and at such times of payment with lawful in. terest, as the County Council issuing the same may deem advisable; and for the repayment of money so borrowed, and interest, such County Council may, at the time thereof at which annual County rates are usually ordered, order an assessment to be levied and collected in the same proportions and manner in every respect as other County rates and taxes;

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