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5. Any medical practitioner who shall, without sufficient cause, refuse to attend on any summons, shall forfeit twenty dollars, to be recovered before a Justice on complaint of the Coroner, or any two of the jurors, is made within two months from the holding of the Inquest, and be paid, when recovered, to the County Treasurer.

6. After any such Inquest, ihe Coroner shall grant a permissive warrant for the burial of the deceased, which shall be delivered to any of his relatives or friends who wish to take charge of the burial; and if no one undertake the duty, and the dead body be within the City of Saint John, or within five miles of the Alms House of the City of Fredericton, the Towns of Portland or Saint Andrews, or any other Town or Parish with an established Alms House, it shall be sent to the dead house in charge of the constable attending the Inquest, and be delivered to the keeper thereof, accompanied by the warrant to be by the constable delivered to or left at the residence of the Overseers of the Poor of the Parish wherein the body may be found, or any one of them, who shall bury the deceased in the same manner as if he had died a pauper, unless otherwise directed by the Coroner; should the distance be beyond such limits, the warrant shall direct the constable to bury the body in a decent manner, using proper economy, and to render an account of the expense thereof to the Coroner, which, with the constable's fees for burying the same, shall be paid to the said constable by the Overseers of the Poor of such Parish, on the order of the Coroner, stating that the charge is reasonable and proper.

7. Whenever it may appear to the Coroner that an Inguest is not necessary, or when any two Justices of any County in which any person may have died shall certify to the Coroner that he would be justified in granting a permissive warrant for burial without holding an inquisition, he may forth with, without taking an inquisition, issue such warrant.

8. For every Inquest the Coroner and other officers shall be entitled to the fees as in the said Table, to be paid out of the public funds aforesaid, together with all moneys necessarily advanced on such Inquest, which charges the County Council shall, on an account therefor duly presented, order to be paid by the County Treasurer.


Section. 1 The University a corporate body. 21 Certain Students exempt from 2 Members of Corporation, how ap. pointed or elected.

22 Professorships, &c. 3 Names of Senators elected to be 23 Course of Instruction.

published in Royal Gazette, &c. 24 Board of Students. 4 Quorum.

25 Scholars of the Collegiate School 5 Senate.

may have free tickets to Lec6 The Lieut. Governor to be Visitor. tures, &c. 7 No religious tests.

26 Scholarships. 8 Powers of the Senate.

27 Account of Income and Expendi9 Duties of the President.

ture to be laid before the House 10 When the President is absent, the of Assembly. .

senior Professor to take his place. !1 Faculty, of whom to consist, and

| Support and management of Property powers of.

28 Provincial Grant. 12 The President to preside at all 29 The Douglas Medal. meetings of the Faculty.

30 University of New Brunswick to 13 Meetings of the Faculty, when succeed to all rights and liabili held.

ties of King's College. 14 Minutes of meetings to be kept. 31 May sue on all contracts made by 15 Annual conference of Senate and King's College. Faculty

32 May sell Wild Lands. 16 Matriculation Examinations. 33 Investment of proceeds. 17 Religious exercises.

84 May lease Town lots in Frederic18 Affiliation of other Institutions. ton. 19 Certain Degrees confirmed. Schedule. 20 Special Students.

1. There shall be an University, which shall be a body corporate, by the name and style of “The University of New Brunswick," and have a common seal, with power from time to time to alter, renew and change the same as may be found convenient; and by that name the said University and their successors, from time to time and at all times hereafter, shall be able and capable to have, take, and receive, purchase, acquire, hold, possess, enjoy, and maintain, to and for the use of the said University, any messuages, lands, tenements, and hereditaments, of what nature, kind, or quality soever; and moreover to take, purchase, acquire, have, hold, enjoy, receive, possess, and retain, all or any goods, chattels, charitable or other contributions, gifts or benefactions whatsoever; and the said University, and their successors by the same name, shall and may be able and capable in law to sue and be sued, implead and be impleaded, answer and be answered, in all or any Courts of Record, in all and singular actions, causes,pleas, suits, matters and demands whatsoever, in as large, ample and beneficial a manner and form as any body politic and corporate, or any other person able and

capable in law, may or can sue, implead, or answer, or be sued, impleaded, or answered, in any manner whatsoever.

2. The Corporation of the University of New Brunswick shall consist of twelve laymen, to be appointed and elected in manner following:

(1) The Governorin Council shall appoint nine, of whom the President of the University shall be one ; and if any member of the Corporation so appointed shall refuse to act, or shall neglect to attend the meetings of the Senate for the space of twelve months, his place shall be vacated and another person appointed in his stead :

(2) The Chief Superintendent of Education shall be ex officio a member of the Senate :

(3) “The Associated Alumni of the University of New Brunswick” shall, at the Encænial meeting of the Alumni holden at Fredericton on the day preceding the Encænia in each and every year, elect two persons, being Alumni of the University, to be members of the Corporation of the University of New Brunswick; provided that no person shall be so elected unless six years at least shall have elapsed since the date at which his first degree was conferred upon him:

(4) In case of any vacancy happening by the death or resignation of any of the members of the Corporation elected as in the last preceding sub-section mentioned, the Council of the said Associated Alumni shall as soon after the occurrence of the vacancy as may be convenient, nominate and appoint one of the Alumni, being a layman, to fill such vacancy:

(5) If any person elected as a member of the Corporation of the University by the Associated Alumni shall refuse to act in that capacity, another layman, being one of the Alumni, shall be elected by the said Associated Alumni, if such refusal shall have been signified to the Alumni before the termination of the meeting at which the person so refusing was elected, but if such refusal shall be signified after the termination of such meeting, or in case the person so refusing shall have been appointed by the Council, then the said Council shall appoint as in case of a vacancy by death or resignation.

3. The names of the persons at any time elected by the Associated Alumni, or appointed by the Council thereof, shall be transmitted by the President for the time being of the said Society, or any Vice-President thereof, by a certificate of the election or the appointment of such person or persons, signed by the said President or Vice-President, and sealed with the seal of the Associated Alumni, to the Office of the Provincial Secretary for publication, and the Provincial Secretary shall publish their names in the Royal Gazette.

4. Three members of the said Corporation, including the President of the University, shall be a quorum for the transaction of business.

5. The members of the said Corporation shall constitute the Senate of the University.

6. The Lieutenant Governor of the Province shall be the Visitor of the University on behalf of Her Majesty, and such visitatorial powers may be exercised by Commission under the Great Seal of the Province; and when such powers are so exercised by Commission, the person appointed in the exercise thereof shall be a layman, and appointed by and with the consent of the Executive Council.

7. There shall be no Professorship of Theology in the University, nor shall any religious test whatever be required of or imposed upon any member of the Corporation, Pro. fessor, Teacher, Student, or other person in any way connected with the University, or with the Collegiate School.

8. The Senate shall possess and exercise all the powers necessary for the management and government of the University, and for carrying into effect all laws relating thereto; particularly it shall be the duty of the Senate, and they shall have full power and authority

(1) By notice in writing, signed by any two of their number, to call a meeting of the Corporation, at which the President shall attend :

(2) To elect a Chairman in the absence of the President and to appoint the times of meeting and modes of proceeding;

(3) To possess and direct the endowment of King's College, to order the sale and leasing of all lands belonging to the said College and the investment and expenditure of all moneys arising therefrom, and of all moneys which have heretofore becn granted to King's College and the Collegiate School at Fredericton, or which may hereafter be granted to the University of New Brunswick or the Collegiate School at Fredericton, and to erect such Lecture Halls, School Houses, and other buildings as they may deem necessary, subject to the approval of the Governor in Council.

(4) To make and alter from time to time, subject to the approval of the Governor in Council, any Statutes, Rules and Ordinances which may be necessary for the government and discipline of the University and the Collegiate School, and for the establishment and regulation of Scholarships, Prizes, and Exhibitions; provided that all the Statutes, Rules and Ordinances now in force, according to law, in the said University and School, shall continue in force, except so far as they may be inconsistent with the spirit and provisions of this Chapter, until repealed and altered by the Senate :

(5) To appoint and to remove from time to time, subject to the approval of the Governor in Council, the Professors, Tutors, Lecturers, and instructors, and all other Officers and Servants of the University, and the Masters, Teachers, and Servants of the Collegiate School, and to prescribe their duties, and fix their remuneration :

(6) To confer the Degrees of Bachelor, Master, and Doctor, in the several Arts of Faculties, to-wit : (but without limitation by reason of such particularity), the several Degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, Bachelor of Laws, Doctor of Laws, Bachelor of Civil Law, Doctor of Civil Law, Bachelor of Medicine, and Doctor of Medicine, and diplomas in Civil Engineering and Land Surveying, Agriculture, Commerce, and Navigation, and such honorary degrees and certificates of honor, merit and attendance at Lectures, as the Senate may adjudge expedient and proper.

9. It shall be the duty of the President of the University-

(1) To see that all the Statutes, Rules and Ordinances relating to the University and Collegiate School are duly enforced, and to rectify any deviation therefrom; and at all times to exercise a parental care and supervision over the Students :

(2) To see that comfortable board and lodging are provided for such Students as may require the same :

(3) To preside at all meetings of the Senate when present and to call a special meeting at such time as he may think necessary, by giving due notice thereof to each mem ber of the Senate :

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