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coner and Travers Twiss named the Right Honorable Stephen Lushington, Judge of the Admiralty Court, to act as the third Arbitrator: And whereas on the seventeenth day of April one thousand eight hundred and fifty one the said Stephen Lushington and Travers Twiss made an Award concerning the said Boundary, and transmitted the same, together with a Plan therein referred to, to the Right Honorable Earl Grey, one of Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, and such Award is in the following Terms:

"That New Brunswick shall be bounded on the west by the Boundary of the United States, as traced by the Com“missioners of Boundary under the Treaty of Washington, "dated August 1842, from the source of the Saint Croix to a “point near the outlet of Lake Pech-la-wee-kaa-co-nies or “ Lake Beau, marked A. in the accompanying copy of a part

of Plan 17 of the Survey of the Boundary under the above "Treaty; thence by a straight line connecting that point “with another point to be determined at the distance of "one mile due south from the southernmost point of Long “Lake; thence by a straight line drawn to the southern“most point of the Fiefs Madawaska and Temiscouata, and "along the southeastern boundary of those Fiefs to the “southeast angle of the same; thence by a meridional line "northwards till it meets a line running east and west, and "tangent to the height of land dividing the waters flow"ing into the River Rimouski from those tributary to the “Saint John; thence along this tangent line eastward until “it meets another meridional line tangent to the height of "land dividing waters flowing into the River Rimouski “ from those flowing into the Restigouche River; thence "along this meridional line to the 48th parallel of latitude ; " thence along that parallel tothe Mistouche River; and “thence down the centre of the stream of that River "to the Restigouche; thence down the centre of the stream “of the Restigouche to its mouth in the Bay of Chaleurs ; “and thence through the middle of that Bay to the Gulf " of the Saint Lawrence; the Islands in the said Rivers "Mistouche and Restigouche to th: mouth of the latter “River at Dalhousie being given to New Brunswick." And whereas it is expedient that the said Boundary

Canada and New Brunswick Boundary.

should be settled in conformity with the said Award: Now, therefore, be it enacted by the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

I. New Brunswick shall be bounded as in the said Award mentioned ; and it shall be lawful for one of Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State to appoint such person or persons as he may think fit to ascertain, define, and mark the Boundary Line between the said Province of New Brunswick and the said Province of Canada, according to the intent of the said Award.

II. The net proceeds of the funds in the hands of the local Governments of the said Provinces of Canada and New Brunswick respectively arising from the Territory h 'retofore in dispute between such Provinces shall be applied according to the Terms hereipbefore mentioned of the said Agreement concerning the same.

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Passed 13th April, 1876. PE it enacted by the Lieutenant Governor, Legisla. D tive Council, and Assembly, as follows :



Boundary Line defined. The line of division between the Provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia shall be as follows:—Commencing at the mouth of Missiquash River in Cumberland Bay, and thence following the several courses of said River to a post near Black Island ; thence north fifty four degrees twenty five minutes east, crossing the south end of Black Island, two hundred and eighty eight chains, to the northerly angle of Trenholm Island ; thence north thirty seven degrees east eighty fire chains and eighty two links, to a post, thence north seventy six degrees east forty six chains and twenty links, to the portage ; thence south sixty five degrees forty fire minutes east three hundred and ninety four chains and forty links, to Tidnish Bridge; thence following the several courses of Tidnish River along its northern upland bank to its mouth; thence following the northwesterly channel to the deep waters of the Bay Verte.



Section. 1 Charlotte.

11 Gloucester. 2 City and County of Saint John. 12 Northumberland. 3 King's.

13 Kent. 4 Queen's.

14 Westmorland. 5 Sunbury.

15 Albert. 6 York.

16 Division of Counties into Towns 7 Carleton.

and Parishes. 8 Victoria.

17 Bearings of Lines. 9 Madawaska.

18 Shire Towns. 10 Restigouche.

The Province of New Brunswick shall be divided into the several Counties hereinafter named, which shall be bounded as follows:

1. CHARLOTTE.--South by the Bay of Fundy; west by the River Saint Croix and western shore of the Bay of Passamaquoddy; east by the line running true north thirty miles from Point Lepreau as surveyed by Deputies Wilkinson and Mahood in the years of onr Lord one thousand

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