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cil may make rules and regulations for the preservation of order, and suppression of vice and immorality at sneh Exhi. bitions, and may prescribe the limits within which such rules and regulations shall be in force, not however to exceed two miles from the Exhibition building, and impose such fines and penalties, not exceeding twenty dollars or twenty days' imprisonment for every breach of such rules and regulations, as they may see fit; and printed copies of such rules and regulations shall be posted up in three or more of the most conspicuous places in the Exhibition building or grounds; and the due execution of such rules and regulations shall be entrusted to such and so many constables, special constables, or policemen, as may be selected for that purpose by the Governor in Council or such Committee; provided always, that the Governor in Council shall, whenever they may think fit so to do, apply the said sums of money so granted for holding Exhibitions, to the purchase and importation of improved Stock and Agricultural Implements, such stock and implements to be sold at auction, and open to public competition.

12. The Governor in Council may appoint a Secretary for Agriculture, at a salary of six hundred dollars per annum.

13. The Governor in Council shall annually cause to be prepared a Report containing a statement of their doings under this Chapter, a digest of the returns of the several Agricultural Societies, with such statistics as they may be able to collect; accompanied with such suggestions and recommendations as the interest of Agriculture may appear to require, together with a detailed account of the expenditure for the purpose of being laid before the Legislature, which Report shall be printed and ready for circulation within ten days after the opening of the Legislature.

14. Whenever on the trial of any issue joined, it may be necessary to prove the incorporation of any Agricultural Society organized under the provisions of this Chapter, or of any Society saved by the first Section of this Chapter, proof that the defendant dealt with such Society as a Corporation, or a certificate of the Secretary of the Province, or of the Secretary for Agriculture, or parol evidence of the President, Secretary or Treasurer of such Agricultural Society, that the returns required by this Chapter have been

duly made, shall be evidence of the legal existence of the Corporation.


(A) We, whose names are hereto subscribed, do agree to form ourselves into a Seciety under the provisions of The Consolidated Statutes, Chapter twenty three, of Agriculture,' to be called "The

Agricultural Society," and we severally agree to pay to the Treasurer of said Society, towards the funds thereof, the sums set opposite our respective names, as our first year's subscription thereto. Dated this

day of






. (B) I, : , Treasurer of the Agricultural Society, make oath and say that the annexed Account contains a just and true statement of the Income and Expenditure of the said Society, from the day of last to the

day of inclusive; that the several sums therein specified were actually received and paid by me for the purposes therein set forth, and that the same shews the true state of the funds of the said Society at the time the said Account was balanced and audited. Sworn before me at the / day of , 18 ,

J. P.

Season past-Character of,
Soil of District--Character of,
Crops of District Principal,
Land cleared during the last season,

Extent of Rotation,
Rotation of Crops in District,

What Wheat ; What average produced per acre,

Average for past season,
Remedies suggested,
Price per bushel,

Best varieties,
Corn, same as Wheat; Oats, do.
Rye and Barley, Peas and Beans, do..

Buckwheat, Millet, do.
Grass, Hay,
Clover and Timothy Seeds,
Root Crops-Potatoes, Turnips, Mangel Wurzel.
Breeds of Cattle,
Dairy products,
Sheep and Wool,
Pigs and Pork,
Implements and Machinery,
Farm Buildings and Shelter for Stock,
Proposal for improvements, or other remarks,
Names of the President, Vice-President, Secretary-Tre-

asurer, Directors and Members, Amount paid in year, List of Premiums,


Balance from previous year,
Subscriptions of year past,
Provincial Grant for year past,

Seeds imported,
Charges of management,

Treasurer's. Account Current.




Section. 1 Governor may appoint Queen's 3 Precedence, how determined. Counsel.

4 Effect of Patent. 2 May determine precedence; ex.

ception. 1. It shall be lawful for the Lieutenant Governor, by Letters Patent under the Great Seal of the Province, in Her Majesty's name, to appoint from among the members of the Bar of the Province, such persons as he may deem right to be Her Majesty's Counsel, learned in the law.

2. Subject to the rights and privileges of the Attorney General for the time being and of Queen's Counsel appointed previous to the first day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty seven, the precedence in the Courts of the Province may be determined by the Lieuttenant Governor in manner hereinafter mentioned.

3. It shall be lawful for the Lieutenant Governor by Letters Patent under the Great Seal of the Province, in Her Majesty's name, to grant to any member of the Bar of the Province, if he shall deem right so to do, a patent of precedence in the Courts of the Province.

4. Any Queen's Counsel, or any person to whom such patent of precedence shall be granted, shall have such rank, precedence and pre-audience among the members of the Bar, as shall be assigned by such Letters Patent.




Section, 1 Sheriffs, appointment of.

6 Residence of Sherift: 2 Term of office, Londs, &c. 7 Retaining money, liability. 3 Bonds assignable, and actions 8 Payment for service of process. thereon.

9 Who liable for fees. 4 Recovery ; further proceeding. 10 County Council to allow Sheriff 5 His deputies, and liability for

for certain services. their acts.

Schedule. 1. The Sheriffs of the several Counties shall be appointed by the Governor in Council in the month of April in each year, but nothing shall prevent the appointment of a Sheriff

at any other time when necessary from death or other cause. In case of his death a Coroner may discharge the duties during the vacancy.

2. Every Sheriff shall remain in office until another be appointed and sworn in, and shall, upon his appointment, execute the Bonds (A and B) respectively, with two sufficient sureties in each bond, to be approved of by the Governor; should the bonds not be approved of within one month from the appointment, another person may be appointed to fill the office, executing similar bonds with the like sureties; the Bond (B) given by any Sheriff shall continue in force until the next annual or other appointment of Sheriff be made; and if the same Sheriff be re-appointed, the said Bond (B) shall continue in force and effect until such Sheriff furnish a new Bond on such re-appointment.

3. Any person who shall recover a judgment against a Sheriff for a breach of the duties of his office, or those of his deputy, and upon a return of nulla bona to a writ of fieri facias issųed into the County in which he resides, may forthwith apply to the Supreme Court, or a Judge thereof, who shall, upon a satisfactory affidavit, grant an order that such person may bring an action upon the Bond (B) in his own name in the said Court; a certified copy of such bond under the hand of the Provincial Secretary, with whom the same shall be lodged, shall be good evidence of the original bond without its production; but no action shall be brought upon the bond unless within one year from the signing of such judgment.

4. A recovery may be had upon the bond to the amount of such judgment, with costs, which recovery with costs shall be a satisfaction of the bond for so much. When a subsequent order shall be obtained, at the instance of any other party, for putting the bond in suit, the like recovery may be had with costs, but not in the whole to exceed the penalty, and so on as often as necessary.

5. A Sheriff may, and in all cases where necessary the Government may direct him to appoint deputies, but he shall take security for the faithful performance of their duties and their appointment shall be immediately published in a newspaper of the County where the Sheriff resides, and if there be none, then in the Royal Gazette, and such newspaper shall be sufficient evidence of such appointment; but ng

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