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son is apprehended, and may be levied and assessed in the same manner as ordinary County rates and taxes.

7. The warrants mentioned in this Chapter shall respec. tively be according to the Forms in the Schedule.

8. This Chapter shall not abridge the prerogative of the Queen or of the Supreme Court in Equity concerning such insane person, nor prevent any friend from taking him under his care.


(A) To any Constable in the County of .

You are hereby required to apprehend A. B., an insane person, and convey him to the Provincial Lunatic Asylum, there to be kept and dealt with as other inmates of such Asylum, and for so doing this shall be your sufficient warrant. Dated the day of

18 .
C. D. I Justices for the

E. F. ) County of

(B) To any Constable of the County of

You are hereby required to levy of the goods and chattels of , a lunatic conveyed to the Lunatic Asylum from the County of

the sum oftwenty dollars, together with your costs and charges, and the said goods and chattels to sell as by law provided, and the money arising from such sale to pay to the County Treasurer, after deducting your legal fees and expenses, and that you make return to us of your doings under this warrant, as by law directed.-Dated this day of , A. D. 18 .

A. B. / Justices of the Peace for
C. D. ) the County of




Section. 1 What existing Agricultural So. 4 Annual grants to Societies.

cieties may avail themselves of 5 Societies may appoint officers ; provision hereof.

make bye laws, disallowance 2 Incorporation of Societies.

thereof 3 Their object.


Section 6 May not dispose of Stock, &c. for holding same; inay make regu.

less than cost except by auction. lations to preserve good order ; 7 Treasurer of each Society to re. may purchase stock instead of

port to Secretary for Agricul. holding Exhibition.

iure. Warrant for Grant. 12 Appointment of Secretary for 8 Limitation of amount of pre. Agriculture ; salary. miums and salaries.

13 Report on Agriculture to be sub. 9 Exhibition grounds, penalty for · mitted to Legislature. intrusion upon; proviso.

14 What sufficient proof of incorpo 10 Societies subject to control of ration of Agricultural Societies.

Governor in Council. 11 Provincial Exhibitions, powers of Schedule.

Governor in Council relative to

1. All Agricultural Societies (except the Provincial Board of Agriculture) established under the thirty eighth Chapter of the Revised Statutes, passed on the first day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-four, or under any Act of Assembly passed on the said first day of May or since that time, relating to Agriculture or for the encouragement of Agriculture, shall subsist and continue, and be subject to and may avail themselves of the provisions of this Chapter, as fully and effectually to all intents and purposes as if they had been incorporated under this Chapter.

2. Whenever forty persons or more in any of the Counties of this Province shall associate themselves together as an Agricultural Society, and shall subscribe and pay not less than sixty dollars, to be applied for the improvement of agriculture and domestic manufactures, and shall subscribe the declaration (A) in the Schedule hereto, and shall cause a copy of the same to be filed in the Office of the Secretary of the Province, they shall thereupon become a body corporate, by such name as they shall designate, with all the privileges and obligations incident to Corporations by law ; but such privileges shall continue to each Society respectively so long only as it shall consist of forty members or more, and which members shall annually subscribe or raise and pay in as aforesaid the sum of at least sixty dollars in furtherance of the objects of the Society as hereinafter set forth; provided nevertheless, that not more than four such Societies shall be entitled to the benefits and privileges of this Chapter in any one County, and that no Society shall go into operation under the provisions of this Section without the previous sanction of the Governor in Council.


3. The object of such Societies shall be to encourage the production, cultivation and improvement of seeds, vegetables, and fruits; to promote the introduction of improved stock, implements of husbandry, better system of culture mavagement of bees, improvements in farm buildings, farm arrangements, and domestic manufactures; to hold shows, ploughing matches, and exhibitions; to award premiums for excellence; to collect and diffuse information on all subjects connected with agricultural, horticultural and floral puisuits; to solicit and receive donations, and generally by every legitimate means to elevate the agricultural character of their respective districts.

4. The Agricultural Societies already established, as also any other Societies hereafter to be organized under the provisions and requirements of this Chapter, shall be respectively entitled to receive annually, in the manner hereinafter provided, as a bounty, treble the amount of the subscription by them severally so made, raised and paid in, but no County shall be entitled to receive a greater sum in the aggregate than eight hundred dollars in any one year ; and the aggregate sum which any County may be entitled to receive shall be apportioned among the several Societies within the same, where there are more than one, in just proportion, according to the amount of subscription made, raised and paid in by such Societies respectively; but such proportionment shall not prevent any Society from receir. ing the sum of one hundred and eighty dollars; the annual sum to be drawn for each County, where there is but one County Society, shall not exceed six hundred dollars.

5. Every Agricultural Society shall elect such and so many officers, and in case of death, absence, or refusal to serve, elect others in their stead, and make and ordain such byelaws for its government, and the establishment and regulation of its several meetings, and the times and places at which such meetings shall be held, as it may deem expedient for conducting the business of the Society, and for the maintenance of order and the promotion of the objects of the Society, as set forth in the third Section of this Chapter ; a copy of which bye-laws shall be forth with transmitted by the President of the Society making the same, to the Secretary for Agriculture hereinafter mentioned; and the Gover

nor in Council may within twelve months thereafter disallow such bye-laws, or any of them.

6. In the disposal of seeds, stock, implements, or other property imported by any Agricultural Society, such articles shall not be sold for less than the true costs and charges of the same, unless the same shall be sold at public auction, of which at least ten days previous notice shall be given by public advertisement, at which all persons present shall have a right to bid and compete, whether members of the Society or not.

7. The Treasurer of each Agricultural Society, at least once in every year, shall prepare and transmit to the Secretary for Agriculture a detailed statement under oath, which cath any Justice of the Peace is hereby authorized to ad. minister, as near as may be in the form (B) in the Schedule hereto, shewing the amount of income and expenditure of the Society, together with a report of its operations from the time of transmitting the Report immediately preceding; which Report it shall be the duty of the Secretary of thě Society to prepare, with an estimate of the actual state of the land crops, implements, stock, culture, productions and domestic manufactures in the District or County, as the case may be, in the form (C) in the Schedule ; whenever such Account shall have been audited and approved by the Gov. ernor in Council a Warrant shall be issued on the Receiver General of the Province in favor of the Treasurer of such Society for the amount such Society is entitled to by virtue of this Chapter.

8. The amount of premiums to be awarded by each Society in any one year shall not exceed double the amount of the local subscriptions and donations of the Society; the allowance for salaries shall not exceed five per cent. of the local snbscriptions, donations and Provincial allowance yearly.

9. Any Agricultural Society, by its officers, is hereby authorized and empowered to define and lay off bounds for pens and yards, make appropriations in money for cattle shows and exhibitions, and provide suitable places for ploughing matches, and ways and passages towards the same, as may be considered necessary; and no person shall intrude upon such lands, or enter the same, unless in conformity with the rules of such Society, or without the authority or consent of some officer of the Society then present; and any person, after notice, intruding upon or entering such bounds, or violating any of the rules of the Society touching or concerning such bounds, shall forfeit the sum of two dollars, to be recovered before any Justice of the Peace of the County on complaint of any officer of the Society, which,when received, shall be paid over to the County Treasurer for the use of the County; provided that nothing herein contained shall extend, or be construed to extend, to authorize any Agricultural Society to occupy any land without the consent of the owner, or any public highway in such manner as to obstruct the public use thereof.

10. The several Agricultural Societies shall be subject to the supervision and control of the Governor in Council, and shall be accountable thereto, and the Governor in Council may from time to time, by Order in Council, make, alter and rescind rules and regulations for the encouragement of Agri. culture, for the more efficient management of the annual Legislative Grants in favor of Agriculture, and for the bet. ter supervision and control of Agricultural Societies, and such rules and regulations, when published in the Royal Gazette, shall have the force of law.

11. It shall be the duty of the Governor in Council, at such time and place as they shall appoint, either annually, biennially, or triennially, at their option, to hold a Fair or Exhibition (open to competitors from any part of the Province of New Brunswick, the Dominion of Canada, or from other countries, as the Governor in Council may decide), of Agri. culture and Horticulture, floral productions, and domestic manufactures, also new and improved Agricultural Imple. ments; the Premiums on Agricultural Implements to be awarded for excellency of design, or adaptation to the several purposes for which they were made, or by actual trial of such implements, as in the discretion of the Governor in Council, or of a Committee to be appointed by the Governor in Council, may be advisable; and in aid of such Exhibition the sum of one thousand dollars shall be appropriated annually from the Provincial Treasury, and shall be paid out by Warrant on the Receiver General for and towards the expenses of said Exhibitions and the purposes thereof, to such persons as the Governor in Council may direct, and the Governor in Coun

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