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PAGE Spirituous Liquors, Licenses for Sale of,

891-900 Actions cannot be inaintained for liqucrs solid on credit; exception,

895, 896 Application of Chapter,

899 Apprentices, sale of iqrors in, porodiliiel,

896 tavern kewprs, &... His not live, 'rubo ir, or conce:il,

896 Booths, silp is, or w ebis, selfionis proibitel,

.897 Closing of tavern afier leu v'cloch m the evening of each day, &.

898 Constable and policemen, duties of, penalties for neglect, 893 Highways, sale of, upon, prohibited,

657 Licenses, by whom, and to whom granted, 891, 892, 393, 898 what shall revoke,

892 contined to premises for which granted ; exception, 895 when Licenses may not be granted,

899 " Liquors," definition of the term,

897 Lord's Day, sale on, prohibited,

896 Offences, and trial of,

893, 894 Constables and policemen to search out and prosecute

Town Clerk to make diligent enquiry as to violation

of laws, &c.
what shall be evidence of,

894, 895 Rules and regulations, County Council may make, 892, 893

Seamen, penalty for tavern-keeper harbouring, &c.
SPRINGFIELD, Boundaries of Parish of,
Sranley, Boundaries of Parish of,
SratutE LABOUR. See Highways,

653-673 Statute of Frauds, See Frauds.

697-700 Limitations. See Limitation of Real Actions, 721-730

Limitation of Personal Actions, 730-732 Statutes. See Promulgation and Repeal of,

972-974 STEAMBOATS, licenses to sell liquors on

898 Srudholm, Boundaries of Parish of,

66 Summary Convictions,

558-578 Certificate of dismissal of information a bar to subsequent information,

562 Contempt, when Justices may commit for,

568 Conviction, minute of, to be lodged with Clerk of Peace, 562 what informalities not to affect,

565 Costs, person convicted, liable for what,






71 Fees,


PAGE SUMMARY Convictions— Continued. County Treasurers, all fines to be paid to,

566, 567 shall institute proceedings against Justices for neglect to make returns,

567 Distress, provisions regarding Warrants of,


969, 970 Forms,

568-578 County Secretary shall supply, to Justices, gratis, 567 Hearing, and proceedings on,

560-562, 563 adjournment of

563 Imprisonment for penalties, when allowed,

562, 564, 565 limitation of,

565 Informations, and proceedings thereon,

559 in whose name made.

560 shall be laid within six months, may be heard before any Justices of the County, 561 dismissal of,

562 Justice. what acts may be done by one,

565 Penalties, how recovered where no special provission,

558 when order for payment need not be in writing, 561 distress or imprisonment for fines imposed, 562- 564

when collected to be paid to County Treasurer, 566-567 Police Magistrates to have powers of two Justices;

559 Prosecution of party procuring commission of offence,

561 Returns of conviction, Justice to make,

566 penalty for neglect, Police Magistrates of Saint John, Fredericton, and Portland, need not make,

563 Review,

566 Suinmons, issue of,

559 Warrant, when may be issued,

559, 560 of distress, how executed,

563-565 Witnesses, how summoned,

561 SUMMARY proceedings in the Supreine Court,

266-268 Summons in Equity,

395-397 Sunbury, Boundaries of,

58 See Highways,

670 Sunday, sale of liquors on, prohibited,

896 Punishinent for desecrating,

1082 Superintendent of E lucation. See Schools,

593.633 Superior Schools,

6:25 SUPERvisors. See Great Roads,

646-652 Support of the Poor. See Poor.

835-855 Supreme Court in Equity. See Equity.

390, 455





Supreme Court, Proceedings and Practice in, 218–295 Affidavits in answer, in summary proceedings,

266 to hold to bail,

295, 296 Amendments where writ is improperly indorsed,

230 where wrong writ is used,

230 in cases of misjoinder, &c.

247-250 to process or pleadings,

262-264 Appearance,

230 Arbitration,

268-269 Arrest, imprisonment and examination of debtors, 295-308 Writ of Capias,

227-229 shall be endorsed with amount sworn to, 296 Render,

229, 230
Recognizance of Bail,
Commission for examination of witnesses out of the

270-272 Computation of time,

273 Costs and Fees,

275-277 ; 953- 958 when plaintiff not entitled to,

475, 541, 542 Damages, assessment of, by Court or Judge,

252 Sherift's jury, in the nature of interest, when allowed,

254 Death, effect of, on proceedings,

257-260 Declaration, filing of,

231 time and manner of declaring,

234-236 Default, judgment by,

231, 230 offer to suffer judgment by,

255-257 Demurrers,

245, 246 pleading and demurring to same pleading, 239 Documents, inspection of,

267, 268 Court or Judge may require production of, 266 Ejectment, former practice continued,

273 Equitable defences,

245 Examination of witnesses before trial,

269, 272 of witnesses out of the Province,

270-272 of debtors,

298, 301, 335 Executions, Forms of writs, &c.: (Schedule A),

277-282 pleas, &c., (Schedule B),

283-287 judgment rolls posteas, &c., (Schedule C), 287-291 in Replevin, (Schedule D),

291-295 Indorsements on writs, if irregular may be amended,

230 Initials,

264 149








Interest on judgments,

254 when may be allowed as damages by Jury,

254 Interpleading,

264-266 Joinder of causes of action,

232 Misnomer, mis.joinder and non-joinder, 247-250 Judgments on specially indorsed writs, where all the defendants do not appear,

232 by default,

231 by default, when final,

250 and writs of inquiry, .

250-255 arrest and setting aside of,

251 final, on verdict,

return of writ of inquiry,
memorials of,
interest on,

254 against joint debtors where all not served,

254 offer to suffer, by default,

255-257 revival of, against persons not parties to record, 260 Juries. See Juries,

360_371 Loss of negotiable instruments, Marriage, effect of, on actions,

259 Misnomer, mis joinder and non-joinder of parties,

247-250 Particulars,

246 Pleas and subsequent pleadings,

236-245 dilatory,

245 rules of pleading,

241-245 pleading and demurring at the same time,

239 in abatement for misnomer not allowed,

247 replication to plea of non-joinder,

249, 731 Postea, Proceedings and Practice, former continued where no special provision,

277 Proviso, trial by,

250 Render,

229,230 Replevin,

273-275 Revival of judgments,

260 Rules of Court,

277 Scire Facias,

261, 262 Set-off,

238 Side bar Rules for return of writs,

272 Special cases,

266 Summary applications and proceedings,



PAGE SUPREME COURT—Continued. Summons, Writ of,

223-227 in case of absentees,

226, 227 if wrong form used, may be amended,

230 when may be specially indorsed,

223 Trials, Judgments, &c.

250_255 Witnesses, examination of, before trial,

269-272 by commission, when,

270-272 in custody, may be brought up for examination, 271 Writs of Capias,

::27-229 Inquiry,

250-255 Scire Facias,

261, 262 Summons,

223-227 SUPREME Court, Reporter of the

210 Terms of the

211 SURGEONS, Physicians and

739 Survey and Exportation of Lumber,

1038-1050 SURVEY OF LAND,

173-177 Damaged Goods,

1053 SURVEYORS OF Dams, appointinent of,

776 See Dams and Sluiceways,

905-907 Grindstones, appointment of,

776 Lumber, appointment of,

1039 Roads, appointment of,

776 See Highways,

653-673 Suspension BRIDGES. See Great Roads,

650 Sussex, Boundaries of Parish of,

65 Parish of, Civil Court, Swors, definition of term,



363 891-900

TALESMEN. See Juries,
Tavern KEEPERS. See Spirituous Liquors,
Taxes on unimproved Granted Lands for

certain purposes,
Taxes on unimproved Granted Lands in York,

See Rates and Taxes,
TEAcuers, duties of. See Schools,
Tenancy in common, joint tenancy and
Tenant. See Landlord and Tenant,
Texants in common and joint tenants, when possession of

some not possession of all, Terms of the Supreme Court

County Courts, TERMS, interpretation of, &c.

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