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Saint Croix. Boundaries of Parish of,
Saint DAVID, Boundaries of Parish of,
Saint Francis, Boundaries of Parish of,
Saint George, Boundaries of Parish of,
Saint Hilaire, Boundaries of Parish of,
Saint JACQUES, Boundaries of Parish of,
Saint James, Boun laries of Parish of,
Saint Joux, Boundaries of City,

Boundaries of City and County,
Saint John City Court,

507–518 Abandonment of part of claim or set-off,

514 Alias and pluries Writs, At:achment against the body, and service,

509-511 Bail,—Putting in-Liability of,

509, 510 to the Limits, Constitution of Court,

507 Damages, assessment of, Executions,

515-517 Fees,

964, 965 Forms,

517, 318 Judgments, how proved,

514 execution for amount of, and interest, may issue within three years,

515 Particulars,

511, 512 Proceedings same as in Justices' Courts where no spe.

cial provision, Render,

510, 511, 517 Review,

517, 542-544 Summons, and service,

508, 509 Trial of cause, and proceedings on trial,

512-514 Witnesses may be subpænaed,

512 sick or about to leave the County, depositions of, 515 Saint John, Civil Jurisdiction of the Police Magistrate of,

519 Saint John, City, Management of Schools in,

626-631 Punishment of vagrancy in,

1080, 1081 Saint John, City and County, Alnishouse and Work house for, .

838-840 Board of Health for,

883-887 Marsh Lanıts in,

939-946 Saint John Suspension Bridge. See Great Roads,

650 652 Saint LEONARD, Boundaries of Parish of, Saint Louis, Boundaries of Parish of,









PAGE Saint Martins, Boundaries of Parish of, Saint Mary, Boundaries of Parish of, Saint Mary's, Bonndaries of Parish of, Saint PATRICK, Boundaries of Parish of, Saint STEPHEN, Boundaries of Parish of, Management of Schools in Town of,

631-633 Sale, Registry of Bills of,

695-697 of Spirituous Liquors regulated,

891-900 Sales of Goods, when valid, LIME, Regulation of,

1052 SALISBURY, Boundaries of Parish of,

Parish of, Civil Court, Salt Mines,

177 SAUMAREZ, Boundaries of Parislı of,

79 School Lands vested in County Council for benefit of Schools, Schools,

593-633 Accommodation for, what required,

613, 614 Actions against Trustees or Secretary,

623 limitation and notice of,

623 general issue in,

623 Assessment. County,

599-603 district,

603-610, 621-6:23 appeal from,

625, 626 warrant for County,

633 Assessors' duties regarding assessment for School purposes,

604-610 penalty for neglect of duty, Audit of Trustees' Accounts,

624 Board of Education, constitution and powers of,

595, 596 Chief Superintendent, appointment and salary of, 594, 595

duties of,
Clerk of Superintendent, appointment and salary of,

County Secretary, luties of, in regard to assess.
ment for School purposes,

599-610, 621-623 County Treasurer, duties of, in regard to assessment for School purposes,

600, 601 Debentures, issue of, by School districts,

616 by Saint John and Fredericton, for School purposes,

628, 629 by Incorporated Towns,

832 District, the School,

616-614 Evidence of the boundaries of School Districts,

597 proceedings of Boards of Trustees for Incorporated Towns,

627, 631






Schools Continued.
Fredericton, management of Schools in,

Grammar Schools, Trustees of, may unite with
Trustees of district,

633 Incorporated Towns, management of Schools in, 631-633 Inspectors, appointment of,

595 duties of,

597, 598 Judgments against Trustees, how satisfied,

623 Lands for School purposes, when and how taken,

617,618 Libraries, Milltown, management of Schools in,

631-633 Moncton, management of Schools in,

632 Non Sectarian, all Schools to be,

633 Penalties against Assessors for neglect of duty,

606 against Trustees or Secretary for improperly withholding money, &c.

626 and forfeitures, now collected,

626 Poor Districts, aid to, Portland, management of Schools in,

631-633 Provincial aid to,

598, 599 Saint John, management of Schools in,

626-631 Saint Stephen, management of Schools in,

631-633 School houses owned in shares, when may be sold,

626 Meetings,

611-613 Secretary of Trustees, appointment of, bond to be given by,

620, 621 when “ Collcetor" shall be taken to include Secretary,

623 Superior Schools,

625 Support, mode of,

598 Aid to Poor Districts,

610 County assessment,

599-603 District assessment,

603-610, 621-623 Provincial aid,

598, 599 Teachers, duties of, Terms, construction of,

594, 595, 633 Trustees, their term of office, qualification and corporate rights,

614-616 duties and powers with respect toschool property,

616-618 schools, school teachers, books, &c.

618, 619 their organization,

620, 621 assessment and collection of rates,

603-610, 621-623 reports and calling meetings,

623, 624 Woodstock, management of Sohools in,



624 896

727 593_633


PAGE Schools, Grammar,

633, 1021-1038 Schools, Reformatories and Industrial

633-641 SCIRE Facias. See Supreme Court,

261, 262 SEAMen, penalty against tavern-keeper for harbouring, SEAS, what not deemed absence beyond, SECRETARY of School Trustees. See Schools, SECRETARY-TREASURER, Appointment of,

775 See County Secretary. Security, the term implies that it is sufficient,

950 Senate of the University,

583, 584 SEPARATE Property of Married Women,

683-685 Sessions, Powers of, transferred to County Councile,

787 Property ard rights transferred to County Councils, 791 Set-off in Actions in Supreme and County Courts,

Saint John City, Justices', and other
Local Courts,

537, 545, 546 when barred by Statute of Limitations,

731 Settlement of Crown Lands,

166-168 Settlement of the Poor,

856-863 Sewers and Marsh Lands,

922–946 Albert, division of marsh lands, and election of Commissioners in,

923-927 Bye roads through marsh lands,

929 Commissioners of Sewers, appointment of, by Governor in Council,

922 for Queen's, by County Council, of Missiguash Commissioners, by Governor in Council,

930 election of, by proprietors in Westmorland and

Albert, 924-926

Parish of Sackville, 927-929 powers and duties of,

931-936 Commissioners of Sewers for certain marsh lands in Saint John,

939–946 appointment of, for Great Marsh,

939 for marsh lanıls in Lancaster,

943 powers and duties of,

939-944 Fees,

972 Lancaster, provisions regarding marsh lands in the Parish of,

943, 944 Missiguash Commissioners of Sewers,

930 Queen's County, appointment of Commissioners of

Sewers for,
Sackville, division of marsh lands, and election of
Commissioners in the Parish of,

927-929 Westmorlend, Comwinlonoro in,




[blocks in formation]

Suediac, Boundaries of Parish of,
Sheep, Protection of,
Sueffield, Boundaries of Parish of,
Sheriff, Office of,

Appointment_Term of office_Bond-Deputies,
Conveyance of persons under arrest,
Coroner included in the term Sheriff,
Deed from Sheriff under Fi. Fa.

execution for taxes,
Duties regarding Elections. See Elections,

Juries. See Juries,

Rates and Taxes,
Fees and remuneration,

See Fees,
Liability of Sheriff for retaining money,

breach of duty in executing Fi. Fa.
Residence of Sheriff,
Ship, definition of term,
SHIPPAGAN, Boundaries of Parish of,
Shire Towxs.
SIMONDS (Carleton), Boundaries of Parish of,
SIMONDS (St. John), Boundaries of Parish of,
SLAUGHTER Houses in Saint John. See Public Health,

See Dams, Sluiceways, and Fishways,
Small Debt Court of Fredericton,
SNIPE. See Protection of certain Birds and Animals,
SOCIETIES, Agricultural,
Solemnization of Marriage,

Offences against the Law of Marriage,
SOUTHAMPTON, Boundaries of Parish of,
Speaker of liu3? of Assambly, 08:of,

resignation of,

shall issuu warrant in case of vacancy in Asseinbly, SPECIAL Cases in the Supreme Court,

Constables. See Constables.
Juries. See Juries,

Fees on striking,



905, 906

1079 521-523 915_918 192-199

702 680-683



146, 147

122 122

266 416, 417



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