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PAGE PROBATE, Court of_Continued. Witnesses, how summoned, penalty for disobedience,

491 Commission for examination of,

495 Proceedings and Practice in the Supreme Court. See Supreme Court,

218-295 PROCLAMATIONS, &c., proof of,

375 PROMISES, when to be in writing,

698 PROMISSORY Notes. See Bills, Notes, and Choses in Action, 1064

when loss of, cannot be set up as a defence, 268, 538 Promulgation and Repeal of Statutes,

972–1010 Acts may be altered or repealed during Session in which they are passed,

973 are not revived except by express enactment, All Acts to be public, Copies of Acts, &c., printed by Queen's Printer, to be evidence of such Acts,

972 Date of passing to be endorsed on all Acts,

972 Effect of repeal of Acts,

973, 974 The Consolidated Statutes,

974-976 Schedule of Repealed Acts,

976-1010 Property of Married Women,

683-685 PROPERTY, definition of term,

797, 948 PROPRIETORS of Islands, Regulations amony,

921, 922 Protection of Persons acting under any Act of the Legislature,

735 Protection of Justices,

736, 737 Protection of Constables,

738 Protection of Bitter and Che-se Manufacturers, 743 Protection of Sheep.

914 Frotection of Certain Birds and Animals, 915-919 Provincial Revenues and Accounts,

148_156 Auditing of,

150-153 Expenditure and Accounting,

153-156 Fees, what, to be Public Revenue,

153 Public Officers, security to be giren by,

149 Receiver General,

149, 153, 154 Public Grants may be written on paper, Pablic Health,

881-891 Boatis of Health, Constitution Powers-Duties, 883-891

for the City and County of St. John, 883-887 City of Fredericton,

887-889 Town of Woodstook;

882-890 fpecial Domitis of Hbalti


Public Health— Continued.
General provisions regarding vacciration, the removal

of nuis inces, and preventing the spread of in-
fectious diseases,

852, 883, 890, 891

[blocks in formation]

QUAKERS, Solemnizition of Marriage between,
Qualification of Judges in certain cases,

When Judges or Justices of the Peace not lisqualified

by reason of interest, Qualification of Legislative Councillors,

Members of the Assembly,

County Councillors, Queen's, Boundaries of County,

Appointment of Commissioners of Sewers in,

See Highways,
Queen's Counsel,- Appointment- Prece lence,
QueensBURY, Boundaries of Parish of,

[blocks in formation]

RAILWAY COMPANIES to provide against accident to

travellers at crossings,
not subject to Winding up Act,
may not obstruct navigation of

internal waters, Rates and Taxes,

Appeals to Valuators against valuation of property,
Application of Chapter,
Assessment of Real Estate,

of personal property,
of incomes,
warrant of,
when not illegal,
when excess in, may be omitted,
waen errors in, may be corrected,
party aggrieved by, to notify Assessors of

grounds of objections,
when party aggrieved by, not entitled to

powers of Court to abend,
when to be paid after correction,

may include several rates,
Certiorari to remove any rate, and proceedings on,
Clerk of the Peace to advise Assessors as to legality

of rate,
Collection of rates,

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PAGE Rates and Taxes_Continued. Collector of Rates, liability for neglect of luty,

818 Conpensation to O’licers,

820 Construction of Terins,

797 County valuation,

805-808 Defaulters' list, posting of,

818 Execution for non-payıner t of Taxes,

813, 819 Exeinptions,


970 Fines and penalties, how applied,

829 Forins,

829-348 General provisions,

820-829 shall apply to all rates by whatever authority assessed,

829 Incidence of taxation,

799 Penalties against Justices, Constable, and Collectors, for neglect of duty,

816-819 against Assessors and Valuators for not filing assement roll,

811 Taxes, apportionment of,

799 Valuation of property and incomes,

798 Valuators, appointment and duties of,

805-809, 811 Warrant of Assessment,

804 for sale of real estate,

814 REAL Actions, Limitation of,

721-730 Real Estate, definition of term generally,

948 in Chapter of “ Wills,"

707 “Rates and Taxes,"

797 Assessment of. See Rates and Taxes,

799-801 Distribution of. See Intestate Estates,

707-709 Receiver GENERAL, duties of, regarding Revenues, &c.

149, 153 RECOGNIZANCES, when transmitted to Clerks of Circuits,


of County Courts, See Criminal Law,

1086, 1087 Recorder of Saint John, jurisdiction of, in cases of arrest, &c. 303 Records. &c., Proof of, by copies or exemplifications,

373, 374 Reference, Proceedings on,

417-419 Reformatories and Industrial Schools,

633-641 Registrar of Deeds, &c. See Registry of Deeds,

686 Attachment,

318, 326 Partnerships,

747 Fees,

967 Registry of Bills of Sale,








Registry of Deeds and other Instruments, 696-695 Construction of words “grant, bargain and sell,"

692 Conveyance, &c, excepting leases for three years, shall

be registered, proof of execution of, before registry, 688, 689 proof of, by declaration or affirmation, when allowed,

639 Evidence, indorsement by Registrar on conveyance, &c.. shall be evidence of registry,

690 registered conveyance to be admissible in, 691, 691 certified copies of registry of conveyances,

wills, &c., when admissible in 690, 692, 694, 695
Livery of seisin not necessary in case of registered Deeds, 690
Married woman, proof of execution of conveyance by,
Mortgages, discharge of,

tacking of, not allowed,
Partition of Lands, form and registry of Memorial,

693 Power of Attorney to cenvey lands, to be registered, Registrar of Deeds, appointment of,

686 shall number conveyances in the order received, 687 shall mark thereon date of receipt,

690 Wills, Registry of,

687, 688 when certified copy of registry of, admissible in evidence,

691, 692 when certified copy of, may be registered,

693 deposited in Courts out of this Province, when

exemplification of, may be registered, 694, 695 Witnesses to conveyances, &c., may be subpænaed to prove execution,

693 Registry Of Ships, proof of, Regulation of Sales of Lime,

1052 Regulations among Proprietors of Islands, 921, 9:22 REGULATIONS, &c., power to make includes power to alter, &c.

947 Religion, Offences against,

1082 Render in actions in the Supreme Court,

229, 230 ('ounty Courts,

469 Saint John City Court,

510, 511 Justices' Courts,

536 wbere defendant is confined to gaol liinits,

309 in Bastardy proceedings,

865, 866 in criminal cases,

1086, 1087 Rest, distress for, and proceedings thereon.

712, 713 REPLEVIN, action of, in Supreme Court,

273-275 County Court,

273-275, 471


[blocks in formation]

Replevin, Forms in,

where cattle are impounded,

See Fees,
REPLICATION. See Supreme Court,

Reporter of the Supreme Court,
REPRESENTATIONS regarding credit, &c., when action may be

brought on,
REPRESENTATIVES, Personal. See Probate Court,

Intestate Estates,
RESTIGOUCHE, Boundaries of,
Revenues of Province from Canada,

and Accounts, Provincial,

Territorial and Casual,
Review from Saint John City Court,

Justices' Courts,
Police Magistrates', Parish, or Local Courts,

(See under title of Court.)
in cases of Summary Convictions,

costs on, Revisors. See Elections, Revival of Judgments,

suits in Equity,
RICHIBUCTO, Boundaries of Parish of,
RICHMOND, Boundaries of Parish of,
Riot. See Criminal Law,
Rivers, Railway Companies may not obstruct navigation of,
Road, definition of term,
Roads. See Great Roads,


Tuxes on unimproved granted Lands,
Roman Catholics, Relief of,
ROTHESAY, Boundaries of Parish of,
Rout. See Criminal Lar,
RULES, &c., power to make includes power to alter, &c.


966 89-90





1084 1079

949 642-652 653-673 673-678


68 1084 947

896 1082


SABBATH, sale of liquors on the, prohibited,

punishment for desecrating the, SACKVILLE, Boundaries of Parish of,

Marsh Lands in. See Sewers and Marsh Lands,
Saint ANDREWS, Boundaries of Parish of,
Saint Ann's, Boundaries of Parish of,
Saint Basil, Boundaries of Parish of,






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