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Licensing of Auctioneers,

739-741 Lien of Watchmakers and Jewellers,

742, 743 LIGHT, Right of, cannot be acquired by prescription, Lime, Regulation of sales of,

1052 Limitation of Personal Actions,

730-732 Abatement, when plea of, shall be found for Plaintiff,

731 Acknowledgment, what, necessary to take case out of Statute,

731 Bank notes, no limitation to action on,

732 Limitation of actions upon judgments, bonds, &c.

given by Statute or for penalties, 730 for assault, battery, &c.

730 in other cases, against joint debtors, when parties under disability, where suit abates,

731 where suit survives to representatives, 732 when judgment is arrested, &c.

731 for injuries causing death,

733 against Justices of the Peace, Constables,

738 Parish and County Officers, 788

School Trustees or their Sec*ý, by or against Exécutors for trespasses to real estate, &c.

498 Set off, this Chapter applies to,

731 LIMITATION of prosecutionsfor peralties, &c. where no special provision,

730 under Chapter relating to Elections to General Assembly,

Trespasses to lands, &c. of

the Crown,
Summary Convictions,

under the law relating to Survey and Exportation of

1048 Limitation of Real Actions,

721, 730 Actions for recovery of lands, what, may be brought,

729 when absolutely barred,

726 Construction of terme,

721, 722 Entry, when right of, accrues,

722, 730 Equity, same rules to apply to suits in,'

rule as to acquiescence not affected, Limitation of actions for recovery of lands,

on behalf of the Crown,

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69 790


LIMITATION of Real Actions - Continued.
Limitation of actions where claimant under a disability, 726

for recovery of moneys secured
by lands, &c.

729, 730
by oestui que trust against trustee, &r.
in cases of concealed fraud,

727 to redeem lands, to foreclose mortgages,

729, 730 for arrears of dower,

730 Seas, what deemed absence beyond,

727 Tenants in common and joint tenants, when possession of one not the possession of all,


744-746 LIMITS, Gaol,

308, 309 LINCOLN, Boundaries of Parish of, LINEs, provisions regarding the running of Parish, LIQUORS, definition of term,

897 See Spirituous Liquors,

891-900 LIVERY of Seisin, when not necessary, Local Courts,

526_528 Abandonment of part of claim or set-off,

527 Costs and Fees,

527, 963, 964, 966 Jurisdiction,

526, 527 Police Magistrates, &c., appointment of with civil jurisdiction-Oath of,

526, 527 Proceedings, &c., the same as in Justices' Courts,

527 Review,

527, 542-544 The Parish of Sussex Civil Court,

Newcastle Civil Court,
Salisbury Civil Court,

528 Bathurst Civil Court,

528 Town of Moncton Civil Court,

528 Logs. See Survey of Lumber,

1038_1050 Lord's Day, sale of liquors on, prohibited,

896 punishment for desecrating,

1082 LORNE, Boundaries of Parish of,

75 Loss of negotiable instruments, when may not be set up as a


268 in Justices' Courts,

538 Lotteries. See Criminal Law,

1082, 1088 LUDLOW, Boundaries of Parish of, LUNDER, definition of term,

949 Survey and exportation of,

1038-1950 Trespaşsies to,

1050 1060




Lunacy, Proceedings in Equity,
Lunatic Asylum and its Management,
Luxatics. See Dangerous Lunatics,

Intestate Estates,


428-430 187-189, 1019

190-192 707-709






MADAWASKA, Boundaries of County of,

Boundaries of Parish of,
MAGISTRATEs. See Civil Jurisdiotion of Police Magistrate of

Saint John,
Justices' Civil Courts,

532-556 Local Courts,

526-528 Summary Conviotions,

558-578 Malicious Injuries to Property. See Poison, MANDATORY INJUNCTIONS,

398 MANNERS SUTTON, Boundaries of Parish of, MARINERS, Wills of,

702 Tavern-keepers may not harbour,

898 MARRIAGE. Agreements in consideration of, to be in writing,

698 Certificate of, to be transmitted to Clerk of the Peace, 1083 Effect of, in suits by or against women,

259 Revocation of Will by,

703 Punishment of Offences against the Law of, Solemnization of

880-683 by unauthorized person, penalty, . 1083 between minors without consent of parent, &c., penalty,

1083 Married Women the Property of,

683-685 Right of dower of,

685, 686 Proof of execution of conveyance by, Marsh Lands in the City and County of Saint John,

939-946 See Sewers and Marsh Lands,

922-928 MASTER, definition of term,

948 of vessel may not harbour apprentices,

679 MATRIMONIAL Causes, Court of Divorce and

455-461 MAUGERVILLE, Boundaries of Parish of, Meadow LANDS, Action for injuries to,

734, 735 See Sewers and Marsh Lands,

922-928 Measurement of Firewood and Bark,

1050-1052 MEASURERS of Wood and Bark, appointment ot,

776 MEETINGS of County Councils,

774, 775 MEMORANDUH of Association, Incorporation by,



70 424 4:6, 693

PAGE Memorials and Executions,

382_389 of ju igments in the Supreme Court,

252, 382 . County Court,

382, 475 of decrees and orders in Equity,

411, 412, 414 of foreclosure, of partition, of admeasurement of dower,

436 against habitual drunkards,

442-445 Registry,

382-384 See Registry of Deeds, dc.

686_695 Milk supplied to manufacturers of butter, &c., penalty for adulteration of,

743 Milltowx, Management of Schools in,

631-633 Mines and Minerals,

177-179 MINING LEA8B3 and Mill Reserves, escheat of,

180 Mink. See Protection of Certain Animals,

915-918 Minors and Apprentices,

678-680 Assessment of property of, in lieu of Statute labour,

660 See Infants. MisDirection, it is not, for Judge to express his opinion of the construction of Foreign Statutes, &c.

376, 1093 MISJOINDER of parties, effect of,

247-250 MISNOMER, no plea in abatement for, MISSIGUASH Commissioners of Sewers,

930 Monoton, Boundaries of Parish of,

84 Management of Schools in Town of,

632-633 Town of, Civil Court, Moose. See Protection of Certain Animals,

915-918 MORTGAGED Real Estate, assessment on. See Rales and Taces, 800 MORTGAGEE may make Mortgagor's tenant his tenant, MORTGAGES, discharge of. See Registry of Deeds, Foreclosure of,

421-425 Limitation of suit for foreclosure,

729, 730 to redeeni,

728 Tacking af, not allowed, Municipalities,

757-794 Actions against Parish or County Officers, .

788-789 Limitation of,

788 Notice of to be given,

788 Plea of general issue in, Assessments for contingencies,

789, 790 ::· for County Buildings, . . Bye Laws, powers of Council to make,

84.788 certain, continued




714 692





Contracts by County Council, how signed,

789 Councillors, qualification and election of,

762-773 Incidents of office,

773 County Accounts,

780-783 Council, constitution of,

760-762 Meetings of,

774, 775 Incorporation,

760 Officers,

775, 776 Property,

790-792 Election of Councillors,

763-773 where several polling listricts are established, 769-771 first election in Counties not heretofore incorporated,

771, 772 in new or divided Parishes,

772, 773 Evidence, proof of bye-laws,

788 appointment of Parish or County Officers, 781

proceedings of County Council, Forms,

792-794 General provisions,

788-790 Incorporation of County,

760 Legal proceedings by or against County Councils, 791-792 Meetings of County Council,

774-775 Officers, County,

775, 776 Parish,

776-780 Parish lines, running of,

790 Qualification of Councillors,

762 Salaries of Clerk of the Peace and County Oficers,

789 Sessions, powers of transferred to County Council,

787 property and rights of, transferred, Warden and Councillors, incidents of office,

773 MUSQUASH, Boundaries of Parish of,




1079 269, 528


NAVIGATION of the River Saint John,

internal waters,
NEGOTIABLE Instruments, loss of, when no defence,
Nelson, Boundaries of Parish of,
New Bandon, Boundaries of Parish of,
NĘw BRUNSWICK, Boundaries of,

Constitution of Legislature,
Electoral Districts and Election to

House of Commons,
Exclusive powers of Legislature of,

4, 46, 52, 56


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