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mark or scribe thereon the superficial contents, private mark of Surveyor, and initials of the purchaser's name; and such marking and scribing shall be made on the space so stripped of the bark; and no Surveyor shall be entitled to any fee or reward for the survey of any log unless the said scribing or marking shall have been made on the wood and not merely on the bark of the log.

31st VICTORIA-CHAPTER 14. An Act in addition to and in amendment of Chapter 96, Title xvii, of the Revised Statutes, 'Of the Sui vey and Exportation of Lumber.

Passed 23rd March 1868. Be it enacted, fc.—That every Surreyor of Lumber shall keep a record of the marks of all Lumber surveyed by him; and shall, in addition to the accounts required to be given by him by Section three of Chapter 96, Title xvii, of the Revised Statutes, 'Of the Survey and Exportation of Lumber,' give to the owner of such lumber, when required so to do, a true account in writing of the number, length and dimensions of the sereral pieces of any such lot of lumber so surveyed, marked with any particular or distinguishing marks.

35th VICTORIA--CHAPTER 5. An Act in amendinent of Chapter 96, Title XVII, of the Revised

Statutes, 'Of the Survey and Exportation of Lumber.' Section.

Section. 1. Assistant to be sworn to the faith: 2. Prosecutions, when commenced; ful performance of his duty. Penalties, how applied.

Passed 11th April 1872. WHEREAS it is desirable that Surveyors of Lumber should bave power to swear their Assistants to the faithfuldischarge of their respective duties:

Be it therefore enacted, fc.--1. From and after the passing of this Act, every Surveyor of Lumber appointed under the second Section of Chapter 96, Title xvii, of the Revised Statutis, 'Of the Survey and Exportation of Lumber,' shall, before he allows any Assistant employed by him to enter upon the performance of his duties, administer to such Assistant the following oath, which oath such Surveyor is hereby authorized to administer :

“I [name the Assistant) do swear that I will faithfully, honestly, and truly, to the best of my ability, assist (name of Surveyor who employs Assistant) in the performance and discharge of his duties as a Surveyor of Lumber; that I am of the full age of fourteen years; and that I will not directly or indirectly do any wilful act, whereby such Surveyor shall or may be caused to make an untrue or incorrect measurement of the number or dimensions of any lumber submitted to his inspection."

And no Surveyor of Lumber shall employ or allow any Assistant to enter upon the performance of his duties unless he shall have first taken such oath, under a penalty of one hundred dollars for each aud every offence.

2. All prosecutions for penalties hereunder shall be commenced within the time, and all penalties hereunder shall, when recovered, be applied in the manner referred to by the thirteenth Section of the said Chapter of the Revised Statutes in the case of prosecutions and penalties thereunder.


Section. 1 Mode of measuring firowool and 2 Regulation of vehicles for carrybark.

ing same.

3 Penalties. 1. All Firewood and Bark when bought or sold by meaurement, shall be measured by the cord, which shall be eight feet in length, four feet in breadth, and four feet four inches in height; or if measured in a vehicle, at the rate of one quarter of a cord to each load, such load shall measure four feet in length, two feet and nine inches on an average in breadth, and three feet and three inches in height.

2. Every vehicle used for the measurement and carriage aforesaid, shall be provided with stakes on each side, placed 80 as to leave two feet eight inches in width between the foremost stakes, and two feet ten inches in width between the

two hindmost stakes ; such stakes shall be three feet three inches in height from the floor of such vehicle, and no more, shouldered with a band of iron round the part which enters the mortice, and the mortice cased with iron; within two feet nine inches from the floor of such vehicle shall be an iron chain across the same, from one stake to the opposite one, to prevent their spreading: And such wood or bark shall be well stowed, and no bigher than the tops of the stakes ; and the upper surface of the wood or bark shall be level.

3. Ifany such vehicle shall not be in all respects according to the above requirements, or if firewood or bark shall be placed or measured on the same otherwise than is herein described, the owner or driver of such vehicle shall, for every time the same shall be so used, forfeit the sum of five shil. lings, to be appropriated one half to the Orerseers of the Poor where the offence is committed, and the other half to the prosecutor.


An Act in addition to Chapter 93, Title XVII, of the Revised Statutes,

"Of the measurement of Firewood and Bark.' Section.

Section. 1 Mode of measuring Firewood and 2 Regulation of vehicles for carBark.

riage of.
3 Penalties.

Passerl 23rd April 1862 Be it enacted, &c.—That every vehicle used for the mea. surement and carriage of Wood and Bark, in addition to the requirements of Chapter 93, Title xvii, of the Revised Statutes, 'Of the measurement of Firewood and Bark,' shall be furnished with a straight cross-bar of wood or iron, which said cross-bar shall be attached to two of the stakes of said vehicle, one on each side, by a hasp of iron at each end of the said cross-bar, fitting over a staple on each of the said stakes, and secured by an iron bolt passing through each of the said staples over the said hasps, in such a manner that the bottom of the said cross-bar shall be firmly fixed parallel with the floor of the said rehicle, and at a distance of three feet three inches therefrom, under a penalty of twenty shil. lings for each and every violation of this Act.

2. No load of wood on any of the said vehicles shall be piled higher than to touch the bottom of the said cross-bar, and the said cross-bar shall be fastened down and secured in its proper place on the top of each load as hereinbefore described, before the said vehicle shall leave the side of the boat or ressel from which the said vehicle has received its load, under a penalty not exceeding twenty shillings for each and every offence.

3. The penalties imposed by this Act shall be applied in the same way and manner and for the same purpose as provided by the third Section of the Act of which this is an amendment.



Section. 1 Lime hogsheads, what to contain, 2 Shipping Lime for exportation &c. ; penalty.

contrary hereto; penalty. 1. Every hogshead made for the purpose of carrying lime shall contain at least one hundred gallons, and every half hogshead at least fifty gallons, with the name of the mannfacturer branded on the head; and if any person shall make any hogshead or half hogshead of a smaller size, or shall neglect to brand the same before the lime is put in, he shall for every offence forfeit the sum of five shillings.

2. If any person shall ship for exportation on board of any vessel, or sell any lime in hogsheads or half hogsheads of a smaller size, or not branded, such person and the master of the vesselshall each forfeit the sum of five shillings for every hogshead or half hogshead so sold or shipped; but lime may be packed for sale or exportation in casks of a smaller size, if their contents have been ascertained by a sworn gauger, and marked thereon.



Section. 1 Damaged goods, when and how 2 Compensatior to Master and sold; proceedings.


3 Penalty for violation. 1. All damaged goods, sold on account of the insurers, or persons interested, shall, upon the first unlading thereof, or as soon thereafter as they are discovered to be damaged, be surveyed by a Shipmaster unconnected with the vessel, and one or more of the Wardens of the Port, who shall determine if they have been properly stowed ; the sale shall be made after twenty four hours public notice thereof, in their presence, at public auction, in the most public and contenient place, between the hours of eleven in the morning and three in the afternoon, which shall only be of goods really damaged,and in such quantities at a time as they shall think best for the interest of the parties; and the person who orders the sale shall at the time produce the original invoice of such goods as he shall direct to be sold, unless he make oath that no such invoice has come to hand, and the Master or Wardens shall give a certificate of the facts.

2. The Master and Wardens shall each receive seven shillings and six pence a day for their services, and five shillings shall be paid for every certificate, by the person at whose request the sale is made.

3. If any Auctioneer, Master, or Warden, violate any of the provisions of this Chapter, he shall forfeit the sum of twenty pounds for every offence, to be paid to the Treasurer of the County where the offence was committed. If any person shall make any sale of damaged goods,or any demand for a loss, without complying with the provisions of this Chapter, he shall forfeit double the value of the goods.

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