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Administrative procedure.
State vocational education programs.
Research and training, exemplary, and curriculum development programs

in vocational education.
Federal financial assistance for planning and evaluation.
Hearings in connection with school construction and financial assistance

in Federally impacted areas. Financial assistance for construction of public elementary and secondary

schools affected by certain disasters. Financial assistance for current school expenditures of local educational

agencies affected by certain disasters. Federal assistance under Public Law 815, 81st Congress, as amended, in

construction of minimum school facilities in areas affected by Federal

activities. Financial assistance for current expenditures of local educational agencies

in areas affected by Federal activities and arrangements for free public

education of certain children residing on Federal property. Financial assistance to meet the special educational needs of educationally

deprived children. Financial assistance for school library resources, textbooks, and other instruc

tional materials.
Supplementary educational centers and services.
Federal financial assistance for strengthening State departments of edu-

Grants to states for the education of handicapped children.
Financial assistance for bilingual education programs.
Financial assistance for demonstration projects for reducing the number of

school dropouts.
Centers and services for deaf-blind children.

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Financial assistance for public library services, public library construction,

interlibrary cooperation, and specialized state library services. College library resources program under Title 11-A, Higher Education Act

of 1965, as amended. Grants for training in librarianship. Financial assistance for strengthening instruction in academic subjects in

public schools. Loans to private non-profit schools for strengthening instruction in academic

Guidance and counseling, and testing; identification and encouragement of

able students—State programs.
National defense student loan program.
National defense graduate fellowship program.
National desense foreign language fellowships.
Procedures and criteria for resolving questions involving moral character

or loyalty of applicants for and holders of NDEA Fellowships.
Production and distribution of captioned films for the deaf.
Federal financial assistance for research and research related activities in the

field of education and for construction of national and regional research

Upward Bound.
Follow through program.
Training program under Manpower Development and Training Act of

Financial assistance for adult education programs.
Financial assistance for construction of higher education facilities.
Financial assistance for acquisition of equipment to improve undergraduate

instruction in institutions of higher education.
Financial assistance for community service and continuing education

programs. College work-study program. Federal, State, and private programs of low-interest loans to vocational

students and students in institutions of higher education. Federal, State, and private programs of low-interest loans and direct federal

loans to vocational students. Desegregation of public education. Emergency school assistance program.

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State, and private institutions of histerest loans and


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Subpart A-Grants to Land-Grant

101.3 Forms for reports from land-grani

Colleges and Universities Sec. 101.1 Purposes for which grants are made. 101.2 Manner in which funds are channeled

to the States.

colleges and universities. 101.4 Withholding of grants.

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 101 issued under 26 Stat. 417, as amended; 7 U.S.C. 321-329; sec. 204, Reorg. Plan No. 1 of 1939; 3 CFR, 1943 Cum. Supp., sec. 6, Reorg Plan No. 1 of 1953; 3 CFR, 1953 Supp.

SOURCE: The provisions of this part 101 colleges and universities for their annual appear at 11 F.R. 177A-545, Sept. 11, 1946, reports to the ofice: unless otherwise noted. Redesignated at 13 F.R. 8785, Dec. 80, 1948.

8-041 Part I Staff and Students for the

Academic Year. Contains five schedules: § 101.1 Purposes for which grants are A-Staff; B-Students; C-Enrollments and made.

Degrees; D-Distribution of Degrees in Col

leges of Arts and Sciences; E-Preparing for The Morrill, Nelson and Bankhead

Teaching. 104 items. 4 pages. Jones appropriations for the land-grant

8-041 Part II Financial Report for the colleges and universities may be applied Fiscal Year. Contains five schedules: to instruction in agriculture, the me A--Receipts Specifically Designated for Adchanic arts, the English language and ditions to Physical plant and Additions to the various branches of mathematical,

Endowments and to Other Nonexpendable

Funds; B-General Income; C-Bond Issues physical, natural, and economic science,

and Other Borrowings; D-Expenditures by with special reference to their applica

Function or Purpose; E-Fund and Plant tions in the industries of life, and to the

Values. 58 items. 4 pages. facilities for such instruction, and a por 8-041 Part II Schedule G, Federal tion thereof may be used for providing Funds. 15 items. 1 page. courses for the special preparation of in 8-041 Part III Land-Grant Fund, First structors for teaching the elements of Morrill Act of 1862. 19 items. 2 pages. agriculture and the mechanic arts.

8-041 Part IV Supplementary Morrill

Funds. 1 page. Itemized report of Receipts $ 101.2 Manner in which funds are chan. and Disbursements of Morrill, Nelson and neled to the States.

Bankhead-Jones funds. The Federal funds for the land-grant § 101.4 Withholding of grants. colleges and universities are channeled to

In the event that the Secretary of the institutions as follows: From a study

Health, Education, and Welfare withof the information contained in reports

holds certification from a State or Tercovering the preceding year from the

ritory of its share of the appropriation, presidents and treasurers of the land

he reports the facts and reasons therefor grant colleges and universities together

to the President of the United States and with further investigation if necessary, it is determined whether the several States

the amount involved is kept separate in

the Treasury until the close of the next i and Territories are entitled to partici

Congress, in order that the State or Terpate in the Federal appropriations. On

ritory may, if it should so desire, appeal or before July 1 each year the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare cer

to Congress from the determination of tifies to the Secretary of the Treasury as

the Secretary of Health, Education, and to each State and Territory whether it is Welfare. If the next Congress does not entitled to receive its share of the annual direct such sum to be paid, it is covered appropriation for the land-grant col- into the Treasury. leges and universities, and the amount it is entitled to receive. On or before July PART 102-STATE VOCATIONAL 31 the Secretary of the Treasury pays to

EDUCATION PROGRAMS each State and Territory, to the State or Territorial treasurer, or to such officer as

Subpart A-General

Sec. has been designated by the laws of the

102.1 Purpose and scope. State or Territory to receive it, the

102.2 Applicability of civil rights regula. amount it is entitled to receive. Im

tion. mediately upon request of the appropri 102.3 Definitions. ate officials of the land-grant colleges or

102.4 Vocational instruction,

102.5 Vocational instruction under conuniversities the State or Territorial

tract. treasurers or other ofñcers designated to

102.6 Vocational education for disadvanreceive the grants pay the money over

taged or handicapped persons. to the treasurers of the land-grant

Participation of students in private Institutions.

nonprofit schools.

102.8 Vocational guidance and counsel. $ 101.3 Forms for reports from land.

ing. grant colleges and universities.

102.9 Training of personnel. The following forms, prepared by the

Subpart B-State Advisory Council Office of Education, are used by the pres- 102.21 Establishment and certification. Idents and treasurers of the land-grant 102.22 Membership.


Sec. 102.23 102.24 102.25 102.26

102.31 102.32 102.33 102.34 102.35

102.36 102.37 102.38 102.39 102.40 102.41

Functions and responsibilities.
Meetings and rules.

Subpart C—State Plan Provisions

State plan.
State board.
Long-range program plan.
Annual program plan.
State administration and leader-

ship. Program evaluation. Custody of Federal funds. Qualifications of personnel. State reports. Cooperative arrangements. Effective use of program results and

experience. State fiscal and accounting proce

dures. Opportunity for hearing on local

applications. Requirements with respect to con

struction. Economically depressed or high un

employment areas, Areas of high concentration of un

employed youth or school dropouts,

102.42 102.43 102.44



STATE VOCATIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS 102.51 Allocation of funds to part B pur

poses. 102.52 Allocation of funds among local

educational agencies, 102.53 Manpower needs and job opportuni.

ties. 102.54. Differences in vocational education

needs. 102.55 Relative ability to provide resources. 102.56 Relative costs of programs, services,

and activities. 102.57 Reasonable tax effort. 102.58 Maintenance of effort. 102.59 Percentage requirements with re

spect to uses of Federal funds. 102.60 Content of local applications. VOCATIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS FOR THE

DISADVANTAGED 102.64 State plan provisions-general. 102.65 Areas of allocation. 102.66 Participation of students in private

nonprofit schools. 102.67 Noncommingling of funds. VOCATIONAL EDUCATION RESEARCH AND PER

SONNEL TRAINING 102.70 State plan provisions-general. 102.71 State research coordination unit 102.72 Application procedures. 102.73 Notification to Commissioner.

EXEMPLARY PROGRAMS AND PROJECTS Sec. 102.76 State plan provisions-general. 102.77 Application procedures. 102.78 Coordination with other programs. 102.79 Participation of students in private

nonprofit schools. 102.80 Noncommingling of funds. 102.81 Notification to Commissioner.

CONSUMER AND HOMEMAKING EDUCATION 102.91 State plan provisions-general. 102.92 Procedures for establishing and

operating consumer and home

making programs. 102.93 Requirements. 102.94 Ancillary services and activities. COOPERATIVE VOCATIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS 102.96 State plan provisions-general. 102.97 Approval of cooperative vocational

education programs. 102.98 Requirements of cooperative voca

tional education programs. 102.99 Identification of jobs. 102.100 Additional costs to employers and

students. 102.101 Participation of students in non

profit private schools. 102.102 Noncommingling of funds. 102.103 Evaluation and follow-up pro

cedures. 102.104 Ancillary services and activities. WORK-STUDY PROGRAMS FOR VOCATIONAL EDU

CATION STUDENTS 102.110 State plan provisions general. 102.111 Policies and procedures for approval

of work-study programs. 102.112 Requirements of work-study pro

grams. 102.113 Jse of funds for State plan develop

ment and administration. Subpart D—Federal Financial Participation

GENERAL 102.121 Application of Federal require

ments. 102.122 Effective date of allowable expendi.

tures under State plan. 102.123 Allotment availability. 102.124 Application of State rules. 102.125 Payments by State boards to local

educational agencies. 102.126 Proration of costs. 102.127 Adjustments. 102.128 Federal audits. 102.129 Retention of records. 102.130 Disposition of facilities and equip

ment. 102.131 Inventories. 102.132 Federal share of expenditures under

State plan. 102.133 Non-Federal share of expenditures

under State plan. 102.134 Allowable expenditures for State

vocational education programs and services.

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