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6 Mode of proceeding
7 Register to be open to public inspection without fee

8 Duplicates of entries to be transmitted to Clerks of the Peace
9 How claims against Estates to be made

10 Time for making thereof . -
11 How claims of Infants, Lunatics, &c. to be made . - 429
12 Claims to be in writing

- - - - . ib.
13 How Commissioners are to proceed therein :-
14 Decree of Commissioners final unless appealed from in 30 days
15 Commissioners of Appeal to be appointed
16 Examination of Claims by Commissioners on oath -
17 Oath of Clainants admissable

- - - ib.
18 Crown Officers to attend on part of the Crown
19 How sums decreed Claimants are to be paid
20 How Real Estates to be restored
21 When Estates to be vested in the Commissioners
22 Who shall then sell them
23 Persons who have unlawfully occupied Forfeited Estates

account for profits
24 Days of meeting of the Commissioners ,
25 May administer oaths
26 Penalties on Sheriffs, &c. for disobedience of
27 May appoint Clerks, and allow them Fees, &c.
28 Oath to be taken by
29 Provisions for remuneration of inferior Officers
30 Proceedings in Appeal
31 How accounts of Attorney and Solicitor General to be audit-

ed and discharged
32 Oath to be taken and security given by Commissioners
33 Remuneration to . -
34 Duties, &c. of Special Receiver - -

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1 To be built in every District
2 Duties of Magistrates in having same erected
3 Where to be built in the Eastern, Midland and Home Districts 1.2

District of Newcastle
5 Expences of how to be defrayed
6 To be erected in Cornwall, in Eastern District
7 Sheriff to nominate Gaoler
8 To be under regulations of 32d Geo. 3. c 8
9 Magistrates to appoint place for building same in Newcastle


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2 The right of purchasers, mortgagees, &c. not to be impeached

in consequence of said error

(See Letters Patent.)
County of, formed

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County of, formed
Need not serve in Militia
1 County of, formed
2 Representation of





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County of, formed



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HAWKERS AND PEDLARS 1 When no Licence necessary by

2 Governor to grant Licence, and sums to be paid therefor 379
3 Oath to be taken by Collectors of such Licences
4 Security to be given by
5 Not to authorise the sale of Spirituous Liquors
6 Limitation of Suits and Actions
7 Penalties how paid and accounted for
8 Pleadings and Costs
9 Where Act 56th Geo. 3d, c 34, does not apply
10 Continuance of Act
11 Further continued
12 Duties on Licences by
13 When to be taken out-by whom-amount of duty
14 Whep goods of, may be seized, and how punished
15 Amount of Penalty-Collectors to account and pay over

16 Appropriation of Penalties
17 Continuance of 58th Geo. 3d, c5

HEIRS AND DEVISEES. 1 Commissioners to be appointed to hear claims of Heirs or

Devisees of original Nominees of the Crown
2 Documents and evidences to be produced to Commissioners,

who may administer oaths to the parties and summon witnesses ib.
3 Penalty for not obeying summons
4 Nature of the testimony to be received
5 Commissioners to determine and report upon claims
6 Letters Patent to issue (See No. 24.)
7 Effect thereof
8 Instruments by which Lands are charged may be registered 1
9 Commissioners to determine claims of the Heirs and Devisees

of persons allowed Lands under former Commissions, and

report upon the same
10 To whom Letters patent may issue

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11 When report obtained by surprize, to be heard, and new
claim let in

12 Costs to be allowed by Commissioners
13 Place and time for sitting of Commissioners
14 Notice of claim to be put up in the Offices of the Clerks of
the Peace, and produced to the Commissioners

15 Proceedings of Commissioners upon adverse claims

16 When Commissions for examination of witnesses to be issued ib.
17 Penalty for false swearing before Commissioners

18 Costs may be allowed by Commissioners to witnesses, and

how to be recovered
19 Clerk to be appointed to Commissioners

20 Fees to Clerk

21 Act 45th Geo. 3. c 2, to be read at every Quarter Sessions ib.
22 Who may bring claims under 48th Geo. 3. c 10

23 Commissioners under, to proceed as prescribed by 45th Geo.

3. c 2
24 Patents to issue to persons under their report

25 Provisions of 45th Geo. 3. c 2, extended to 48th, c 10

26 A Commissioner to be appointed in every District to take tes-

timony relative to claims
27 Penalty for false swearing before
28 Governor to appoint Commissioners
29 Times and places of sitting of the Commissioners

30 Act 56th Geo. 3. c 22, continued and its provisions extended 484
31 Fees to Clerk of the Commission


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12 Penalties for neglect or refusal

13 Mode of conviction and levying penalties
14 Application thereof
15 Work done as aforesaid, assessed part of Statute Labour
16 Surveyors of Highways to be appointed by Q’r. Sessions 265
17 Oath to be taken by

18 Who, on application to alter Roads, shall report thereupon

to Quarter Sessions -
19 How report to be confirmed, or application opposed
20 No Highways to be altered to pass through Orchards
21 Quarter Sessions may authorise Surveyor of Highways to

employ Surveyor of Lands
22 Width of Roads, Bridges, Causeways, &c. -
23 Fences, &c. to be erected where there are waters or preci-


24 Pay to Surveyors of Highways
25 How owner of Land taken for road to be compensated
26 Justices of the Peace may allot divisions to, and give orders

to Overseers
27 Duty of Overseers
28 Penalty for disobedience of orders of
29 Penalty in case they neglect summoning persons to work ib.
30 What shall be deemed a Highway
31 Penalty for obstructing or injuring Highways, Bridges, &c.
32 How Overseers to be appointed

33 List to be made of persons liable to work
34 Copy thereof to be delivered to Justices of the Peace
35 Overseers to collect compositions and forfeitures
36 To keep account of work done, money received and due,

and render account thereof to Quarter Sessions
37 Tools to be brought by workmen on Highways
38 Hours of, and manner of working, and Penalty for neglect
39 Overseers to give notice of work
40 Penalty for neglecting to work in pursuance thereof
41 Application of forfeitures, and recovery of, &c.
42 Composition money to be paid to Overseer
43 Application thereof
44 What to be done when particular work required on High-

45 Fallen Trees to be removed from Highways
46 Penalty for neglect of, and how recovered
47 Application thereof
48 Punishment of Overseer if he refuses to account
49 Surplus money to be paid to Overseer of ensuing year
50 False swearing of Overseer to accounts, perjury
51 Duties of Overseer, in case Highways obstructed by snow
52 How Roads over frozen waters to be pointed out
53 Justices may hold Special Sessions, as to, &c.
54 Persons to work in proportion to assessment (Sec No. 66.) ib.


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