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of the Bar of the District of Columbia.
Author of " Railway Economics," "The Postal Deficit,”

Some Consequences of the Trust Movement," "A Study in
Municipal Socialism,' Some Recent Phases of the Labor Problem."
“ The Work of the Interstate Commerce Commission, "“Who Own the Railroads,"

“ The Regulation of Interstate Railways," etc., etc.

"My own judgment is that the Interstate Commerce Commission,
notwithstanding my great respect for that body—a respect which
I share with many lawyers and nearly all the judges of this country-
has failed in its part of the administrative work of putting into
execution the Interstate Commerce act. I think the Commission
has looked at it from a wrong attitude of mind. I think it has
put itself rather in the position of a court than that of an inquisitor.

lese ed the inquisition, which is the Commission's
part of the work, and has been trying to climb upon the tribune,
which is another part of the work. I think it has put on the robes,
when perhaps it ought to have worn the overalls."

- JUDGE GrossCUP, March 11, 1905.

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