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Butleriana, from unpublished manu-

scripts, 94.
Butterflies, the Temple of, 495..

ACROPLUS of Athens, Siege of; in the years

1821-22, 193— Those who planned the
revolution of Greece, could not have
chosen a better moment, 193-Con-
dition of the inhabitants of Athens, 194
-The camp of Menidi, 194—Attack
and taking of Athens by the Greeks,
195 - A Turkish woman burned by
the Greeks as a witch, 195 — Inef-
fectual sally of the Albanese, 196—
Omer Pacha and Mehemet Pacha come
with five thousand men to the relief of
the Turks, 196—The Greeks are forced
to raise the siege and leave Athens,
197—The monument of Lysicrates,
197-Athens is taken again by the
Greeks, 198—Great events in the
Morea, 199—Arrival of Ypsilanti, 199
-Antiquities of Athens, 200—Begin-
ning of the bombardment of the Acro-
polis, 200—The Turks are in want of
water, 202- Suspension of hostilities,
203—Two chiefs of the Turks come
from the citadel, for the purpose of
treating with the Greeks, 203-Sur-
render of the fortress, and its condi-
tions, 204.

Cambridge University, the, 229_289.
Cant, progress of, 45.
Characters from unpublished manuscripts

of the author of Hudibras, 401–An
usurer, 401-A catchpole, 401-A
sailor, 402—The modish man, 403—
An impostor, 403A gamester, 404

A merchant, 404A player, 405.
Charles II. manners of the court of, 105.
Chateaubriand's Sketch of the Roman

History, 394—Cæsar, 394-Augustus,
394 — Tiberius, 394 - Caligula and
Claudius, 395 — Nero, 395 — Galba,
395 — Otho, 396 – Vitellius, 396 —
Marcus Aurelius, 396 - Commodus,
397—Pertinax, 397–Didins, 397–
Severus, 397—Caracalla, 397-Ma-
crinus, 398 --- Heliogabalus, 398
Alexander Severus, 398-Maximinus,
398 -- Gordianus Pius, 399 -- Philip,
399—Decius, 399 -- Invasion of the

barbarians, 400.
Courtship and Marriage, 37.
Currency, Proceedings in Parliament re-

lative to the, 413.

Books, Monthly Advice to Purchasers
of, 191, 267, 422, 560--Finlayson's
Mission to Siam and Hué, 122-
Granby, a novel, 124-Butler's Life
of Erasmus, 125—Poole's Essay on
Education, 125-Pandurang Hàrí, 126
-Brady's Varieties of Literature, 127
-Clara Gazul's Plays, 127-Olinthus
Gregory's Mathematics, 132–Hyman
Hurwitz's Hebrew Tales, 270_Ad-
ventures of a Young Rifleman, 4224
Cradock's Literary and Miscellaneous
Menoirs, 560.
Brambletye House, reviewed, 318.
Brydges, Sir Egerton, and the New

Monthly Magazine, $82.

Diary of a Constant Reader for the
month of December, 76—For the
month of January, 209–For the month
of February, 369--For the month of
March, 518.
Dilettante Physic, 87.
Done's Imprisonment in France, Narra-

tive of, 26Is destined for the fortress
of Bitche, 27--Returns to Verdun,
28--Anecdotes between British and
Verdunians, 29-He escapes from
Verdun and is retaken at St. Maloer,

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