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Penalty for committing trespass there, il 607 LICENSES, fees for, . . Tavern,

.. 261 Pedlars, . . . . .. .

i . ibid. Venders of tin wares,

il. : : : 262 LIMITATION, Savings in acts of limitations in favour of persons

beyond sea, on out of this State, res,

,457, 45 Persons beyond sea; or out of the State, barred in "

the same manner as those in the State, 460 Of time for taking an appeal from a decree of the chancellor,


17462 Savings in favour of feme covert, &cil bursi ", A63 Of time for application for re-hearing in Chancery,

in case of decrees against defendant not i n

scrved with process,
If defendant, or his heirs, &c. be served with copy

of decree, - -

If not served wit of decree, Of actions for penalties

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Under act concert

Under the following turnpike acts-

Gap and Newport,

: 193 Wilmington :,:!!": " ";'

212 New-Castle and Frenchtown,

256 Wilmington and Kennet,

368 Wilmington and Great-Valley, ..

388 New-Castle and Clarke's corner, .'.

421 New-Castle and White-clay-creek, Wilmington and Pbiladelphia,

643 LOCKWOOD DAVID,.. iiij . Money to be refunded to,

220 LOOCKERMAN VINCENT, the younger, deceased, His judgment vs. Joseph David, to be paid,


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For repairing causeway near Frederica,
For raising money to finish Roman Catholic church

of St. Peter's, in New-Castle, For use of Dover academy,

307 For use of Gap and Newport turnpike company, For use of trustees of Wilmington college,... 465 For paving streets in Newark, &c.

484, 605 For building a grand Masonic lodge at Wilmington, 487 For erecting a building for St. John's lodge, New.

For erecting a bridge over Choptank river, at
Jones'- fording-place,

517 For the use of the trustees of Glasgow grammar. school,

. 519, 575

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LUNATICS, and insane persons,
May be removed from gaol in Kent county, to

al 564 May be confined by direction of trustees of the poor,

: . ; 565

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His term of exclusive enjoyment of the ferry over

the Delaware, at New-Castle, extended,
Enticing away, &c. from the State artificers or

workmen employed in certain manufac.

tories, penalty, Artificers and workmen employed in certain manu.

factories, exempt from militia duties, Duty of owners and superintendants of such ma

nufactories, in returning lists of artific

cers, &c. And giving notice of their discharge, Penalty for false return,

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Of slaves to be free at future day, its effect,
Issue of female slaves so manumitted, born during

such period of servitude,


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Certificates of the name, age, &c. of such issue, to
be delivered by master to recorder,

340 Penalty for neglect,

340 Fees for recording,

ibid. See negroes. MARKET in town of New-Castle, Market days,

ibid. Clerk to give bond,

ibid. Clerk to act as receiver of hogs forfeited, &c. . . MARYLAND, (land office in) Agent to procure certain papers or copies thereof, from,

295, 296 Papers procured, where deposited,

ibid. Compensation to the agent,

ibid. His oath, &c.

297 MAXWELL ROBERT, His share of value of his brother's real estate, paya..

able to the Levy court of Kent county, 566 Where deposited, and how accounted for,

566, 567 : MEAL, INDIAN CORN, ... Manufactured in New-Ccastle county, and shipped

for New York, to be subject to certain


Regulating, repairing, &c. streets of, 103, 225, 227 Limits of the town,

107 Commissioners, assessor and treasurer, how

Inspector of accounts, "'1

225 Who qualified to vote, Judges of election,

227 Place of holding election, how appointed, and notice of,

26, 227 Powers of commissioners, To give bond, so

226 Their draught on the treasurer, . . 106, 107

Not paid till allowed by inspector, ..'.. 226


103, 104

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104, 105





Assessor, his duty,

106 Treasurer, his duty,

To give bond,

To pay over money, &c. to successor, 226 Boundaries of streets, &c. and plot of town,

104 Streets, &c. repaired, .

105 Nuisances, Lamps and watchmen,

ibid. As to lamps, repealed,

227 Swine not to be permitted to run at large, by per

sons residing in Milford, and certain

4, 315 Act given in evidence under general issue,

ibid. MILITIA,

123, 229, 398, 434, 443, 582, 608 Who shall be enrolled in the militia, and how, Notice of enrolment,

124 Fees for serving notice,

610 Exempted from military duty,

124, 398 Minors,

125 Artificers in certain manufactories,

398 Duty of owners of such manufactories, in

returning lists, &c. of such artificers, 398, 399 Arming of, who liable to provide arms for themselves,

125 Who not,

ibid. Who to appear with muskets, &c. 125, 126

Arms exempt from execution, &c. Commissioned officers, how armed,.. 1 Infantry, .

ibid. Artillery,

ibid. Cavalry,

ibid. · Arms, &c. public, penalty for destroying, &c.

Persons holding them, to deliver them up,
: Arrangement of the militia,
Artillery, to each brigade,

Their uniform,
· Oficers to each company,
How each company composed,
When formed into battalions,
When disbanded,


Attvalry.c, penalto deliv

145 125 132


Cavalry, to each brigade,

125 Uniform, horses, &c.

126, 132 Officers to each troop,

128 · How troop composed,

ibid. When formed into battalions,

131 When disbanded,

132 Horses, when taken into service, how appraised, &c. 134 Light infantry and grenadiers,

When disbanded,

ibid. Riflemen,

125, 132 No battalion company to be reduced to less than

40, by enrolment into volunteer com-

Forming volunteer companies, not authorized by
law, penalty,

149 Exception, .

ibid. Infantry companies,

124, 125.
Officers of,
Companies divided into classes, . 129, 229, 586
Rolls formed by captains or commanding officers, 130
Migrations certified, &c.

ibid. No battalion company to be reduced to less than

40, by enrolments into volunteer companies, 131 How officered,

128 Officers, how commissioned,

128, 139 Liable to be removed, on address of legislature, 611 . Mustering, 'when exercised in companies,

134, 608
When in battalions and regiments, .. .ibid. ibid.
Rules of discipline,
When not to be kept under arms more than five

Notice of mustering in companies, battalions or

134, 135 Captain refusing to call out his company, penalty,

ibid. Privates refusing to do duty, penalty,

ibid. Lookers-on,

584 Non-attendance, &c. at the place of exercise, on

company, battalion and regimental days,




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