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Having child, &c. information to be given to jus-

tices of the peace, or trustee of the poor,
Proceedings in such case,
Such child to be bound out, in certain cases,
Discharging fire-arms in any town, &c. or within

100 yards of mill-dam, over which

road passes, Penalty, and mode of enforcing payment,

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GAOL in New-Castle county,

See New-Castle county.

77, 81


Members of, their allowance,

51 Speakers,

ibid. . . . . Clerks,

. Door-keepers,

52 To appoint a committee, annually, to examine ac

counts of State treasurer, and count the
cash on hand,

341, 342 Abstract of accounts of turnpike companies, to be

laid before, &c. Gap and Newport,

190 Wilmington,

209 New.Castle and French-town, ...

253 Wilmington and Kennet, ,

365 Wilmington and Great-Valley,

384 Wilmington and Philadelphia,

640 Statement of expenditures on bridge over Naaman's creek, to be laid before,

649 Legislature may take possession after 1830, upon

certain terms, of the following turnpikes :
Gap and Newport,

213 New-Castle and French-town, after 1831, 257 May resume in certain cases, franchises granted to

the following turnpike companies :
Gap and Newport,

193 Wilmington,

212 New-Castle and French-town, 256, 603


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1807 ........


1811 .......

Wilmington and Kennet,

• 363 Wilmington and Great-Valley,

388 New-Castle and White-clay-creek hundred, 627 Wilmington and Philadelphia,

643 Resolution of, in honour to capt. Jacob Jones, appropriation to carry into effect,

65, 666 GLASGOW GRAMMAR-SCHOOL, Trustees authorized to raise a sum of mone lottery,

519, 575 Managers and bond,

20, 575 Notice of execution of, When lottery to be drawn,

521 GOVERNMENT, support of, Act for 1806 ...,

...117 1808 ...

........218 1809 ...................... 1810....

328, 333 11...................... ......437 . 1812..........................

1813........................ Manner of assessing and levying taxes for the support of government,

328, 329, 330 Auditor to be furnished with duplicates of the as

sessments, in the several counties,

duly authenticated, ". To ascertain the sum per centum on the asess

ment requisite to raise the taxes, 328, 329
To make out warrants for collecting,
To deliver to State treasurer the duplicates of

assessments, with warrants annexed,'
State treasurer, to appoint collectors,
To take bonds, and be answerable for losses, in

case of insufficiency of collector and sureties,
To notify auditor of the appointment, and attend

at his office to receive warrants,
To account with auditor, &c.
His bond,

Collectors, their duties and powers, 329, 330, 331

...486 ........603



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GOVERNMENT, support of. Collector.
When to pay over money,

331 Settlement of their accounts, .

ibid. Commissions,

ibid. Costs for levying by distress and sale, &c. 334, 317

See auditor. Collector of State taxes. State treasurer.' In 1810, $ 887 75, levied in New-Castle county,

in addition to proportion for that year, to
make up deficiency of former years,

333 $ 589 49, remitted to Kent county, and $ 477 02

to Sussex county, on account of surplus
of former years,

334 In 1813, 8 1655 06, raised in New-Castle, and

$ 47 01, in Sussex, in addition to proporti-
ons, to make up deficiencies in 1809," : 604, 605


To appoint certain commissioners, ... 5, 293, 562 To appoint agent to procure papers from land-office of Maryland,

296 Directors of the Farmers' Bank, on the part of " the State, in certain cases,

92, 94, 594 First burgess of Wilmington, in certain cases, 286 Authorized to purchase arms, &c. for the · State,

160, 272, 577 To cause arms purchased, &c. to be deposited and branded,

648 To transmit to the executive of the several States, three copies of the laws,


GRAND JURORS. See jurors.


To settle accounts,
In money of the United States,


When to issue after elegit,
Escheator for New-Castle county, to retain a cer-

tain sum for costs,

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HOGS. See swine.


IMPRISONMENT, in civil suits,
Order on creditors, &c. for security to indemnify

the county, &c. in case of poor persons
so imprisoned,

215, 216
Discharge if security not given,
Of trustees of Dover academy,

304 Of trustees of St. James' school,

165, 166 Of trustees of Newark grammar-school, Of Newport grammar-school,

489 Of New-Castle presbytery, Of New-Castle library company,

515 · Of the burgesses, &c. of the borough of Wilmington, 277

See bank. Bridge, Canal. Turnpike roads.
INDEMNITY, to hundred or county,
Order for, in case of poor persons imprisoned, in
civil suits,

215, 216

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Manufactured in New-Castle county, and shipped

for New-York, to be subject to certain

regulations, INFANT TRUSTEES, May convey lands held in trust, by direction of

court of Chancery, May be compelled to convey,

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May exhibit petitions to Supreme court, or court
of Common Pleas,

215 Adjudged in what case,

ibid. Remanded by one court, may be re-heard in ano. ther, or in the same court,

ibid. Creditors residing out of the State, agent or attorney may be summoned,

217 Poor persons imprisoned in civil suits, may apply to judge in vacation,

215, 216 Order on creditors, &c. to give security, &c. ibid. Discharged, in what case,

ibid. Imprisoned by the authority of the United States,

not discharged, Convicts, in Oyer and Terminer, or Quarter Ses

sions, may be adjudged to be disposed


siens servants, in criminal pre



Persons liable, for costs in criminal prosecutions,

in either of said courts, liable to be ad.

judged, Limitation of term of servitude, INSPECTORS OF ELECTIONS,

See elections, general.


INSURANCE, on houses, &c.
Farmers' Bank of the State of Delaware, autho

rized to effect,
See bank.

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Eldest son entitled to one share, and no more,
Repeal of vol. 2, chap. 53, pa. 1172, and part of

the act for the better settling intestates


! To be returned in money of the United States,


One or more of several, paying the whole debt,
Remedy, in case of debts due by obligation, &c. 390, 391

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