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To the fourth volume of the Laws of Delaware, beginning with
the laws passed at a session of the General Assembly, which
commenced January 7, 1806, and ending with the laxvs passed
at a session of the General Assembly, which commenced Janu-
ary 6, 1813.


Trustees incorporated, 304

Rotation, ibid.

Vacancies, ibid.

Powers, 305, 306

Empowered to raise S 10,000 by lottery, 307

ACCOUNTS of administrators, executors and

guardians, 46, 47

To be rendered in money of the United States, ibid.


Before justices of the peace, (see deeds) 666

When to return inventories and settle accounts, 46, 47 ,

List of outstanding debts, 46
Inventory and accounts to be in money of the United

States, 47
May convey, by virtue of order of the Supreme court,

lands pursuant to certain contracts of intestate, 75
Their conveyances under order of Supreme court

confirmed, ibid.
Of defendants in Chancery against whom decree has

been made, process not being served, 35

See Chancery.
ALIENS, residents of this State.
Under what circumstances, See. they may purchase

and hold lands in this State, 483, 484
Limitation as to quantity, ibid.
Former purchases continued, in what case, ibid.

Daily, to members of the General assembly, 51
Speakers, ibid.


To grand and petit jurors,
Mileage additional, to grand and petit jurors,


Mileage to commissioners of the Levy court
Allowance to witnesses before referees,

To witnesses who were summoned before the
House of Representatives,
For summoning them,
(See State treasurer.)

APPEAL from a decree of the chancellor.

Within what time must be taken, 462, 463

Saving in favour of infants, femes covert, &c. ibui
Within what time the record must be entered in the

high court of Errors and Appeals, tbkL
The time of receiving the record to be entered by

the clerk, ibid.


Road leading over, 27

Freeholders to review this road, how appointed ibid.
To take oath or affirmation and give notice of

their meeting, 50
Empowered to make alterations, &c. 27
To determine where a new bridge and cause-
way shall be erected, &.c. tbid.
Return of their proceedings, 28
If confirmed final, ibid.
Damages and expenses, how assessed and paid, ibid.
Road if established to remain as other State roads, ibid.

How opened, made and supported, ibti
Bridge at the place pointed out by freeholders, how

erected and supported, 29

Draw in what case, dnd.

Obstructing the road or injuring die bridge, 50
Old road, in what case vacated, 28, 29

If not vacated, ibid.


To be in money of the United States, 47

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Discharging firearms, penalty, 523

Payment how enforced, ibid.


To carry into effect a resolution in honour of capt.

Jacob Jones, .- 665, 666

(See support of government, State treasurer.)


To be collected by commissaries, 136
Persons holding them, to deliver them to captains, &c. 151
Apportioned by commissaries among captains of

infantry companies, . 136

Bonds for the safe keeping on such delivery, 137
Place for safe keeping, 136, 648

Office of commissary abolished, and duties thereof
respecting arms assigned to bri-
gade inspectors, 582, 583
Penalty for not delivering them to captains, &c. 151
Those purchased by the governor, and issued, or to
be issued to this State, under act of
congress, of April 23,1808, where
to be deposited in each county, 647, 648
A To be under the care of the brigadiers, ibid.
To be issued by them,—on what occasions, ibid.
To be branded, , 649


Authorized, 160, 272, 577

Appropriations for, 160, 272, 273, ibid.


Complaints determinable before justices of the peace,

upon the submitting of defendants, 311
Compromised recognizances withheld, ibid.
Committing assault or battery on the day of election
., :or during reading of votes at the

place of election, or within one
mile—penalty, 435

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