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Must Experience

User Review  - Myrna Perez -

You will no regret buying it. Your marriage does not have to be in the dumps or ready to break in order to try it this. Sometimes marriages just need fresh eyes or a little dusting off. This is just the book to do that. Read full review

User Review  - Cee Jay -

The Love Dare, is a deep reaching, 40 day daily reading on many avernues of love. It will open very helpful insight into every relationship. It is hope for the reader, and is centred in God's gift of love to you, the reader. Read full review

Great gift for any married couple

User Review  - DrFroStat -

I haven't seen the movie in which this is referenced (Fireproof), but I was just looking for a marriage devotional that was short on Mars/Venus cliches and long on biblical truth. This one fills the ... Read full review

User Review  - Sharon Mauldin -

I am in the process of working through this book. My husband does not know that I am doing it. I think he might suspect, but I didn't want to tell him. I think any marriage can benefit greatly from ... Read full review

Great book for a great price!

User Review  - Mike -

Have been having some troubles in marriage as of late. Have only used the book for a few days and already see and feel a change in our relationship. ...can't wait to see how things have changed once ... Read full review

If only the world could apply this, ever day

User Review  - wowee -

This concept of finding yourself, and others in your quest for love, peace, and trying to surive in this mixed up world.and to keep the important things on the front a blessing..have not ... Read full review

User Review  - Angel -

Great book! Solid, Biblical advice. Highly recommend! Read full review

User Review  - Tony -

Very nice, I am taking my time with this book, as my relationship was not in dire straights as in the movie. Read full review

User Review  - daddy -

Great book wish I had done this years ago. I really causes one to look at self and just how far you have slipped from loving your spouse. Read full review

The Love Dare

User Review  - Racer -

This book was everything it was promised to be. Everyone should read this book and follow through. Read full review

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