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User Review  - Steve Smith -

This is an incredible book. Once you get started with it, I encourage you to stick with it until the end. I went through the book without ever letting my wife know that I was going through it. Thus ... Read full review

User Review  - Michele Maiorano -

What a beautiful way to strengthen your marriage and do things for your spouse that you may have never even considered. It also provides a love journal to review together when the Love Dare is complete to see the growth that occurred during the 40 or 40+ day Love Dare. Read full review

User Review  - Pamela May -

This is such a wonderful tool for marriages and all relationships. It's too bad it wasn't around ten years ago. So impressed am I with this book, "The Love Dare" I bought a second copy to share. Read full review

User Review  - Kim Breton -

What a wonderful book, with a wonderful challenge. As a gift to my husband for Valentine's day I hope to complete the challenge and become a better wife for him and a better child of God. Read full review

User Review  - Lisa Mack -

Excellent way to enhance or save your marriage. Highly recommend it for all couples.Don't read it like a book. Take your time and read just one dare each day so you can digest it and respond to it. Be sure to watch the movie first! Read full review

User Review  - Tracy L -

I am doing the Love Dare. WOW! It really works. I am learning so much about our relationship. I thought we had a strong relationship before but I never knew it could be like this. If you want to know ... Read full review

User Review  - Mandy James -

I admit I haven't finished the book yet, but I really like it so far. I believe any book that tries to help marriages, especially helping with a Biblical basis, is a great book. I would recommend this ... Read full review

User Review  - Anna Maylett -

It's a great book...easy reading, and if you do the 40 day challenges, you can really benefit from it! Read full review

User Review  - Linda Blomerth -

A step by step, day by day journal to improve EVERY marriage. Each partner should have their own book. It's not only for marriages in trouble. Read full review

User Review  - Tiffany Heath -

Great book!! My husband bought the leather one and it's beautiful!! Can be a challenge at times but it will be so worth it when it's over. Read full review

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