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User Review  - Christina Griffith -

Awesome!!! It has totally helped my Husband and I transform our marriage and God has given us a brand new one.I would highly recommend that anyone who is married take the DARE!! Read full review

User Review  - Pamela Bridenthal -

If every marriage began with this love dare, instead of nothing, the marriages would stand better chances of survival. The eyes would not be on themselves, it would be on the ONE who is bonding the ... Read full review

User Review  - Judie Patrick -

I love the book. The principles that it states not only apply to marriage but I plan to use it to all people. Although I have not finished reading it (only read one stage per day), I find the ... Read full review

User Review  - Dawn Miller -

I am very impressed with the book and how it covers the true issues of love and also gives one ways to work on improving their marriage. I haven't finished it but I am thankful to have it. It is a one day at a time book. Read full review

User Review  - Tammy Hubbard -

I'm a single woman but the information obtained from this book is beneficial to all that read it. I have prayed that God would prepare me to be the woman that He intends for me to be before I am in a ... Read full review

User Review  - Raymond Dick -

Thank you for the movie it help me to realize what I'm doing wrong my wife wants to divorce me but i will not let this happen,I'm going out there soon to go and get me the love dare then i will try my ... Read full review

User Review  - Jennifer Ward -

This is a great book to read. It's not just for people with troubled relationships. It's also a great book for those who want to strengthen their relationship with a spouse, their children, friends and other family. Read full review

User Review  - Janice Kaufenberg -

Just got this but it looks great. Scanning thru it seems any marriage could benefit from it. Read full review

User Review  - Robert Shipley -

every husband, and wife should read this. It might just be what the doctor ordered, just to show each other how much you care. Read full review

User Review  - Christine Dipaola -

This book is amazing at restoring true love!!! It really proves that Love never Faileth!!! Read full review

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