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User Review  - Karla -

We watched Fireproof after hearing another couple say they wished they could require all their adult children watch it. Afterwards my husband asked if we could 'require' that our adult children watch ... Read full review

User Review  - Joe Lentz -

I like the book so much. I have been married 8 times. I can tell you divorce is not the answer. Repentance and forgiveness is. Serving your spouse as you would serve God is the key. What would you ... Read full review

User Review  - Rebecca Thomason -

Awesome! and most things can be applied to all relationships, not just marriage. I have learned so much already about God's love for us and how He wants to have an intimate relationship with His children. I have also learned about true or agape love that we should be exhibiting for others. Read full review

User Review  - Linda Heidorf -

We are only on day 12 of the Love Dare-but has helped our marriage-its challenging & well worth the effort.I recommend the movie Fireproof & the Love Dare to all married & unmarried couples that want a better relationship or marriage.. Read full review

User Review  - Linda Parker -

It has made a tremendous improvement on our marriage of 42 years! I gave my 3 children and a granddaughter the book to help them through their marriages. Wow, I wish we had this book 42 years ago! Read full review

User Review  - wendy -

I always wondered what "Mature, unconditional love" was and when I began this dare it really opened my eyes. I have done it twice and I love that it is making me think of what to do on my own... I LOVE everything about this book and I love that the Lord blessed me with it! Read full review

struggling marriage

User Review  - tonya321 -

I am having major problems with my husband and after reviewing the movie i decided to purchase the book for him but as we know he didnt read it so i did it has helped us a great deal if you are going through something always trust God. Read full review

User Review  - anonymous -

This book is great and has changed me so it is changing other things in my whole life. I am doing the dares for my husband. I have seen small step changes but big in me. My change make him change. I look forward to each chapter everyday and I think thinking of what I will do and the reaction. Read full review

User Review  - Leia Davis -

Beautifully bound. Worth every penny! I have been applying the concepts and it is working in my life. Read full review

User Review  - Sharon Grounds -

I love the Love Dare book. It's a great way for couples to reconnect and truly be happy. Great book! Read full review

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