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User Review  - smithd -

The book is good and helpful, however even a poor speller like myself I have found several obvious errors in the text. Examples can be found in the dare for day 34. Also paying more for an ebook than a paperback bothers me, the cost of providing the ebook should be less than a paperback edition. Read full review

User Review  - Norman Philby -

I bought this book because I thought it was more about relationships all around, not just marriage. I have been married for 52 years so this book really isn't what I need at this time of my life. It would be good to share with a younger couple just working on their marriage. Read full review

User Review  - Carol Young -

Have just started this, so don't really know yet. But I'm looking forward to this with my husband of 29 years. From what I've read and heard, I believe that we will both like it. Read full review

User Review  - Anna -

I began with high hopes as I read yet another parenting book, but ended up feeling frustrated as always because the advice does not seem to fit life 100%. I have taken the basic idea from the book and ... Read full review

User Review  - Sarah -

Unless you are completely willing to throw yourself into this book mind, body and soul it won't do a darn bit of good. My marriage has hit an incredibly rocky patch, and divorce has come up more than ... Read full review

User Review  - Paul Rekward -

Great book. Simplistic but taken to heart and applied it can add a spark to a marriage that needs a kick-start. Read full review

User Review  - Nancy Reeve -

I liked the book , but I wish I would have got it in the hard cover. Read full review

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