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poses, 19

Abandoned canal lands and struc Escheated lands -

administrator's sale judicial
reconveyance to original owner, 28 sale, 36

sale, constitutional provision, 28 affidavit to support application for
Armory, assessments for improve release, 36
ments in front of, 19

liens of creditors, 39
Assessments for

local improve purchaser at judicial sale, applica-

tion for release, 36
improvements in front of state release of escheat, effect, 36
armory, 19

Federal loan commissioners as agents
paving and road construction along of land commissioners, 17
state canal, 19

Fishing grounds as subject of grant,
state cemetery as subject to as 44
sessment, 19

Forest preserve, permission to work
state institution as chargeable for mine in, 48
road construction, 19

Ilighway law as applicable to Ni-
state lands in Lake George as as agara reservation, 533
sessabıle, 19

Highways, assessment of state lands
street cleaning as local improve-

for construction and improvement,
ment, 19

Board of docks, protest against grant

Incumbrances on state lands, power
of land under water, 44

to discharge, 18
Canals (see also Abandoned canal Jamaica Bay, grants of land under
lands and structures)

water, 41
road along canal, assessment for Lake George, assessment of state
paving and construction, 19

lands for highway and school pur-
Cemetery as subject to local assess-
ments, 19

Land grants (see also Lands under
Certiorari, see Commissioners of land water)

award to purchaser on failure of
Check for purchase money of state

title', 12
lands, 24

check for purchase moner, 24
(lamming grounds subject of confirmation of defective grants,
grant, 11

('ollateral attack on grant to lands

default of purchaser, right to re-
under water, 11

deem, 2.5
('ommissioners of land oflice

failure of title, what constitutes,

certiorari, application for grant of
lands under water', 41

bearing of application by commit-
(rown Point lands, appointment of

tee of board of commissioners,
caretakers, 10

discretion in granting lands under

mandamus 10 enforce performance
Water, 11

of commissioner's duties, 12
examination of title to lands

payment of price by purchaser. 2-4
deeded by state, 10

retumding money on failure of title,
lease of lands acquired by oscheat,

" legal claim," 1.2

resale, notice to occupants, 26

Lands under water
lease of lands icquired by mort-

actual possession of beach lands as
gage foreclosure. 10

essential to giving water rights,
Mount of Victory plat, appoint-

ment of caretaker, 10

adjacent owners a lone entitled to
('on-tables on Niagara reservation,

erant. 12
jurisdiction, 533

adjacent owners, ownership of nar-
('otenancy, see Lauds under Mater

row strip. ++
(rown Point lands, appointment of add joining adjacent owners, deter-
Caretaker, 10

mination of rights of, 12
Dock board, protest against grant of (artiolari to review acts of com-
land under watar, 14

misioners, 41
Eject ment, discoverer of mine as en «lamming ground subject of
titled to sue, 17

grants, 11



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Lands under water - Continued

Lands under water — Continued
collateral attack on grant, 41

review of action on application for
conditions of grant, effect of non-

grant, 41
compliance, 42

tenancy in

of upland,
conditions of grant, partial com grant to one tenant, 44
pliance with, 42

tenure of grant, 42
constitutionality of provisions for upland owners alone entitled to
grants, 41

grants, 42
cotenancy of upland, grant to one village as entitled to grant by
tenant, 44

of highway shore,
determination as to whether land
is under water, 42

Lease of state lands –
discretion in making grants, 41

escheated lands, 10
docks lands granted, use of, lands acquired by mortgage fore-

closure, 10
dock wrongfully erected in front of Local improvements, see Assessments
applicant's upland, 42

for local improvements
erosion as affecting ownership, 43 Mandamus, performance of duty by
estate granted, 42

commissioners of land oflice, 12
exclusion of public as sole purpose

Mineral springs, constitutionality of
of application for grant, 44 provision as to accelerating or im-
fee simple grants, 41

peding flow, 49
filling in by adjacent owner, effect, Vines

discoverer's right to bring eject-
fishing grounds as subject of grant,

ment, 17


permission to
grant interfering with navigation, work mine in, 48

Jount of Vietory plat, appointment
grants, extent of commissioners' of custodian, 10
powers, 12

Municipal corporations
Jamaica Bay, grants in, 44

charter of New York as affecting
jurisdiction of commissioners, 110-

power to grant lands under
tice of application for grant as water, 14
essential, 1.5

grant of lands under water, effect
lessee of applicant as affected by of colonial grant, 14
grant, 44

land wder water granted as to
materials in bed of stream, dis-

village, 1
position, +3

Navigation interfered with by grant
mortgage of upland ay covering of land under water, 44

land under water, subsequently New York city charter as affecting
granted, 13

power to grant lands under water,
municipal ownership based on
lonial grant, lect, 44

Viagara reservation
navigation interfered with by commissioners as highway officers,
grant, 44

New York (ity charter as a trecting constable's jurisdiction, 53
power to grant, 44

gifts for purposes of reservation,
notice of application for grant. 4.5 acceptance, 54
overflow ly high tide as making Highway Law as applicable to res-
lands under water, 12

crvation, .5.3
patent as a lected by subsequent permit to guide in consideration of
legislation, 13

crerting rest house, 5:3
patent as raising presumption of Patent (see älso. Land grants)
notice of application, to

cxccution by commissioners of land
plenary power of state as to grants.

office, il

form. 11
power to grant in fee, 11

presumption from issuance, notice
protest against grant by board of of application. 45
docks, A+

waiver of conditions, 11
remonstrances against grants, bur Reservations, see Niagara
den of proof, 42

retrospective legislation

Retrospective law's, see Lands under
grants, 4:3





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Riparian owner, Lands under Tenants in common, see Lands under

Roads, assessment of state lands for Trespassers on state lands -

construction and improvement, 19 construction of law, 17
Sale of state lands, see Land grants; federal loan commissioners
Lands under water

agent of land commissioners, 17
Special assessments, see Assessments forest preserve act, etfert, 17
for local improvements

U nappropriated state lands, sales,
State cemetery as subject to local as payment by purchaser, 24
sessments, 19


Lands under
State reservation at Niagara, see Ni Water
agara reservation

Village as entitled to grant of land
Street cleaning as local improvement,

under water, 14

Waters, see Lands under water



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