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CHAP. 99.
AN ACT authorising the levy of an additional tax upon

the town of Rome, in the county of Oneida, for the im.
provement of roads and bridges in said town.

Passed April 1, 1833.
The People of the State of New-York, represented in
Senate and Assembly, do enuct as follows:

S 1. It shall and may be lawful for the freeholders and 'ras. inhabitants of the town of Rome, in the county of Oneida, qualified to vote at town-meetings in said town, at their annual town-meetings hereafter to be held, to direct that a tax not exceeding the sum of five hundred dollars in any one year, in addition to sums now allowed by law to be levied, shall be levied upon the taxable inhabitants of said town, in the same manner as other town charges are levied and raised, for the repair of roads and bridges in said town; but no such sums of money shall be levied and raised for more than three years.

S 2. Whenever the freeholders and inhabitants of said Duty of ou. town shall have directed the levy of any sum of money

in pursuance of the foregoing section, it shall be the duty of the supervisors of the county of Oneida, at their next annual meeting, to cause the sum so directed to be levied upon said town; which sum when collected shall be paid to the commissioners of highways of said town, to be by them expended upon the repairs of such roads and bridges in said town as shall have been directed by the vote of the town-meeting requiring said sum to be raised.


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CHAP. 100.
AN ACT relating to the State Arsenal in the city of


Passed April 2, 1833. The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows :

$ 1. Henry Arcularius, commissary-general, is hereby Kitchen to be authorised and directed to cause. the basement or kitchen filled with story of the dwelling-house of the arsenal department in the said city to be filled up about four feet with pure and wholesome earth or gravel, so as to prevent its being overflowed with water; and also cause to be built a kitch


$900 to be paid.

en of good materials above ground, in rear of said dwelling-house.

$ 2. The treasurer shall pay, on the warrant of the comptroller, to Henry Arcularius, commissary-general, for the aforesaid purpose, a sum not exceeding nine hondred dollars.

$ 3. It shall be the duty of the said Henry Arcularius to render to the comptroller a detailed account, upon oath, of all monies expended by him under this act, together with the vouchers for such expenditures, within four months after the passing of this act.

Aocount to be rendered,

CHAP. 101.
AN ACT in relation to the Bowman's creek library asso-


Passed April 2, 1833. The People of the State of New-York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows :

$ 1. The trustees of the Bowman's creek library association, in the town of Canajoharic and county of Montgomery, are hereby anthorised, within six months from the

passage of this act, to make up, file and record in the clerk's office of the said county, a record of their association, nunc pro tunc, as of the tenth day of December, one thousand eight hundred and four, (the day when the said association was formed, and when they supposed it to have been recorded,) in pursuance of the act entitled "An act to incorporate such persons as may associate for the purpose of procuring and erecting public libraries in this state," passed April the first, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-six; and all acts heretofore done, or hereafter to be done by said association, or by the trustees thereof, and the title to all property acquired or to be acquired by them agreeably to the provisions of the said act of seventeen hundred and ninety-six, are hereby in all things confirmed and made valid, on complying with the requisitions

. of this act.


CHAP. 102.
AN ACT relative to the publication of legal notices in the

county of Richmond.

Passed April 2, 1833. The People of the State of New-York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

$ 1. The court of common pleas in and for the county Court to de. of Richmond, shall at their next meeting after the passing nigmate news. of this act, by order to be entered in the minutes of said court, designate a newspaper printed in an adjoining county, in which shall be published all notices, orders, citations, summons and all other proceedings and advertisements, which, by law, are or may be directed to be published in a newspaper in said county, if a newspaper were printed therein; and the publication of any such notice, order, citation, summons, or other proceeding or advertisement in the newspaper so designated, shall have the same effect and validity as if such newspaper were printed in said county.

$ 2. The said court of common pleas may alter such May alter the designation, whenever in its opinion, the public interest requires it, and again designate another newspaper, in the manner, for the purposes, and with the like effect, as in the preceding section is provided: but no order authorised by: this act shall be in force during the time a newspaper shall be printed in said county.

$ 3. This act, and the order designating a newspaper Notice. in pursuance hereof, shall be published in such newspaper once in each week, for six weeks, at the expense of said county.

S 4. This act shall take effect immediately on the pass. To take efing thereof.



CHAP. 103.
AN ACT to incorporate the Buffalo law library associa-


Passed April 2, 1833. The People of the State of New-York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

$ 1. Elijah Ford, Millerd Fillmore, Nathan K. Hall, Corporation Joseph Clary, Thomas T. Sherwood, Eleazer Brown, Şamuel Caldwell, Thomas C. Love, George P. Barker, John




- truy• tue.

T. Hudson, Peter B. Porter, junior, Dyer Tillinghast, Henry Morris and Sheldon Smith, and their associates, are hereby incorporated by the name of the "Buffalo Law Library Association,” for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a public law library in the city of Buffalo, in the county of Eric, for the use of the members and stockholders of such incorporation.

S 2. The capital stock of said corporation shall be ten thousand dollars, to be divided into shares of one hundred dollars each, which stock shall be deemed to be personal property, and shall be transferable in such manner as shall be prescribod by the by-laws of said corporation.

S 3. The officers of said corporation shall consist of five trustees, to be annually elected by the members thereof: the owner or owners of each share at such election, to be entitled to one vote, and a treasurer, secretary and librarian, who shall be appointed by the said board of trustees, and hold their offices respectively during the pleasure of the board.

S 4. Elijah Ford, George P. Barker, Samuel Caldwell, Dyer Tillinghast and Millerd Fillmore, are hereby declared to be the first trustees of

said corporation, and shall hold their offices until the first Tuesday in February next, and until others are elected in their place; and the said trustees, and their successors, shall have the control and management of the property and affairs of the said corporation, and may prescribe the duties and fix the compensation of the secretary, treasurer and librarian thereof

, and may impose such fines for the violation of the rules, regulations and by-laws of said corporation as they may deemi necessary.

S 5. The annual election of trustees of the said corporation shall be held on the Monday next preceding the first Tuesday of February in each year, at such time of the day, and at such place in the said city of Buffalo as shall be prescribed

by the by-laws of said corporation; and the board of trustees for the time being, or the major part of them, shall preside at such election, determine the qualifications of voters, receive the votes, and certify the result of such election; and the five persons, being members of said corporation, having the highest number of votes, shall be declared to be duly elected.

$ 6. The trustees elected under this act shall enter up. on the duties of their office on the first Tuesday of June, in each year, and shall hold their offices for one year, and until others shall be elected in their places; they shall elect from their number one person to be president of said board, who shall preside at all their meetings, and



shall have only a casting vote in the decision of questions before said board, and in case of his absence or inability to act at any meeting of said board, the members thereof may appoint a president for the time being.

$ 7. The said board of trustees may meet for the trans- Mueting of action of business at such times and places in said city of trustees. Buffalo as may be prescribed by the by-laws of said corporation; and at any such meeting a majority of the members of said board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of all business, and all vacancies occurring in said board previous to the annual election of trustees, by death, resignation, or otherwise, shall be filled for the remainder of the term by the remaining members of the board.

$ 8. One share of the capital stock in said incorpora- Vote. tion shall entitle the owner and holder thereof, or each of the owners and holders thereof, being co-partners in the practice of the law in said city, to all the rights and privileges of members of said corporation; but this provision shall not be construed so as to give any more than one person a right of membership in said corporation by virtue of one share of the capital stock thereof, unless they shall be co-partners in the practice of law, nor shall the owners of such share be entitled to more than one vote thereon, in the election of trustees, nor shall more than one member of such co-partnership be eligible to the office of trustee at the same time.

$ 9. The board of trustecs shall have power annually to Tax. impose such tax upon the owners of the capital stock of said corporation, as they shall judge best, not exceeding one dollar

per annum on each share; and they shall also have power to determine who shall hereafter be permitted to become members of the said corporation, by subscribing to and paying in the capital stock thereof, and to fix the amount to be paid for each share; but the price of said share shall not be less than one hundred dollars, nor exceed that amount, added to the taxes that may have been imposed on each share.

$ 10. The treasurer and librarian shall give such secu- Librarian. rity to the said corporation for the faithful performance of their respective duties, as may be required by the by-laws of said corporation.

$ 11. In addition to the ordinary remedy by prosecution Collector of for the collection of any subscription heretofore or hereaf- Fines. ter made to the capital stock of said corporation, for any fine or tax imposed upon any member thereof,' the said board of trustees shall have power by general by-law to prescribe the time within which such subscription, fine or

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