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List of taxpayers. .154
Means of payment. . 150
Minors.. 104
“Municipal, etc., bonds,” included in ..36, 126
Non-resident alien, foreign corporations, etc... 116
Preliminary.. 144
Receipts.. 149
Receivers, required to make
Refund provisions.. 161
Secrecy of.. 155
Stockholders may inspect..153
Time and place of..112-113
Time and place of corporate. . 143
Time of payment. . 147
Understatement. .116
When due. .146
Withholding agent..96
See Accounting period, Corporations, Estates and trusts, Hus-

band and wife, Non-resident alien individual. Salary paid to employees in army, deductible..133 Sales (see Gain or loss) Secrecy of returns. .165 "Securities, Dealer in”..17 Securities, taxable and non-taxable (see Exempt income and Gross

State employees, salary probably exempt..33
Stock dividends

Constitutionality of taxation of..30
Court decisions..30
Definition of, 1918 Act..27
Taxation of..28-29
When received. . 28
Stockholders' lists and dividend records.. 101

Stockholders may inspect corporation returns. . 153
Surtax rates

In 1918..3
In 1919..4
No personal exemption from..13

Under previous laws..2
Tables, No. 1-Rates and amounts of tax to be paid by citizens or

residents on income from $2,000 to $10,000,000.. Pages No. 2—Relative values of taxable and tax exempt securities..

Pages 24-27
Example of computing tax.. Page 21


Tax-As the entire index refers to income tax, special provisions on

which information is desired should be sought under appropri

ate heads. Tax rates (see Rates of tax) Taxable and tax exempt securities, value compared, Table No. 2..

Pages 24-27
Taxable individuals

Citizens or residents. .1
Classes of..1

Non-resident aliens..1
Taxable income, basic tax levied on all..8

Allowed as deductions for non-resident alien..81

See Deductions
Taxes, foreign income taxes, when deductible..55
"Tax-free' covenants

Corporations liable for normal tax..85
Deduction at the source..90
Foreign corporation..140
In previous laws. .86-7
In 1918 law..87

See Deduction at the source, and Non-resident alien, individuals
Taxpayers, list of..154
Theft, losses from, deductible..64, 130
Time of return..112
Trustees (see Fiduciaries)
Trusts (see Estates and trusts)
Uncertified checks may now be used in payment of tax..150
Understatement, in return..116, 148
United States Government obligations

Liberty Loan bonds, when and how exempt..37-43

Other Federal securities..44
War Income Tax Law, basic and normal tax..2, 8

Exemption allowed..10
May make joint return with husband.. 103

See Husband and wife, Returns
Withholding agents (see Deduction at the source and Tax-free


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