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Tentârat Artes, artiumque principiis

Pietatis elementa hauserat.
Libris inhæsit improbo labore

Ut sola mors divelleret.
Quod indoles, quod disciplina, quod labor

Possint, ab uno disceres.
Puer stupendus, qualis hic esset senex
Si fata vitæ subministrâssent iter!

Sed aliter est visum Deo :
Correptus ille febriculâ levi jacet,
Jacent tot unà spes Parentum !
Vixit Ann. V. M. V. III.


Eheu! delicias breves.
Quicquid placet mortale, non placet diu,
Quicquid placet mortale, ne placeat nimis.

eldest daughter of John Evelyn,
and Mary his Wife, borne the last day of

September 1665, att Wootton in
the County of Surrey. A beautifull
young woman, endowed with shining
Qualities both of body and mind, infinitly
pious, the delight of her Parents and Friends.

She dyed 17 March 1685 at the
age of 19 years, 5 months, 17 dayes,
regretted by all persons of worth

that knew her value. A tablet adjoining the foregoing, is thus inscribed:

M. 8. Neere this place are deposited ye bodys of Sir RICHARD BROWNE of Sayes-Court in Deptford, Knt; Of his wife Dame Joanna Vigorus of Langham in Essex,

deceased in Nov. 1618 aged 74 years. This Richard was younger son of the ancient family of Hitcham in Suffolk, seated afterwards at Horsly, in Essex, who

being Student in the Temple, was by Robert Dudley, the great Earle of

Leicester, taken into the service of the Crowne when he went Governor of the United Netherlands, and was afterwards

by Queene Elizabeth made Clearke of the Greene Cloth, which honorable office he also continued under King James

75 years ;

until the time of his death, May 1604, aged 65 years : Of Christopher Browne, Esq., son and heire of Sir Richard, who

deceased in March 1645, aged 70 years ; Of Thomasin, his wife, da' of Benjamin Gonson of Much Bado in Essex, Esq. whose grandfather William Gonson, and father

Benjamin, were successively Treasurers of the Navy to King Henry VIII.,

to K. Ed. VI., to Queene Mary, and Q. Elizabeth ; and died June 1638, ageå Of Sir Richard Browne, Knt. and Baronet, onely son of

Christopher ; Of his wife Dame Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Pretyman of Dry-field in Glocester shire, who deceased vi Octoba

1652, aged 42 years. This Sir Richard was Gentleman of the Privy Chamber to K. Charles y First, and Cleark of the Council of his Ma'y, and to K. Charles ye Second, and (after several foraigne and honorable

employments) continued Resident in the Court of France from K. Cha. the I

and from K. Char. IId to the French-Kings LEWES XIII. and

LEWES XIV. from the years 1641 (the beginning of our un-natural civile-warr)

untill the happy Restauration of K. Cha. ye II 1660; deceased XII Feb. Ao.

1682-3 aged 78 y." ; and (according to ancient custome) willed to be interred in this

These all deceasing in the true Faith of Christ, hope, through his merits, for a joyfull and blessed

Resurrection. X. X. P. D.




original Drawing

From an




I was born (at Wotton, in the County of Surrey,) about twenty minutes past two in the morning, being on Tuesday the 31st and last of October, 1620, after my father had been married about seven years, and that my mother had borne him three children; viz. two daughters and one son, about the 33rd year of his age, and the 23rd of my mother's.

My father, named Richard, was of a sanguine complexion, mixed with a dash of choler : his hair inclining to light, which, though exceeding thick, became hoary by that time he had attained to thirty years of age ; it was somewhat curled towards the extremities ; his beard, which he wore a little peaked, as the mode was, of a brownish colour, and so continued to the last, save that it was somewhat mingled with grey hairs about his cheeks, which, with his countenance, were clear and fresh-coloured ; his eyes extraordinary quick and piercing; an ample forehead, -in sum, a very well-composed visage and manly aspect : for the rest, he was but low of stature, yet very strong. He was, for bis life, so exact and temperate, that I have heard he had never been surprised by excess, being ascetic and sparing. His wisdom was great, and his judgment most acute; of solid discourse, affable, humble, and in nothing affected ; of a thriving, neat,

• He was married at St. Thomas's, Southwark, 27th January, 1613. My sister Eliza was born at nine at night, 28th November, 1614; Jane, at four in the morning, 16th February, 1616; my brother George at nine at night, Wednesday, 18th June, 1617; and

my brother Richard, 9th November, 1622.-Note by Evelyn.



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