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Committee of Publication



1 Died, October 29, 1910

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1 should be much Logouldin out you, to sortifir mo na word orton, of} truck & formo oft monster or respon of Information E Complainto of our roigbours at sityate y am raquested by our afistants to write unto you, touching a late partition, or limiting of confines, botworns you. ; of which mear fears noking til of Late. Wherin wo endorstand you have inteenthot farrapon these bands

, which now faus concoined to belong to us by right diruere waies; as first by comueffion, pompes nike v nativos to whom ý right couranite of thom did bolonge, which dit exzout as farm as cona qasett, nehich was y bounds botrosen fachimos of mafaThufels

, c those of theso parts; 24.4 föncesin son confirmed untons by ratonto from his majesties authoritio .3% perosxon no gawe rosest it eplanted it jome years agoo to dolore you will give as a reason of your procooling tervin; as also that that there may As a fairs, o freindly deffion of ý controuerces; that nou may aru forno peace chrokerly Lour amongst our folues, that tow to many Enimies abroad. Ther

was not long since pour wikę us no cothings ton & fomo okon of your people, who brought and killiams mikko g and prest as good for a place at, or near jomamos, the which mo bonit them; fon send shilians informed the son of a forations Yland calot monachunto, touching which y fotifitut our goals moie, to which now goldedí so guy would compound

mat of armspuina I which no heart was ya tafon by you, but you may please to under.

our apakonte (though we tould them not so for It only was excestot out of it. And so thought [94 Kylikto it)

It ware Bokor to tam thom, (though they difor in oppinions) thon Elaspily worto noiglours, both for us, you sho thinks it is all Botton for as both to cause some strength in Bay ghus comanding you & your affairs tog food, with Loud romonbred to your Solso, a ke rost of my wortey friends wike you, y tako kowe

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