Historical, philosophical, and humorous reflections on a gentleman's wardrobe

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Page 33 - tis true I have gone here and there And made myself a motley to the view, Gored mine own thoughts, sold cheap what is most dear, Made old offences of affections new.
Page 33 - When I have seen the hungry ocean gain Advantage on the kingdom of the shore, And the firm soil win of the watery main, Increasing store with loss and loss with store ; When I have seen such interchange of state, Or state itself confounded to decay ; Ruin hath taught me thus to ruminate, That Time will come and take my love away.
Page vi - Can such things be, And overcome us like a summer cloud, Without our special wonder...
Page i - Court-virtues bear, like gems, the highest rate, Born where Heaven's influence scarce can penetrate. In life's low vale, the soil the virtues like, They please as beauties, here as wonders strike. Though the same sun, with all-diffusive rays, Blush in the rose, and in the diamond blaze, We prize the stronger effort of his power, And justly set the gem above the flower.
Page 33 - Most true it is that I have looked on truth Askance and strangely; but by all above, These blenches gave my heart another youth, And worse essays proved thee my best of love.
Page 45 - English ladies are celebrated throughout the world for the clearness and brilliancy of their complexions, for their graceful forms, and for their easy, modest, elegant, and enchanting manners.
Page 43 - Majesty will graciously extend her hand to you — you are then to kneel upon the right knee, gently and respectfully kissing the presented hand — rise, bow, and proceed on, keeping your eyes on Her Majesty, until you shall have gone some little distance, when you pass off to the right.
Page 44 - Ladies who present others should le actually present at the drawing room. One card must be left with the Queen's Page in the Presence Chamber, who announces the title and name to Her Majesty.
Page 44 - At Drawing Rooms for the celebration of birth-days, the Knights of the several Orders appear in their respective insignia, stars, and ribands.

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