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NOV 14 1938



Aty out of the coun- 462 liam Ward, deceased the Grayson semina-



AN ACT for the relief of William Kester, fro amend the law authorizing the appropri.


461) ation of the land acquired by the treaty of

To amend an act entitled, an act for the e I Tellico,

rection of a new county out of the coun- For the relief of the representatives of Wil

ty of Ohio,

To regulate the town of Greensburg, in Appointing trustees to the Grayson semina.

Green county,

4631 ry, and for other purposes,


For the relief of Edmund Talbot, of Hen- For adding a part of the county of Montgo-

derson county,

487mery, to the county of Estill,

For the benefit of actual settlers,

468 For the benet of William Quinton,


For the relief of the Sheriffs of Nicholas (For the benefit of William M William Har

and Warren counties,



To authorize the citizens of the town of Authorizing certain advertisements to be in-

Lebanon, in Washington county, to ap- serted in the newspaper entitled, “ the

point trustees in said town, and for other Kentucky Advertiser,” printed at Win


470 chester,


Prescribing certain dnties to the surveyors For the benefit of William Buckner.


of Bath and Warren counties,

473 For the removal of the seat of Justiee of

For the relief of William Reddick, rmer Nicholas county,

sheriff of Campbell county,

ib. For the relief sundry sheriffs,


To establish an election precinot in Jeffer. For the benefit of the heirs of Richard Arm-

son county,

474! streng, deceased, and others.


To extend the time for i eturning plats and To authorize the running and marking t

eertificates into the Register's office, and division line between the counti

for surveying certain lands in this com-

Shelby and Henry,



475 For the relief ot' Thomas Grifin,


For the relief of certain clerks in this com. For the benefit of the heriff of Hopkins


476 cowity,

For the relief of Asa Killam,

ib. Exempting from taxation, houses devoted to

For the relief of Joshua Cates, and the trus. publie worship and senuinaries of learning.

tees of the Harrison seminary,

477 and the ground on which they are erected, 520

Fitner to regulate the payment of the debt Authorizing lotteries for certain purposes
due the commonwealth, for the sale of va- therein mentioned


> cant lands,

478 Vesting certain powers in the trustees of the

To establish Terries across Rockcastle river methodist brick chapel, in Sbelby county, 523

on the turnpike and wilderness road. 482 Toauthorize Jeremiah Buebley to build a
For the relief of the representatives of Da bridge across Kentucky river,


vid Johnson, deceased,

484 For the benefit of the beirs of Robert John-

Legalizing the proceedings of the county son, deceased,


court of Hopkins at their February and Establishing election precincts in the coun-

April terms,

5, ties of Franklin and Jefferson, and for

For the relief of Samuel Searcey, and the other purposes,

Kheirs of Charles Searcey, deceased,

ib. To amend an act entitled, an aet to incorpo-

For the benefit of the wife and family of ! rate the Frankfort bridge company, 529

Major Benjamin Graves,

486 For the benefit of Mary Rountree,

To extend the July term of the Franklin For the relief of Charles F. Wing, clerk of
circuit court, for the trial of chancery : Muhlenburg court,

· 532


487 For the better regulaiion of the town of

Establishing an election precinct in the coun: Mounsterling, in Montgomery county, ibo

ty of Green,

ib. Ta incorporate the Gallatin Ohio steam boat

To prevent imposition by way of lottery company,

in this commonwealth,

488 Furtherto regulate the Circuit Courts of this

Increasing the powers of the trustees of the Commonwealth,


towu of Cynthiana,

490 Authorizing and directing the surveyor of

Concerning the towns of Bowling Green Logan county to record certain plats and

and Louisville,

491 certificates of survey,

To vest certain powers in the trustees of For the benefit of Luah M'Gonegle, and

Washington, in Masen county, * . 493 others,

To amend the laws establishing the Bour. To arsend the act entitled, an act authoriz-

bon and Lebanon academies,

494 ing be transcript of certain records in the

For the benefit of the Ruesellville and Co- county court of Pendleton,


lun bia lodges,

496 To add a part of Allen county to the county

Rupealing an act for the relief of the citi of Warren,


zeus of Calchwell county, approved the For the relief of the 20th Regiment of the

27th January, 1815,

498 militia of this state,


For the benefit of the heirs of James Dunn, Authorizing the counis court of Harrison to


ib. sell part of their public ground,

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