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She followed him, prepar'd to view

The terrible behests of law ;
And the last scene of Jemmy's woes

With calm and stedfaft eye she saw.

Distorted was that blooming face,

Which she had fondly lov’d so long: And ftifled was that tuneful breath,

Which in her praise had sweetly sung:


And sever'd was that beauteous neck,

Round which her arms had fondly clos'd : And mangled was that beauteous breast,

On which her love-lick head repos'd:


And ravish'd was that constant heart,

She did to every heart prefer ; For tho' it could his king forget,

'Twas true and loyal ftill to her.


Amid those unrelenting flames

She bore this constant heart to fee; But when 'twas moulder'd into dulte

Now, now, she cried, I'll follow thee.

My death, my death alone can show

The pure and lasting love I bore: Accept, o heaven, of woes like ours,

And let us, let us weep no more.


C C 3


The dismal scene was o'er and past,

The lover's mournful hearse retir'd; The maid drew back her languid head,

And fighing forth his name, expir'd.


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Such words, as the reader cannot find here, he is desired to

look for in the Glosaries to the other volumes.

A Dof might


Are, as.

Attowre, s. out over, over and Deid of nicht, s. in dead above. of night.

Azein, agein, against. Aboven ous, above us.

Azont the ingle, s. p.61, beyond Advoutry, Advouterous, adulter, the fire. The fire was in the adulterous.

iniddle of the room *.
Aff, s. off.
Ahte, ought.
Aith, s. oatb.

Al, p. 5, albeit, although.
Alemaigne, f. Germany.

Bairded, s. bearded.
Alyes, p. 28, probably corrupted Bairn, S. child.
for algates, alavays.

Bale, evil, mischief, misery. Ancient, a flag, banner.

Balow, s. a nursery term, buss! Angel, a gold coin worth sos. lullaby! Sc. Ant, and.

Ban, curse, banning, curfing. Aplibt, p. 10, al aplyht, quite Baties, heavy flicks, clubs. complete.

Bayard, a noted blind borse in the Argabu he, barquebuse, an oldho old romances. The horse on which fashioned kind of musket.

the four fons of Aymon rode, is

In the west of Scotland, at this present time, in many cottages, they pile their peits and turfs upon stones in the midule of the room. There is a hole above the fire in the ridge of the house to let the smoke out at. In some places are cottage-houses, from the front of which a very wide chimney projects like a bow-window: the fire is in a grate, like a mali-kiln grate, round which the people fit: sometimes they draw this grate into the middle of the room. (Mr. LAMBE.)


Сс 4

man creature.

P. 62*

called Eayard Montalbor, by for both', or obesides, morto Skelton in his Phillip Spar. over'. row."

Bot, S. without.

Bot dreid, Be, s. by, Be that, by that time. without dread, i e certainly. Bearn, bairr, s. child; also bu. Bougils, s. bugle borns.

Bowne, ready. Bed, p. 9, bade.

Br::es of Yarrow, s. the billy Bede, p. 17, offer, eng ge.

banks of the river l'arrow. Befall, p. 72, befalien.

Brade, braid, s. broad.
B-foir, s. before.

Braifly, s. bravely.
Belive, immediately, presently. Praw, s. brave.
Ben, s. within, the inner-room, Brayd, S. arose, haftened.

Brayı attowre the bent, s. bafted Ben, p. II, be, are.

over the field. Bene, p. 12, bean, an expression Brede, breadth. So Chauc. of contempt.

Brenand drake, p. 1c, may pero Beuth, p 7 be, are.

haps be the same as a fire-drake, Ber the prys, p.7, bare the prize. or firey serpent, a meteor or fireBerys, beareth

work fo called: Here it seems to Besprent, besprinkled.

Signify burning embers, or fireBefted, p. 275, abode.

i brands." Bewraies, discovers, betrays. Brimme, public, universally known, Bet, better. Bett, did beat.

A. S. bryme, idem. Bi mi leauté, by my loyalty, bo Brouk her with winne, enjoy her nesty.

with pleasure, p. 16. A. S. brok. Birk, s. birch-tree.

Brouch, an ornamental trinket: a Blan, blanne, did, blin, i.e. line fione-buckle for a woman's breaft, ger, pop.

c. Vid. Brooche, Gioj. Blee, complexion.

Vol. III.
Blent, p. 144, ceased

Brozt, bronght.
Blink. s. a glimpse of light; the Puen, bueth, been, be, are.

sudden light of a candle seen in Buik, s book.
the night at a distance.

Burgers, buds, young foots,
Boist, boisteris, s. boast, boafters. Bulk ye, s. dreso ye.
Bollys, p. 17, bowls.

But, without, but let, without Bonny, s. handsome, comely.

bindrance. Boote, gain, advantage.

Bute, s. boot, advantage, good. Bot, s. but : Sometimes it seems used Butt, s. cut, the outer room.

*«Buto' house" means the outer part of the house, outer-room ; viz that part of the house into which you first enter, suppose, from the ftreet. “Ben o' house,” is the inner-room, or more retired part of the house. The daughter did not lie out of doors.-- The cottagers often desire their landlords to build them a Bu T, and a Ben. (Vid. Glofl. to Vol. III.) Mr. LAMBE.

C. Cadgily,

Con springe (a phrase)


Con fare, wen!, posed.
Cadgily, s. merrily, chearfully. Coote, p.25!, (no!e) cout.
Caliver, a kind of musket. Cop, bear, the top of anything. Sax.
Can curtesye, know, understand Coft, coll, fide.
good manners.

Cotydyallye, daily, every day.
Cannes, p. 21, wooden cups, how's. Covetise, covetousness.
Cantabanqui, Ital. ballad-fingers, Could hear, pbrafe for bare.
Jingers on benches.

Could creip, s crept. Could Canty, s. chearful, chatty.

say, faid. Could weip, S. Cantles, pieces, corners. Capul, a poor borje.

Could his good, p. 25-, Knetu Carle, churl, clown. It is afo qubat was good for him; Or

used in the North for a strong loaie perhaps, Could live upon his

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old nian.

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Carline, s. the feminine of Carle. Cou hen, p. 9, know.
Carpe, to speak, recite: als», to Croft, an inclosure near a boufe.

Carping, reciting:

Crook iny knee. p. 64, make
Chayme, p. 65, Cain.

lame my knee. They suy in the Che, (Somerset dialect.) L.

north, The borse is crookit,' Cheis, s. choose.

i.e. lame. The borse cruoks,” Cheefe, p. 21, the upper part of iegues lame.

the scutcheon in heraldry. Crouneth, p. 8, crown ye.
Chill, (Som dial.) I will. Crumpling, crooked; or perhups
Chould, ditto) I would.

quith crooked knotty borns.
Chylded, brought forth, wijs de Cule, s. cool.

Cunmer, s. gilip, friend, fr.
Chylder, children, children's.

Commere, c impere.
Clattered, beat so as to rattle. Cuie, cart, bied, regard.
Clead, s. clad, cleath.
Cienk ng, clinking, jingling.
Cl-pe, call.
Cohorted, incited, exharted.
Cokeney, p. 24. seems to be a di- Dale, s. deal, p. 75, bot give I

minutive for Cook; from the dale, un'els I deal.
Latin Coquinator, or Coqui. Dampnet, damined.
narius. The meaning seems to Dan, p. !", an ancient !itle of re-
be, thatEvery Fire and Five Speft; from Lat. Diminus.
« had a Cook or Scullion to attend D.:11ks, p. 24', Denmark, 9:ry.
" them." Chaucer's Cunt. Tales, Darli, p. 10, perhaps for Thar,
Svo Vol. IV. p.25?:

Coll roft, (a ph afe) nothing to Darr'd, s. bit.
the purpose.

Dirt the trie, s. hit the tree.
Com, p. 8, came.

Daukinn, diminutive of David.
Con, can, gan, begin. Item. Daunger bault, coynefs bolder).



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