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Fortunize, to make fortunate, | Gree, in, kinály, in good part

[blocks in formation]

GALAGE, a startup, a Halfendeal, half-part.

clown's shoe or boot.

Gan, can.

Garran, a kind of horse.
Gars, makes, causes.
Gute, way, progress, pace.
Gear, matter, affair, furniture.
Geason, rare, uncommon,

Halidom, holiness.

[blocks in formation]

Gelt, a gelded horse or other Haught, lofty, proud.

castrated animal.

Gern, to grin.

Gest, a deed, exploit.

Giambeux, boots.


Haulst, embraced round the

[blocks in formation]

Gin, engine, snare,

Glade, to gladden.

Glaive, or glave, a sword, a


Glib, a lock of hair.

Godded, made a god of.
Glode, glided, or glowed.
Gossips, akin through God.
Graile, gravel, sand.
Grange, a solitary rustic

Grayle, the holy vessel.
Greave, groove.

Gree, favour, liking, estima


Hent, took.

Heroess, heroine.

Herry, to worship, to honour,

to pay respect to. Herse, rehearsal of prayers. Hight, called.

Hight (see also Behight), committed, entrusted. Hild, held.

Hilding, a base low person. Hook or crook, by, in any possible way.

Hooved (and see Hove), ho vered, remained

Hospitage, hospitality.
Hostless, inhospitable.
Hot (and see Hight), called,

Hotspur, rash, hasty, impetu-
ous, inconsiderate.
Hours, prayers.

Hove, to remain, to hover.
Huckster, hooker, hawker.
Hugger mugger, in secret.

Humbless, humility.

Joan, Pope, as merry as, & phrase.

Jolly, handsome, noble.
Jollyhead, mirth, jollity.
Jovial, joyous, gladsome.

KEIGHT, caught.

Kern, an Irish irregular footsoldier. Kest, cast.

Kestrel kind, a base kind.

Hurtle, to dash, or strike Kid, from ken, to know.

violently against.

IFERE, together, in com

pany. Ilk, that same. Imp, a scion.

Imp, to engraft, to insert. Impacable, unappeasable. Impeach (see also Empeach),

to hinder, to accuse. Imply, to fold, or enfold. Importable, insupportable. Importunity, cruelty, severity,

perverseness. Indew, to put on. Infant (see also Child), prince, knight.

Infer, to bring upon.
Infest, annoyance.

Ingate, entrance, commence

[blocks in formation]

Kind, nature.

Kindly, natural, naturally. Kings and Kesars.

Kirtle, a petticoat, a cloak. Knife, a sword.

LAMPING, flaming, shining.

Latch, to catch.
Launce, a balance.

Lare, layer, pasture.

Leachcraft, medical or surgical skill or aid, Leap, a basket.

Lear, and lere, learning, Leasing, lying. lesson, lore.

Leave, to levy, to raise. Ledden, language, dialect, speech.

Legerdemain, sleight of hand.
Leke, leaky.

Leman, a sweetheart, a lover.
Let, to hinder.
Lewd, wicked, ignorant, lust-
Levin, lightning.


Licence to beg, a pauper's.
Lich, alike, equal.
Lief, dear.

Lief or loth, liking or dis-
liking, willing or unwilling.
Lig, to lie, to repose.
Like well, to thrive.
Likely, likeable.

Likelyness, likeness, resem

blance, similarity. Limehound, leamer or limer. Lin, to cease, to end. Lincoln green, a colour. Lionesse, part of Cornwall. List (and see Lust), to desire, to lust, to wish. Listful, disposed to listen. Lithe, pliable, yielding. Loord, a clown, a lout. Loos, praise, laud. Lore, left, lost.

Loring, instruction, learning.
Lorrel, a loose fellow.

Losel, an abandoned person.
Lout, to bow.
Lovely, loving.

Lover, a light, a louver.

Lug, a perch or rod, a measure of length. Luskishness, sluggishness, laziness.

Lust, wished, desired.

MACERATE, to make lean.

Mail, interwoven armour.
Make, to write poetry.

Make, to do.

Mell, to meddle, to mix.
Mercify, to compassionate.
Mere, absolute, entire.
Mesprise, contempt.
Mich, to steal.

Mieve, to move.

Miniments, evidences, muni


Minion, a pet, a favourite.

Minished, diminished.

Miscreance, misbelief.

Miscreated, ill-formed.
Misfare, to go wrong.

Mister, kind of, or manner of. Mister wight, manner or kind of man.

Mistreth not, needeth not,
signifieth not.
Miswend, to go amiss.
Moil, to defile, to soil.
Mome, a blockhead.
Mongibel, a volcano.

Mops and mows, mocks and mouths.

More, a root, a strawberry.
Morion, a helmet.

Mostwhat, chiefly.

Mott, measured, meeted.
Munificence, fortification.

Make (see also Mate), a mate, Muchel, much, mickle.

[blocks in formation]
[ocr errors]

Pouldred, powdered, spotted,


Origane, bastard marjoram.

Overcraw, to overcrow, to Practic, treacherous, prac

Ought, to own, to owe.

[blocks in formation]

PANACHEA, a panacea. Pannikell, the brain-pan, the skull.

Paravant, openly, before all,
beyond all.
Parbreak, a vomit.

Pardale, a sort of panther.
Parget, plaster, varnish.
Pass, to care for, to heed.
Passionate, to be in grief.
Patience perforce, of necessity,
by compulsion.
Payse, to poise, to weigh.
Peaze, a heavy blow.
Peece, a castle, a fortification.
Peevishness, silliness, folly.
Pelf, scraps, rubbish.
Perlous, perilous.

Persant, piercing, penetrating.

Persue, a track.

Pight, fixed, placed, set.
Pill, to pillage, to plunder.
Pinnoed, pinioned.
Pionings, diggings.
Plesh, splash, a pool.
Plight, to fold, to plait.
Poise, weight.

Poll and pill, to extort.
Pope Joan, as merry as, a

Portess, a prayer-book. Potshares, potshards, fragments of pottery. Pouke, Puck, Robin Good fellow, Hob-goblin.


Practise, to steal cunningly

or treacherously.

Prank, to display, to dress, to prink.

Prank, injury, mischief, playful trick.

Preace, press, crowd.
Preeve, or prieve, to prove.
Presage, to point out, to fore-
see, to forebode.
Prest, ready.
Pretence, intention.

Pretend, to hold, or to extend forth.

Pretended, stretched over.
Prevent, to anticipate.
Prief, proof (see also Preeve).
Prime, Spring, morning.
Privy or pert, secret or open,

with or without disguise. Proin, to prune, to smooth or

arrange feathers. Protence, a stretching out. Protend, to stretch out. Protract, delay, dilation. Prow, courageous, hardy. Pryse, to pay the price for. Pumy stone, or pumies, pumice stones, stones. Purchase, booty.

Purpose, conversation, dis


Purposes, a game.

QUAINT, strange, nice, curious.

Quaint, quenched.

Quarrel, a kind of squareheaded arrow.

Quarry, game, a heap of dead


Quayed, quailed, or cowed. Quell, to kill, to subdue.

Queme, to please, to gratify.
Quich, to stir, to move, to
give signs of life.
Quight, to requite, to repay.
Quinch, to stir, to move.
Quit claim, to release.
Quip, to taunt, to jeer.
Quooke, quaked.

RAIL, to pour down.
Rakehell, worthless, rascally.
Randon, random.
Rascal, base, villanous.
Rash, to tear violently.
Rashly, hastily, suddenly.
Rath, early, soon.
Raught, reached.

Ray, to beray, to streak.
Rayons, rays.
Read, or rede, to advise.
Re-ally, to rally.
Reame, realm, kingdom.
Rechless, reckless, careless.
Recoil, to retire, to withdraw.
Recoure, to recover.
Recuile, to recoil.

Recule, to turn back, to retire.
Recure (see also Recoure), to

[blocks in formation]

Revert, to return.
Revest, re-clothe.

Rew, row (see also Arew).
Riotise, riotousness.
Rivage, shore.
Roine, to growl.
Rood, the cross.

Rote, a musical instrument.
Rove, to shoot.
Rown, to whisper.

Ruless, unruly, lawless, un-
Rutty, rooty.

SACRED, enchanted, holy. Sad, grave, heavy, mielancholy, dull.

Saine, to say.
Salied, leaped, sallied.
Salued, saluted.

Sam (see also Ysame), to-
gether, collected.
Samite, silk-stuff.

Saw, sentence, saying, decree.
Say, a coarse stuff.
Say, assay, proof.
Scand, climbed.
Scarmoges, skirmishes.
Scern, to discern.

Scorse, exchange,



[blocks in formation]
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