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BORD, across.

Abrayd, to a

wake, to rouse. Abye, to abide, to suffer for.

Acates, provisions.
Accloy, or acloy, to burden,
to encumber.

Accoste, to go side by side.
Accoy, to coy, to caress.
Acoy, to reduce, to assuage.
Accoyld, encircled.
Accrew, to increase.
Acquit, to release, to free.'
Adaw, to daunt, to subdue,
to reduce.

Addeem, to judge, to doom.
Address, to clothe.
Addrest, prepared.
Adore, to adorn.
Adrad, fearful.

Advengement, revenge.
Adview, to observe, to see.
Advising, looking at.
Adward, award.
Emuling, emulating.
Etna, a volcano.
Affrap, to encounter, to meet,
to strike.

Affret, an encounter, a meeting.

Affront, to encounter, to con-
front, to oppose.
Aggrate, to gratify, to propi-

Aglet, a point, a tag.
Agrise, to dread, to terrify.
Aguize, to dress, to a lorn.
Alablaster, alabaster.
Alegge, to alleviate, to allay.
Alew, howling.

Algates, entirely, all manner
of ways.
Alleggeance, alleviation.
Alls, also, likewise.
Amate, to confound, to daur.t.
Amenance, carriage, beha-

Amis, a kind of vestment.
And for ing, the participle.
Apaid, satisfied, paid.

Apes on the shoulders of fools.

Appele, to accuse.
Appellation, appeal.
Arew, on a row.
Arraught, seized, reached.
Arret, to allot, to appoint.
Assoil, to absolve, to free.
Assot, to besot, to stupify,
to dull.

Astert, to affright, to alarm.

Astoined, or astoned, aston- | Bellamy, a fair friend, a

ished, surprised.

Astond, stunned.

Atone, at one.

Attone, to agree, to accord.
Attone, at once.

Avale, to lower, to descend,

to alight. Avize, or avise, advise. Avoure, avowry. Awhape,to terrify, to frighten. Aygulets, or aglets, eyelets.

BACE, prisoner's base, or bace.

Buffle, to disgrace utterly.
Baile, power, limit.
Balk, to cross, to baffle.

Balk, to disappoint, to defeat,

to treat with contempt. Balk, a ridge, a furrow. Ban, to forbid.

Bun, to curse.
Banneral, a small flag.
Barbican, a watch-tower.
Basanet, a head-piece.
Buscimans, kissing hands.
Bate, bit, of did bite.
Batteilant, embattled.
Buttil, to fatten.

Bawn, a building, habitation.
Bay, a stand-still.
Beathed, bathed, plunged.
Beauperes, fair companions.
Behave, to employ, to use.
Behight, called, deemed, judg.


Behight, commanded.
Behight, entrusted, committed.
Behight, promised.

Belaccoyle, fair salutation, or greeting.

Belay, to besiege, to invest,
to beleaguer.
Belgardes, sweet looks.
Belive, promptly, quickly.


Bents, stalks of grass.

Besits, besuits, befits, be


Betake, to commit, entrust, deliver.

Beteem, to allow, to suffer. Bid the base, to challenge as to speed.

Blatter, to rail, to rage.
Blend, to blind, to confound.
Blent, blinded, confounded,

Blent, blended, mingled.
Blin, to cease.
Blist, wounded.

Blive, quickly, speedily.
Blunt, ignorant, rude.
Bodrages, border ravages.
Bolt, to sift, to canvass.
Bolts, arrows, shafts.
Boon, goods, &c. obtained by

Bord, to accost, to approach,
to advance towards.
Bord, a jest, a gibe, a quip.
Bordragings, incursions, ra-


Borrel, rustic, clownish.
Borrow, pledge, security.
Boughts, bouts, twists, folds.
Bourdon, burden.

Bourn, a boundary, a stream.
Bouzing, drinking.
Bowers, benders, muscles.
Brame, bitter, violent.

Bransles, brawls, dances.
Breme, violent, hot.
Bren, to burn.
Brickle, brittle.
Brize, the gadfly.
Broom, gorse, furze.
Brush, to bruise.
Brust, burst, broke.

Bug,a monster,object of terror.
Burden, a club.

[blocks in formation]

Cast, throw, time.

Castory, a colour.

Causen, to explain, to tell.
Cautelous, cautious.
Cess, to cease.

Chaffar, to exchange, to bargain.

Chamelot water, camlet watered.

Chamfred, wrinkled,furrowed.
Charm, to enchant, to bewitch.
Charm, a song, an incanta-
tion, a spell.
Charming, tuning, playing.
Chaw, the jaw.
Chayre, dear, chary.
Checklaton, a rich kind of
oriental stuff.

Cherry, to cherish, to cheer. Chevisance, enterprise, bargain, dealing.

Child (see also Infant), a knight.

Cleep, to call, to name.

[blocks in formation]

Company, companion. Compare, to procure, to obtain, to accumulate. Compassion, to compassionate, to pity. Compast, round.

Complement, completion. Complines, evening song. Concrew, to grow together. Condition, inward or mental qualities.

Confused, commingled.

Contain, to retain.

Conteck, contest.

Contraire, to oppose, to con


Contrive, to wear away, to


Convince, to conquer.
Copesmate, a fellow-dealer.
Corb, crooked, bent.
Corbes, corbels.

Cordwayne, Cordovan leather.
Corsive, corrosive.
Cott, a little boat.
Could, knew.
Counterfesaunce, counterfeit-
ing, imitation,
Counterpeise, to counterpoise,
to counterbalance.
Cour, to cover, to cower.
Covetize, covetousness.
Cowardree, cowardice.
Crake, to boast, to brag, to


Crank, lusty, courageous.
Craples, claws.
Craven, a coward.
Crook, a gibbet.
Crowd, a fiddle.

Cuffling, scuffling.

Culver, a dove.

Curat, a cuirass.

Curiets, leather furniture.

Curtaxe, a cutlass.

Comment, to devise, to feign. DAINT, dainty.

Duintest, daintiest.

Dupper, neat, pretty. Darraign, to prepare, to arrange.

Darraine, to accomplish. Darts of Cupid, lead or gold. Dayes-man, an arbitrator. Dearling, darling.

Dearnly, secretly, darkly. Death's Dance, a pageant. Decked, adorned, ornamented. Decrew, to decrease.

Deem, to judge, decide, to doom.

Defend, to forbid, to repel.
Define, to conclude.
Defray, to satisfy, to settle.
Degender, to degenerate.
Delay, to remove, to put away,

to postpone.
Delay, to temper, mitigate.
Delices, delights.
Lemayne, demeanour.

Demean, to disgrace, vilify.

Demiss, humble.

Deny, to refuse.

Dernful, dismal, dark. Dernly, secretly, mournfully.


[blocks in formation]

Disentrail, to pour out from the entrails.

Disloign, to separate, to part.
Dismayd, or dismade.
Disple, to discipline.
Disseise, to dispossess.
Distraught, torn in two.
Distraughted, distracted.
Diverse, to diverge.
Doe, to cause or to make.
Dædale, skilful, cunning,

Dole, a share, a portion.
Donne, done on.
Donne, to do.

Doole, a complaint, a dole.
Dortour, a dormitory.
Double more, as much again.
Doucepere, one of the twelve


Drear, dreariness.
Drent, drowned.
Drivel, a driveller.

Droyle, a drudge.

Dumpish, melancholy, sad, sorrowful.

Dumps, sorrow, sadness. Duresse, imprisonment, compulsion, hardship.

EARNE, to yearn, to long for, to be grieved. Earst, at, at length, at first, as formerly. Eath, easy, easily. Edify, to build, to erect. Efforce, to force.

Eft, afterwards, subsequently, again.

Eke, to increase, to add to.
Els, elsewhere, already.
Embaild, bound up.
Embay, to bathe.

[blocks in formation]

Emboweled, disboweled. Embrewed, bloody, wet with

Eme, an uncle.
Emmarble, to harden.

Empeach, to hinder, to accuse.
Empight, placed, fixed.
Encheason, occasion.
Endlong, from end to end.
Endosse, to engrave on the

Endue, to endow.

Enfeloned, become fierce, or

enraged, made fell. Enhaunced, raised, lifted up. Enlumine, to enlighten, to illumine.

Enrace, to encase.
Enseam, to fatten.
Entail, carving.
Entaild, engraved, cut.
Enterdeal, mediation, inter-

Entertake, to entertain, to receive.

Entire, interior, inner.
Entrail, a coil, involution.


twisted, inter

Entreat, to treat.

Entrold, encircled.

Enure, to accustom.
Enured, committed, used.
Envoy, dismissal, conclusion.
Esloine, to withdraw.
Essoine, excuse.
Excheat, escheat, right as lord.
Expert, to experience.
Extreat, extraction.
Eyas, imperfectly fledged,

FAIN, to be glad, to desire. Fay, faith.

Faytour, vagabond, cheat, rogue.

Fear, to fray, to frighten.
Feare (see also Fere and
Pheere), companion, wife.
Fell, the gall.

Fellonest, fellest, deadliest.
Fere, husband, wife, compa-
Ferme, a farm.
Ferry, a boat.
Fet, fetched.

Feutre, to prepare, to make ready.

Fiaunt, commission, fiat.
File, to defile.

File, to smooth, to polish, to refine.

Fit, strain, division of a song.
Flaw, a gust of wind.
Fleet, to float.

Flight, a kind of long arrow.
Flitt, fleet, swift.
Flour, a spot, floor.
Foison, plenty, abundance.
Folk-mote, a meeting of peo-

Fon, a fool, a fond or silly person.

Fond, foolish, silly.
Food, a feud.

For, because.

Foray (and see Forray), to
ravage, to pillage.
Fordo, to undo, to destroy.
Fore-hent, fore-taken.
Foreslack, to delay, to defer,
to postpone.
Forewearied, overwearied.
Forlent, given beforehand.
Former, foremost.
Formerly, first, in the first

Forray, to ravage, pillage.
Forswat, over-sweated.
Forswonk, over-wearied.

to unthink, to

grieve, lament. Forthy, therefore.

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