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Scales, John L., M. D.—The Use of Guaiacol, Locally Applied, to Con-

trol the Temperature of Pneumonia and Allied Conditions in


.. 188

Sclerotic Otitis in Its Relation to Arterio-Sclerosis.


Second Popliteal Aneurism Operated on by Matas' Method-By Dr. H.

B. Gessner


Senn Memorial Services in Chicago-Editorial..


Serums in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Tuberculosis-By Dr. Wm.

E. Evans


Shoemaker, John V., M. D.-Rosacea of the Chin and Nose.

Simon, S. K., M. D.-Cases of Achylia Gastrica..

Sinusitis as a Cause of Sarcoma...

Slack, Henry R., M. D.-Treatment of Inoperable Cancer.

Some Minor Studies in Psychology, with Special Reference to Mastur-
bation-By Dr. A. J. Himel....

Some Things Which the General Practitioner Can and Should Do
with the Stomach Tube-By Dr. J. T. Halsey...

Split Bandage for Fractures of Humerus, A-By Dr. J. D. Bloom....186
Spooner, H. G., M. D.—Methods of Staining and Cultivating the Gono-
Spooner, Henry G, M. D.—Stricture of the Male Urethra. ..629
State Medical Society Meeting-Editorial

State Society Meeting, The-Editorial..

State Standards of Medical Education Editorial..

Storck, J. A., M. D.--Detection and Significance of Occult Blood in

Feces and Stomach Contents, with Special Reference to the
Value of the Adlers' Benzidin Test....


Story, Sidney, Hon.—Address of Annual Orator of Orleans Parish

Medical Society


Stricture of the Male Urethra—By Dr. Henry G. Spooner..


Surgery of the Kidney with Special Reference to the Use of Gauze

Sling in Fixation of the Kidney; Some Recent Experiences in

the-By Dr. J. A. Danna....


Symptoms Due to Peripheral Neuritis, or Spinal Lesions in Diabetes
Mellitus, The

Syphilis, with Notes on Symptomatology, Hygiene and Treatment by
the Inunction Method-By Dr. L. G. LeBeuf..




Tetanus Cured by Intra-Dural Injections of Sulphate of Magnesia...683
Thayer, W. S., M. D.-On the Importance of the Simpler Physical and
Psychical Methods of Treatment


Therapeutic Use of Calcium Salts....


Thiberge, N. F., M. D.-Criminal Abortion.


Electricity in Medicine....


Tic Douloureux, Treated by Osmic Acid Injection, A Case of-By Dr.

Homer Dupuy


Trachoma-By Dr. W. L. Egan.

Trade of Medicine, The-Editorial.

Trahan, A. R., M. D.-The Anatomy and Physiology of the Adrenals. 32
Traumatic Epilepsy-By Dr. E. Denegre Martin.

Tropical Diseases of the Philippine Islands, with Especial Reference
to Amebic Abscess of the Liver-By Edward W



Tuberculosis, Treatment of-By Dr. W. F. Couvillion.


Tuberculosis of the Skin-By Dr. H. E. Menage..

Tuberculosis in Infancy and Childhood-By Dr. W. W. Butterworth. 1003

Tuberculosis in New Orleans, The Report of-Editorial...

. 147

Tympany and Colitis in Typhoid, How to Meet-By Dr. E. M. Du-

Typhoid fever, with an Unexplained Sympton, A Case of-By Dr. C.

W. Allen



Use of Guaiacol, Locally Applied, to Control the Temperature of Pneu-

monia and Allied Conditions in Children-By Dr. John L.

Uterine Carcinoma with Especial Reference to Its Early Diagnosis and

Radical Treatment, The Present Status of the Quesion of-By
Dr. S. M. D. Clark...

Uterine Prolapse and Cystocele, The Treatment of-By Dr. C. Jeff



Value of Mixtures of Ferments..

Van Wart, R. M., M. D.-Peripheral Nerve Injuries, Their Prognosis
and Treatment

Version or High Forceps.

Visit to Foreign Clinics, Some Notes from My-By Dr. R. C. Lynch..321


Weis, Joseph D., M. D.-A Practical View of Bacteriology for the

A Rapid Method of Demonstration of the Spirochæta Pallida
for Diagnosis

What Surgery Should the Country Doctor Do and What Can He
Afford to Neglect ?-By Dr. E. D. Newell...

White, S. L., M. D.-The Diagnosis of Cardiac Disease.

. 104
Williams, E. M., M. D.-Fracture of the Humerus by Muscular Action,
Report of a Case...

Wymer, J. J., M. D.-A Review of Cancer, with Report of Two Cases
Being Treated With Trypsin...




Abdominal Hernia—DE GARMO

.695 Abdominal Pain—MAYLARD

87 Alcohol, The Sanction for Its Use-STARKE.

.517 Anatomical Nomenclature, B. N. A., or—BARKER.

.173 Anatomy, Treatise on, Vols. 1-II–MORRIS-McMURRICH

.434 Anatomy, Treatise on, Vols. III, IV, V-MORRIS-McMURRICH.. .618 Anatomy of the Brain and Spinal Cord—SANTEE.

.615 Anatomy for Nurses, Text-Book of–Bundy.

.170 Anemia in Porto Rico...

.971 Anesthetics—BUXTON

.262 Autotoxicoses, Their Theory, Pathology and Treatment—STERN. 85 Bacteriology, Including Animal Parasites, A Compend on-PITFIELD. .172 Beri-Beri, The Cause and Prevention of—BRADDON.

.785 Cancer of the Rectum—Cripps......

.170 Cosmetic Surgery, The Correction of Featural Imperfections—MILLER. .872 Diseases of the Lungs—BABCOCK...

:518 Cutaneous Therapeutics, Handbook of-HARDAWAY-GRINDON

.694 Dermatology, Principles and Practice of Dermatology-Puser. .260 Diseases of the Digestive System—BILLINGS... Diseases of the Nose and Throat, An Epitome of_FERGUSON

.171 Diseases of the Skin, Text-Book of_VAN HARLINGEN.

..693 Diseases of the Skin, Treatise on—STELWAGON.

.872 Disorders of Respiration and Circulation-Von NEUSSER.

-785 Efficient Life, The....

.264 Every-Day Diseases of Children and Their Rational Treatment, TheCHANDLER

.872 Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat–WOOD-ANDREWS HEAD—YEAR Book Co... 86 Foods and Their Adulterations—WILEY..

..263 Fractures and Dislocations—STIMSON.

..617 General Medicine, Vol. I, 1907—YEAR Book.

.435 General Surgery, Vol II-HEAD-MURPHY.

.262 Heart Disease and Blood Pressure-BISHOP.

-786 Heath's Manual of Minor Surgery and Bandaging-POLLARD.

.971 Histology, Essentials of Schaefer....

264 Human Anatomy-PIERSOL


..617 Human Anatomy, Atlas and Text-Book of-SOBOTTA-McMURRICH....

..692 Human Blood Vessels–MEIGS...

.435 Human Embryology, with a Glossary of Embryological Terms, Syllabus of Lectures on-MANTON...

..171 Human Embryology, Syllabus of Lectures on—MANTON.

.616 Hygiene and Sanitation, A Manual of—EGBERT...

.692 Hygiene of Nerves and Mind in Health and Disease—FOREL. .615 Infancy and Childhood, Diseases of-FISCHER.

.693 Infectious and Parasitic Diseases—LANGFELD.

.264 Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, Introduction to—LANGFELD.

.872 International Clinics, Vol. II, Sixteenth Series—LIPPINCOTT..

86 International Clinics, Vols. I, II, III, 17th Series, 1907–LIPPINCOTT... 694 Lateral Curvature of the Spine and Round Shoulders—LOVETT. .434 Lea's Series of Pocket Text-Books—SCHLEIFF..


.873 .873


Lea's Series of Pocket Text-Books, Diseases of Children-TUTTLE.
Light and X-Ray Treatment of Skin Diseases—Morris-Dore...
Materia Medica and Therapeutics, A Practitioner's Handbook of-

.517 Medical Diagnosis-GREENE

.435 Metabolism and Practical Medicine-VON NOORDEN

692 Minor Surgery, A Text-Book of-FOOTE.

.873 Modern Medicine-OSLER

.168 Modern Medicine; Its Theory and Practice, Vol. II and III–OSLER. .784 New Hygiene, The-METCHNIKOFF.

.263 Nose, Throat and Ear, Diseases of-GRAYSON.

.433 Obstetrics-WILLIAMS

.616 Obstetrics, Essentials of-JEWETT

86 Obstetrics, Manual of-King

.173 Obstetrics, Practice of_EDGAR

86 Obstetrics, The Practice of-PETERSON

.173 Operations Upon the Intestines and the Stomach, The Technic ofGOULD

.261 Operative Otology, Surgical Pathology and Treatment of Diseases of the Ear-BLAKE-REIK

..433 Operative Surgery-Binnie

.262 Organic Nervous Diseases, Diagnosis of-HERTER-Clark.

.615 Origin and Prevalence of Typhoid Fever in the District of Columbia, Report on the--ROSENAU

-785 Orthopedic Surgery-WHITMAN

87 Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology, Annals of-FRAENKEL. .433 Parafin in Surgery-LUCKETT-HORN

. 172 Physical Diagnosis—ANDERS Physiology, A Text-Book of-Ort.

.694 Plague, A Treatise on-SIMPSON

..972 Plaster of Paris and How to Use It-Ware.

170 Plaster of Paris and How to Use It-WARE.

971 Pocket Formulary, A-THORNTON.

..517 Post-Operative Treatment—MORSE

.434 Practical Diagnosis-HARE

:786 Practical Dietetics with Referene to Diet in Disease-PATTEE.

85 Practical Fever Nursing-REGISTER.

..972 Practical Gynecology, A Text-Book of—Gilliam.

873 Practical Medicine Series, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, Vol. III, 1907 Series- Wood ANDREWS-YEAR BOOK...

433 Practical Medicine Series, Vol X, Skin and Veneral Diseases; Nerv

ous and Mental Diseases—BAUM-PATRICK-HEALEY-YEAR BOOK 263 Practical Therapeutics—Hare Practice of Medicine for Students and Practitioners, A Text-Book of

the-HARE Principles and Practice of Medicine, A Treatise on the-EDWARDS.... Progressive Medicine, Mar. 1, 1907–LEA..

435 Progressive Medicine, Vol. IX No. 2, June, 1907—LEA.

695 Progressive Medicine, Vol. III, Sept., 1907–HARE-LANDIS-LEA. 972 Psychiaty, A Psychological Study of Insanity-MENDEL-Krauss... 172 Psychology Applied to Medicine, Introductory Studies--Wells. 172 Psychology of Sex. Erotic Symbolism; The Mechanism of Dutemescence; The Psychic State in Pregnancy-Ellis.

172 Roentgen Rays and Electra-Therapeutics—KASSABIAN. Self-Propelled Vehicles-HOMANS.

170 Surgery, Manual of-STEWART

617 Surgery; Its Principles and Practice-KEEN.

169 Surgery, The Operations of-JACOBSON and ROWLANDS.







Surgery, for Students and Physicians, Compend of-HORWITZ. 971 Surgery, Modern-DACOSTA

971 Surgery, Modern-PARK Surgical Diagnosis-EISENDRATH

262 Surgical Diseases of the Chest-BECK.

261 Surgical Suggestions-BRICKNER

617 Treatment of Disease, A Manual of Practical Medicine, The-Wilcox 435 Tropical Medicine- JACKSON

87 Tuberculosis-KNOPF's PRIZE Essay..

88 Tumors, Innocent and Malignant-BLAND-SUTTON.

173 Woman in Girlhood, Wifehood and Motherhood-Cohen.


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