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VICKSBURG, Miss., April 6, 1946. Gen. ROBERT W. CRAWFORD,

President, Mississippi River Commission, Vicksburg, Miss. . .. DEAR GENERAL, CRAWFORD: This is to certify that the mayor and aldermen of the city of Vicksburg hereby agree to act jointly with the Warren County Board of Supervisors in acquiring necessary rights-of-way for the proposed Vicksburg-Yazoo levee project. They also agree to cooperate officially in sponsoring the maintenance of the levee after completion by the Government of the United States. Sincerely yours,

E. W. HAINING, Mayor.
F. M. GARVEY, Alderman.
E. D. SHEFFIELD, Alderman.


· Jackson, April 12, 1946. Mr. ALBERT E. TUCKER, President, Warren County Board of Supervisors,

Vicksburg, Miss. DEAR MR. TUCKER: It is my understanding that Watren County and the city of Vicksburg are interested in the development of the area north of the city of Vicksburg and alongside the Yazoo River as industrial sites.

If this land could be developed through proper'flood control, I am sure that it would mean much to the industrial development of your county as well as to the State of Mississippi, and I am sure that there are many industries which are looking for such locations. The Mississippi Agricultural and Industrial Board is interested in helping you as well as other sections of the State in attracting industries here and I hope that you will be able to secure the necessary Federal assistance in making this development possible.

If I can be of service to you in this matter, please call on me.
With best wishes, I am,
Very sincerely yours,

Thos. L. BAILEY, Governor.


Jackson, March 27, 1946. To Whom It May Concern:

Please be advised that I have been apprised of the proposed Vicksburg-Yazoo project and am acquainted with the purposes and objects thereof. I was born and have spent my life in Rolling Fork, Miss., approximately 40 miles north of the city of Vicksburg. I have had close contacts with that city and its environs. I am familiar with the topography of the land and I know that the progress of Vicksburg has been hampered extremely by the lack of sufficient level land for development. Likewise the harbor area in Vicksburg has become congested and it is imperative, if Vicksburg and that section is to grow from an industrial and river harbor standpoint, that additional facilities be opened. I do not know of any other area which could be utilized for the purpose than the one selected.

The development of the area proposed would be of immense benefit not only to the city of Vicksburg and the county of Warren but also to that entire section of the State of Mississippi, as well as to the interests of the State as a whole. Yours respectfully,



VICKSBURG, Miss., March 22, 1946. To Whom It May Concern:

The writer is the president of the First National Bank & Trust Co. of Vicksburg, Miss., which bank has been in existence since October 1884. I have lived in Warren County all my life and for 39 years have been connected with this bank in various capacities from teller to my present position, holding an executive position about 33 of these years. For more than 25 years I have been an active worker in the chamber of commerce; and the experience in the bank and in the chamber qualifies me, in a small way at least, in assessing values of land in this section.

Year after year we have traveled over the hills of Warren County to try to locate a site for some industry that was knocking at our doors; but, due to the topography of this section, no sites were available except at a prohibitive cost due to grading or filling.

To my mind, the proposed Vicksburg-Yazoo project is the most constructive piece of work offered this community in its entire history. It will reclaim several thousand acres of land subject to overflow immediately north of Vicksburg. Many of these acres have been sold in the past as low as $1 per acre and at inflated prices much of it is worth only an average of $10 to $12 per acre. If the proposed levee were built, all the land enclosed would immediately become available for intensive farming, industrial sites, and other uses, and the price per acre would jump to $300 to $500 per acre and that most closely located to Vicksburg much higher. These suggested prices are based, of course, on the possibility of the lands being used for industrial sites, airport facilities, residential subdivisions, and the like. For farming purposes the land could easily run $75 to $100 per acre.

This institution is backing our mayor and commissioner and our board of supervisors 100 percent in putting this project over. Respectfully yours,

8. E. TREANOR, President.


Vicksburg, Miss., March 22, 1946. . To Whom It May Concern:

For the past 23 years I have been an officer of the Merchants National Bank & Trust Co. of Vicksburg, Miss., and during a good part of that period I was in charge of the real-estate loan department and we did a large mortgage loan business in the city and farm property in this area, so I feel that I have a reasonably good idea of present and past values of lands in this area.

One of our problems in Vicksburg for many years has been the lack of level land for industrial purposes that was not subject to overflow. We are in the hilly section and there are practically no large tracts of level land available. The territory to be embraced by the proposed Vicksburg-Yazoo project will be exceptionally valuable to Vicksburg in my opinion and will give us some land which we badly need for industrial expansion. Some of this land in past years has been almost worthless and was worth not more than $10 to $15 an acre. In fact, not many years ago a considerable tract of it sold for less than those prices. If it is protected by the proposed levee it should increase considerably in value and will be worth per acre many times what it formerly could have been sold for. The potential development of this land in my opinion is vital to Vicksburg's interest and the actual increase in value is hard to estimate depending, of course, upon the demand for industrial sites, but the poorer land in my opinion would easily sell for 10 to 20 times as much as its present value. Yours very truly,

R. A. GEARY, President.


l'ickburg, Miss., March 22, 1946. Mr. M. L. MILES,

Chamber of Commerce, Vicksburg, Miss. DEAR SIR: As a life-long resident of Vicksburg and Warren County and being actively engaged in the real-estate business for the past 17 years I feel adequately equipped to determine land values in this vicinity. From 1935 through 1942 our firm represented the Home Owners' Loan Corporation as contract management and sales brokers and at the present time are the sole representatives of the Federal Public Housing Authority in this territory. We are also serving as appraisers for the Veterans' Administration and the Equitable Life Assurance Society.

For a number of years Vicksburg and the surrounding territory has lost a wealth of opportunities for commercial and industrial expansion due exclusively to the unavailability of desirable sites, and this condition unfortunate'y will

continue indefinitely unless the territory adjacent to the city is protected from recurring floods. •

In the proposed Vicksburg-Yazoo project, the present average value of the land involved is $15 per acre. A number of acres in this territory within the past 5 years have been sold for taxes. If this land is given permanent flood protection, its market value will rise immediately to $400 per acre, and when this same territory, comprising approximately 11,000 acres, is developed for commercial, industrial, and airport facilities I believe most sincerely the per acre value will rise to $800. Yours very truly,



Vicksburg, Miss., March 22, 1946. To Whom It May Concern:

I am a native of Vicksburg, Warren County, Miss., and for the past 17 years have been actively engaged in the practice of law in Vicksburg. A large proportion of my practice has been in connection with the handling of real estate, including the making of abstracts, title opinions, and the closing out of transactions involving real-estate trades. In this manner I have handled numerous transactions all over Warren County, as well as elsewhere in the State of Mississippi. Additionally, my firm represents the First National Bank & Trust Co. of Vicksburg, Miss., in which bank I am serving, and have served for approximately the past 10 years, as a director. In this connection I have frequently been called upon to assess the value of lands for the purposes of making loans thereon.

As a result of the foregoing, I am very familiar with the going value of prices for real estate in Warren County, as well as alined with uses thereof in connection with the city of Vicksburg. There has been an extreme scarcity of suitable lands for industrial purposes. As a result, extremely large prices are paid for commercial sites. I am familiar with the territory to be embraced by the proposed Vicksburg-Yazoo project. The normal going value of the land embraced therein at the present time, and has been for many years, is, in my judgment, between $10 and $15 an acre, as an average. There are some pieces thereof which naturally have a much higher value, but there are other and greater areas which have little market value. If this area is enclosed in the project proposed and is protected from overflows, due to the scarcity of available land in this area close to the city of Vicksburg, and due to the advantages which would be derived to the land itself, in my judgment the average value per acre of the land thus enclosed would be in the neighborhood of $400 to $500 an acre. This potential value is assuming what should be the natural result of the project, namely, the use of the land for industrial and other purposes, such as airport facilities, river facilities, and the like. Yours very truly,


VICKSBURG, Miss., March 26, 1946. Mr. M. L. MILES,

Secretary-Manager, Chamber of Commerce, Vicksburg, Miss. DEAR MR. MILES : I have taken a great deal of interest in the recent publicity given to the proposed leveeing of approximately 11,000 acres immediately north of Vicksburg, which is overflow land. With the tract protected from high waters, it will give this area a new industrial and farming section.

As for agricultural purposes there is no land more fertile and productive. As the situation is at present, it is a hit-and-miss proposition as to farming, and wholly unsuited for industrial usage. On account of cramped locations in this vicinity, I have recently sold traets of less than an acre for $6,000 and more.

Having been active here as a realtor for 26 years, I feel like I am in a better position to realize just how much it will mean in the increase in values of this protective area. While I do not intend to convey that this will increase all of this land the price that I have given in this statement above, I do say the increase would be enormous, especially over the present average value of approximately $25 per acre. Very truly yours,




Vicksburg, Miss., March 18, 1946. WARREN COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS,

City Board of Aldermen, Vicksburg, Miss. GENTLEMEN : In regard to the proposed levee project now being considered by you with the possibility of recommending to Congress that this project be carried out, I wish to state to you that this plan would greatly aid the school transportation program of Warren County.

One school bus operates over approximately 12 miles of road that is in the overflowed area. Under existing conditions, this bus service to 25 to 30 school children must be discontinued during flood periods, making it necessary for them to be absent from school for extended periods of time.

As a project of mutual interest to both city and county, I, as a representative of Warren County schools, endorse the proposed plan and offer any assistance I might give to aid in promoting same. Very truly yours,



ALLEIN Post No. 3, INC.,

Vicksburg, Miss., March 22, 1946. Mr. ALBERT TUCKER,

President, Warren County Board of Supervisors, Vicksburg, Miss. Mayor E. W. HAINING,

Vicksburg, Miss. DEAR SIR: As commander of Allein Post, American Legion, Vicksburg, Miss., I wish to convey to you the fact that the proposed Vicksburg-Yazoo project receives unanimous endorsement of our organization.

We are familiar with the intense scarcity of commercial and industrial properties in this area and it is our view that the project which you are considering represents a practical solution in relieving this condition.

We have no practical airport site within close proximity to our city and we believe that this is another important factor to recommend the quick consummation of this project.

We want to put at your disposal all of our facilities and to promise you a
familiar brand of cooperation, if at any time you feel the services of Allein
Post, American Legion, can be utilized.
Very sincerely yours,

ARTHUR HADAD, Commander.

Name of manufacturer


Date of

Signature of letter


Kaufman Air Conditioning Co. 4336 West Pine Blvd., St. Jan. 30, 1946 Sam Kaufman.

Louis, Mo. Fontaine Truck Equipment Co-- | 3827 1st 'Ave., North Birming- Jan. 24, 1946 J. P. K. Fontaine.

ham, Ala. Joseph P. Day, Inc. ------------ 405 Lexington Ave., New Jan. 11, 1946 | Bernard P.

York 17, N. Y.'. Fraser Furnace Co...

Stockton 34, Calif...

Jan. 9, 1946 G. B. Allred.

red him Oxford Sporting Goods Manu 87 Ferry St., Jersey City 7, | Jan. 7, 1946

de films

A. LoBar. * facturing Co.

N. J.
Bowers Battery & Spark Plug Reading, Pa --------

Jan. 8, 1946

C. P. Bowers. Simplex Time Recorder Co. Gardner, Mass.....

Jan. 2, 1946 | Frank D. Toohey. Reynolds Metal Co..

Louisville, Ky...

Dec. 20, 1945 Marion Caskie. Harvey L. Hooke..

West Hartford 7, Conn..--- Dec. 15, 1945 Harvey L. Hooke. Jackson & Church Co...

Saginaw, Mich...

Feb. 19, 1945) R. K. Resseguie. Kroehler Manufacturing Co.. Naperville, Ill...

Oct. 4, 1944 Felton D. Goodwin. Armco Drainage & Metal Prod Post Office Box 7426, New Oct. 3, 1944 W. E. ucts Co.

Orleans, La. Mitchell Manufacturing Co.---- Fort Smith, Ark. --

Oct. 27, 1944 | Albert Mitchell. The Flexicore Co., Inc..

220 East 42d St., New York 17, Mar. 6, 1945 Marc M. Harrison.

N. Y. Allen & Hoshall.....

65 McCall Pl., Memphis, May 4, 1945 R. M. Allen.);

| Tenn. Illinois Central System, 'indus 135 East 11th Pl., Chicago 5, | Apr. 13, 1945 Anderson Pace. trial department.


Name of manufacturer


Date of

Signature of letter

Rice Stix Manufacturing
Ralph W. B. Reade
Dallas Engineering Co....
Marquette Cement Manufactur-

ing Co.
Joel Holmes Associates --------
Hettrick Manufacturing Co.--
Martin Peper & Martin....
Jack Goldson Co.
John B. Molitor

St. Louis, Mo...
Box 757, Chicago Ill...
2000 South Akard St., Dallas,

Chicago, Ill.
Box 3972, Shaker Square Sta-

tion, Cleveland 20, Ohio.
Toledo, Ohio...-
407 North 8th St., St. Louis,

1212 Stanford Ave., Los An-

geles 21, Calif.
400 West Madison St., Chica-

go, Ill.
Louisville, Ky.
Lancaster, Pa...
Greenville, SC
Jackson, Miss..
Laughton, Okla.
Baton Rouge, La-
Detroit, Mich
Chicago, Ill...-
1900 East 24th St., Cleveland,

1109 Louderman Bldg., St.

Louis Mo.

Apr. 23, 1945 Edgar Behle.
Dec. 11, 1944 Ralph W. B. Reade.
Nov. 30, 1944 M. W. Jackson.
Nov. 14, 1944 W. A. Wecker.
Nov. 30, 1944 J. F. Holmes.
Aug. 2, 1944 G. Putnam O'Brien.
July 19, 1944 Christian B. Peper.
June 22, 1944 J. M. Goldson.
May 2, 1944 John B. Molitor.
Feb. 7, 1944 Lyman C. Martin.
Jan. 3, 1943 R. M.MacFarlane.
Feb. 7, 1944 Edwin Harris.
Dec. 6, 1943 R. D. Sanders.
Oct. 25, 1943 R. L. Triplett.
July 7, 1943 Ernest D. Wilson.
Apr. 21, 1943 George A. Bee.'
May 7, 1943 Anderson Pace.
Feb. 10, 1943 F.S. de Gaillon.

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Jack R. Forcheimer.

List of industries which have been established in Mississippi during the last 2

years or which will be established in Missisippi during 1946

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The Batesville Co.
Wells-Lamont Co.-----
Kay Ruth Dress Co.
Calhoun Garment Co.
Natior al Automotive F
Kay Ruth Dress Co...
Rebel Garment Co.

Monticello Shirt
Edward Hyman Co
Reynolds Metal Co
Oberman & Co.
Kay Ruth Dress Co..
Day-Brite Fixtures Co...
I. C. Isaccs & Co.-
Binswanger & Co.
Kay Ruth Dress C
Johns-Manville Co.
Kay Ruth Dress Co
I. Č. Isaccs & Co.

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1 Manufacturer is committed to put plant at this location and construction will be completed during 1946.

In addition to the above towns which have taken action under the BAWI law, certificates of public convenience and necessity have been issued to the following towns under this law for the type of plant shown, and in most instances negotiations are going forward at this time with manufacturers: Walnut, garment; Oxford, glove; Mendenhall, woodworking; Greenwood, garment; Lucedale, garment; Collins, garment; Nettleton, garment; Lexington, garment.

Industries in these towns will account for $1,800,000 additional annual pay roll.

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