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stealing any dog, beast or bird kept in confinement, not

being subject of larceny, penalty first offence (over
and above the value) not exceeding 201. 7 & 8 G.4.

c. 29. s. 31. p. 84
second offence, imprisonment not exceeding

12 calendar months, with whipping, id. ibid.
person found in possession of stnien dog or bird, &c. by
virtue of search warrant, liable to same punishment as

for stealing any dog, &c. id. s. 32. p. 84,5
DOVE. See tit. “Pigeon.”
Breaking into, and stealing in, when capital, 7 & 8 G. 4.

c. 29. s. 12. p. 74

punishment for, id. ibid.
what buildings only are part of, for capital purposes,

id. s. 13. p. 74
. when illegal to set spring gun, &c. in, for protection

of, 7 & 8 G. 4. c. 18. s. 4. p. 31

clerk or servant receiving money, &c. on master's account,
and embezzling it, shall be deemed to have feloniously
stolen it, 7 & 8 G. 4. c. 29. s. 47, p. 93,4

punishment, id. ibid.
- three distinct acts of, if committed within six months, may

be included in indictment, id. 8. 48. p. 94, 5
as to allegation, proof, and value of property embezzled,

id. ibid.
if banker, merchant, broker, attorney, or other agent, em-

bezzle money intrusted to them to be applied to special
purpose, misdemeanor, 7 & 8 G. 4. c. 29. s. 49. p. 95, 6

punishment, id. ibid.
if banker, &c. sell or negociate any chattel, &c. intrusted
to him for safe custody, &c. or for any special purpose,

misdemeanor, id. ibid.

punishment, id. ibid.
not to affect trustee or mortgagee or banker, &c.

receiving money due on securities, or dispos-
ing of securities on which they have a lien,

id. s. 50. p. 96,7

of recognizances. See tit. “ RECOGNIZANCE."
14 is taken on charge of felony or misdemeanor to be subscribed
by justice, and delivered to officer of court, 7G.4.

c. 64. s. 2, 3. p. 2, 3, 4
inquisition of murder or manslaughter to be
subscribed by coroner, and delivered,

&c. id. s. 4. p. 4, 5

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in cases of felony, court may order payment of to prosecutors
and witnesses, of preferring indictment, 7 G. 4. c. 64.

s. 22. p. 15, 16
of attending before examining magistrate,
grand jury,

id. ibid.
for trouble and loss of time,

- id. ibid.
allowance of, to persons attending on recognizance, when
no bill is found

id. ibid.
allowance of, in cases of assault with intent to commit

felony, 7 G. 4. c. 64. s. 23. p.16, 17
attempt to commit felony, - - - id. ibid.
riot, - - -

- . id. ibid.
misdemeanor for knowingly receiving stolen property

id. ibid.
assault upon peace officer in execution of duty, - id. ibid.
person acting in aid of such officer, . id. ibid.
neglect or breach of duty as a peace officer, . id. ibid.
assault in pursuance of couspiracy to raise wages, id. ibid.
obtaining property by false prelences, . id. ibid.
indecent exposure of person,

id, ibid.

id. ibid.
subornation of perjury,

id, ibid.
order for payment of, to be made out by officer of court,

id. s. 24. p. 17, 18
officer's fee thereon,

id. ibid.
to be made upon treasurer of county, &c. id. ibid.
how to be paid in places not contributing to county rate,

id. s. 25. p. 18, 19
sessions to make regulations as to rate of, id. s. 26. p. 19

of prosecutions in Admiralty Court. See tit.“ ADMIRALTY."
EWE.' See tit. “ CATTLE.”
or agent pledging for his own use any goods or documents

relating to goods, intrusted to him for purpose of sale,
guilty of misdemeanor, 7 & 8 G. 4. c. 29. s. 51. p. 97

punishment, id. ibid.
not to extend to cases when pledge does not exceed
amount of lien,

• - id, ibid.
Obtaining any chattel, &c, under, misdemeanor, 7 & 8 G.4.

.c. 29. s. 53. p. 98, 9
no acquittal on ground that offence amounts to larceny,

id. ibid.
indictment for, not removable, .
removable, ..

id, ibid.
party tried for misdemeanor, not liable to be prosecuted

upon same facts for larceny, - .. id. ibid.

“ FIRE,” • TRIAL."


to party taken on charge or suspicion of, when bailable and

when not, 7 G. 4. c. 64. s. 1. p. 1, 2
power of justices to bail persons charged with, id.

s. 1, 2. p. 1, 2, 3
duty of justices on bailing or committing persons charged

id, ibid.
before persons charged with, or on suspicion of, shall be

bailed or committed, justices shall take down examin-
ation in writing, and bind witresses by recognizances

to appear at the trial, id. s. 2. p. 2, 3
a without or within benefit of clergy, provided for, under all
circumstances consequent on the indictment, id.

s. 7, 8. P, 5, 6, 7
in cases of, court may order payment of expences of prose-

, cution, id. s. 22. p. 15, 16
. indictment for, effect of plea of not guilty to, 7 & 8

G. 4. c. 28. s. 1. p. 62

refusal to plead to, id. s. 2. p. 62-3
challenge of jury on trial of, beyond legal number, void,

id. s. 3. p. 63
benefit of clergy abolished with respect to persons convicted

of, id. s. 6. p. 63-4
*; what person convicted of, shall suffer death, id. s. 7. p. 64

not punishablc with death, how to be punished,' ; id. ibid.
in punishment of, when no punishment specially provided,

: id. s. 8. p. 64
if person under sentence of, for another crime, is convicted
of felony, court may pass a second sentence to com-

mence after expiration of first, id. s. 10. p. 65
punishment for, after previous conviction, id. s. 11. p. 65-6
form of indictment for, after previous conviction, - id. ibid.
what shall be evidence of previous conviction. id. ibid.
punishable under 7 and 8. Ĝ. 4. c. '29. court may add so.
litary confinement, in addition to imprisonment,

17 & 8 G. 4. c. 29. s. 4. p. 70, 71
principals in second degree, and accessory before the fact,
how punishable, 7 & 8 G. 4, c. 29. s. 61. p. 103. c. 30.

s. 26. p. 130
maliciously cutting, &c. goods, or articles of silk, woollen,

linen or cotton, &c., or frame-work, knitted piece, stock-
i r ing hose, or lace, being in loom or frame, or on any
.^ machine or engine, &c. felony, 7 and 8 G. 4. c. 30.

S. 4. p. 117
maliciously cutting, &c. any warp, or shute of silk, woollen,
· linen or cotton, or any loom, frame, machine, &c. fixed,

. id. ibid.
entering by force into houses, &c. with intent
to commit aforesaid offences, felony, id. ibid.

punishment, id. ibid.
maliciously cutting, &c. any threshing machine, or machines,

&c. einployed in manufacture (except mannufacture
of silk, &c.), felony. 7 & 8 G. 4. c. 30. s. 4. p. 117

punishment, id. ibid.
Rioters demolishing, &c. church, chapel, or house, stable,
coach-house, outhouse, warehouse, office, &c. or any
machine in any manufactory or mine, guilty of,

id. s. 8. p. 119
FENCE. See tit. “ FIXTURES.”
stealing, cutting, breaking, &c. with intent to steal, part of

any live or dead fence, wooden post, pale, or rail set
up as fence, or any stile or gate, first offence (above
value of article stolen) penalty not exceeding 51.'

7 & 8 G. 4. c. 29. s. 40. p. 89, 90
second offence, commitment not exceeding 12 ca-

lendar months, and whipping in addition, id. ibid.
persons found in possession, by virtue of any search war-

. rant, of any live or dead fence, &c. of value of 2s.
at least, if not satisfactorily accouuted for, penalty
not exceeding 21. over and above value, &c. id.

8. 41. p. 90
cutting, breaking, throwing down, or destroying any fence

or any wall, stile, or gate, first offence over and above
amount of injury, penalty not exceeding 51. 7 & 8

G.4. c. 30. s. 23. p. 128
second offence,' commitment not exceeding
twelve calendar months and whipping in ad.

dition, id. ibid.
FERN. See tit. “ Setting Fire."
FILLY. See tit. “ CATTLE.”
FIRE. See tit. “ Setting Fire.”
Taking or destroying fish in water belonging to dwelling

house, misdemeanor, 7 & 8. G. 4.

c. 29. 8. 34. p. 85-6
in any private fishery else-

where, penalty not exceeding
51. -

id. ibid.
provisions not to extend to persons angling in day.

... id. ibid.
angling in day-time in water belonging to dwelling house,

penalty not exceeding 51. id. ibid.
in any private fishery elsewhere, pe-

nalty not exceeding 21. id. ibid.
proof of offence where committed,

id. ibid.
the tackle of persons offending may be seized by

owners, &c. id. s. 35. p. 86
in such case offender exempt from penalty, id. ibid.
FISHERY. See tit. “Fish."

Breaking down, &c. the dam of any fish-pond, &c. with
intent to take or destroy fish, misdemeanor, 7 & 8

G.4. c. 30. s. 15. p. 122-3

punishment id. ibid.
FIXTURES. See tit. « House-HUNDRED.”
stealing or ripping, &c. any glass or wood work belonging

to any building, or any lead, iron, copper, brass, or
other metal, or any utepsil or fixture, fixed in or to any
building, or any thing made of metal, fixed in any land,
being private property, or for a fence to a dwelling-
house, &c. or in any square, &c. felony, 7 & 8 G. 4.

c. 29. s. 44. p. 92-3

punishment, id. ibid.
when not necessary to allege the same to be the property
1 . of any one -

• - id. ibid.
FLOODGATE. See tit. “ Lock.”
FOREST. See tit. “ Deer.
application of money forfeited on summary conviction,

7 & 8 G.4. c. 29. S. 66. p. 106-

c.30. s. 32. p. 133
when payable to party aggrieved, may be paid
to body corporate, 7 & 8 G. 4. c. 28. s. 14.

p. 67-3
proceedings on non-payınent of, 7 & 8 G. 4. c. 29.

s. 67. p. 107-8. — c. 30. s. 33. p. 134
FRUIT. See tit. “ GARDEN.”.
FURZE. See tit. “ SETTING Fire.”

GARDEN. See tit. “ Vegetable PRODUCTIONS."
stealing or cutting, &c. with intent to steal the whole or

part of any tree, sapling, shrub, or underwood,
growing in any park, pleasure-gound, orchard,
avenue, or ground belonging to dwelling bouse, if
value exceed 11. felony, 7 & 8 G. 4. c. 29. s. 38.

p. 88

punislıment, id. ibid.
the whole or part of any tree, &c. growing else.
where, if value exceed 51. felony, id. ibid.

punishment, id. ibid.
the whole or part of any tree, &c, wherever grow-

ing, to amount of Is, at the least; first offence,
over and above value, &c. penalty not exceeds

ing, 51. id. s. 39. p. 88-9
second offence, commitment not exceeding
12 calendar months, and whipping in

addition, id. ibid.

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