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OCTOBER, 1858.

Analytical and Critical Rebiews.


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Rev. I.–1. Lehrbuch der Gerichtlichen Psychologie. Von Dr. Karl WILHELM IDELER, Professor der Medicin, &c.

17 Manual of Forensic Psychology. By Dr. Karl Wilhelm IDELER, Professor of Medicine, &c. ib. 2. The Medical and Legal Relations of Madness, showing a Cellular Theory of Mind, and of Nerve Force, and also of Vegetable Vital Force. By Joshua BURGESS, M. D.

ib. 3. Generalberetning fra Gaustad Sindssygeasyl for Aaaret 1856. Ved OLE SANDBERG, Direktor

ib. General Report of the Gaustad Lunatic Asylum for the Year 1856. By' OLE SANDBERG, Director

ib. 4. An Act for the Regulation of the Care and Treatment of Lunatics

, and for the Provision, Maintenance, and Regulation of Lunatic Asylums in Scotland. 20th and 21st Victoria, . .

ib. Rev. 11.-1. Elements of Pathological Anatomy. "By SAMUEL D. Gross, M.D., &c. Third

edition 2. Human Histology in its Relations to Descriptive Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology By E. R. PEASLEE, A.M., &c.

ib. 3. Die Kunstgerechte Entfernung der Eingeweide des Menschlichen Körpers; Ein Leitfaden für Wissenschaftliche Leichenöffnungen. Von G. VALENTIN, Prof. in Bern

ib. On the Scientific Mode of Removing the Viscera in Performing Autopsies. By Prof. VALENTIN

ib. Rev. III.-1. A Theoretical and Practical Treatise on Midwifery, including the Diseases of

Pregnancy and Parturition, and the Attention required by the Child from Birth to the period of Weaning. By P. Cazeau, Member of the Imperial Academy of Medicine, &c.

Second American (translated from the fifth French) edition. By W. R. BULLOCK, M. D. . 2. The Principles and Practice of Obstetrics; including the Treatment of Chronic Inflam

mation of the Uterus, considered as a frequent cause of Abortion. By HENRY MILLER, M.D., &c.

ib. of Practical midwifery: or Companion' to the Lying-Room. By Charles WALLER, M.D., Obstetric Physician to, and Lecturer on Midwifery at, St. Thomas's Hospital.

ib. Rev. Iv.-1. Kraft und Stoff-Empirisch-Naturphilosophische Siudien. In allgemein-verständlicher Darstellung. Von Dr. Louis BUECHNER. Fünfte Auflage

256 Force and Matter-Studies in Empirical Natural Philosophy. By Dr. Louis BUECHNER 267 2. Mind and Body; a Discourse on the Physiology of the Phrenical Action of the Cerebrum. By ROBERT JAMIESON, M.D., &c.

ib. 3. VYXH: A Discourse on 'he Birth and Pilgrimage of 'Thought.' By Walter COOPLE Dexdy, formerly President of the Medical Society of London, &c.

ib. 4. The Human Mind in its Relations

with the Brain and Nervous System. By DANIEL NOBLE, M.D., &c.



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6. A Catechism of the Physiology and Philosophy of Body, Sense, and Mind, for use in

Schools and Colleges, and in Private Study. By T. WuartoN Jones, F.R.S., &c.

6. On the Characteristics and Tendencies of the Philosophy of the Nineteenth century,

Being Parts 2 and 3 of an Historical and Critical View of the Speculative Philosophy of

Europe in the Nineteenth Century. By J. D. MORELL, A.M. Second edition, revised

Rev. V.-A Manual of Psychological Medicine, containing the History, Nosology, Descrip-

tion, Statistics, Diagnosis, Pathology, and Trentnient of Insanity. With an Appendix of

Cases. By J. C. BUCKNILL, M.D, &c.; and by Daniel H. TUKE, M D.; &c.


Rev. VI.- Clinical Lectures on the Principles and Practice of Medicine. By John Hughes

BENNETT, M D., &c. Second edition .


Rev. VII.-Observations on Naval Hygiene and Scurvy, more particularly as the latter

appeared during a Polar Voyage. By ALEXANDER ARMSTRONG, M.D, &c.


Rev. VIII.—On the Archetype and Homologies of the Vertebrate Skeleton. By RICHARD

2. Principes d'Ostéologie Comparée, ou Recherches sur l'archétype et les Homologies du

Squelette Vertébré. Par RICHARD OWEN


Principles of Comparative Osteology: or, Researches on the Archetype and the Homologies

of the Vertebrate Skeleton. By Richard OWEN


8. On the Nature of Limbs. A Discourse delivered on Friday, Feb. 9th, at an Evening

Meeting of the Royal Institution of Great Britain. By RICHARD Owen, F.R.S.


Rev. IX.-Transactions of the Pathological Society of London, including the reports of the

Procecdings of its various Sessions from 1846–7 till 1856-7


Rev. X.-1. Notes on the Surgery of the

War in the Crimea ; with Remarks on the Treatment

of Guo-shot Wounds. By GEORGE H. B. MACLEOD, M.D., &c. .


2. On Gun-shot Wounds of the Thorax, and the Treatment pursued for them in the Crimea

contrasted with that which was followed in former Campaigns. By George Lawson,

F.R C.S., &c.


Rev. XI.-An Essay on Wasting Palsy (Cruveilhier's Atrophy). By William Roberts, B.A., &c. 348




ART. III.--On the Influence of the Vagus upon Respiration. By W. GILCHRIST, M.D., Edin. . 376
Arr. IV.-On the Relation of Common and Tactile Sensibility in Disease. By E. H. SIEVE-
KING, M.D., &c.


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Chronicle of Medical Science.
Half-Yearly Report on Micrology. By Joun W. OGLE, M.D., F.R.C.P.

Epithelial System
Muscular System
Glandular System

The Blood ,

Tumours, Morbid Growths, Excrescences, &c.
Nervous System
Respiratory System

383 384 888 . 386

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Half-Yearly Report on Forensic Medicine, Toxicology, and Hygiene. By B. W. RICHARDSON,
M.D., LR.C.P.

I. Toxicology
II. Wounds and Injuries

. 400 III. Miscellanea


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Quarterly Report on Pathology and Medicine. By E. H. SIEVERING, M. D. &c.


Quarterly Report on Surgery. By John Chatto, M.R.C.S.E.


Quarterly Report on Midwifery. By ROBERT Barnes, M.D.

1. Anatomy and Physiology of the Female Generative Organs
II. Pathology of the Female Organs of Generation
III. Labour

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OCTOBER, 1858.


Analytical and Critical Reviews.


1. Lehrbuch der Gerichtlichen Psychologie. Von Dr. KARL WILHELM IDELER,

Professor der Medicin, und Lehrer der Psychiatrischen Klinik, an der Friedrich-Wilhelms Universität, Dirigirendem Arzte der Irren-Abtheilung in der

Charité, &c.—Berlin, 1857. 8vo, pp. 348. Manual of Forensic Psychology. By Dr. KARL WILHELM İDELER, Professor of

Medicine, and Lecturer on Clinical Psychiatrics in the Friedrich-Wilhelms . University, Medical Director of the Division for the Insane in the Charité,

&c.— Berlin, 1857. 8vo, pp. 348. 2. The Medical and Legal Relations of Madness, showing a Cellular Theory of

Mind, and Nerve Force, and also of Vegetative Vital Force. By JOSHUA

BURGESS, M.D.-London, 1858. 8vo, pp. 283. 3. Generalberetning fra Gaustad Sindssygeasyl for Aaret 1856. Ved OLE SAND

berg, Direktor - Christiania, 1857. pp. 43. General Report of the Gaustad Lunatic Asylum for the Year 1856. By OLE

SANDBERG, Director - Christiania, 1857. 4. An Act for the Regulation of the Care and Treatment of Lunatics, and for

the Provision, Maintenance, and Regulation of Lunatic Asylums in Scotland,

20th and 21st Victoria, Cap. Ixxi. 1857. UNDER no aspect of the subject of Insanity, is it one which it is easy to approach without a feeling of awe and reverence. The mind, which must shrink from the thought of the possibility of its own ruin, when constrained to contemplate the destruction of the intelligence in others, is subdued and softened by the sense of so great a calamity; and those sympathies would indeed be dull, or deeply hidden, which were not touched or aroused by the consideration of the realities of the topic, as that pride would be truly obdurate that derived from it no admonition to patience and humbleness. It is no theme for the rash intermeddling of inexperienced men, who, without either opportunity or perseverance to gather true

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