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On Medicine and Medical Education. Three Lectures. By W. T. Gairdner, M. D. Edinburgh, 1555. pp. 130.

Hygiene, or Health as depending upon the Conditions of the Atinosphere, Foods and Drinks, Motion and Rest. By James H. Pickford, M.D. London, 1858. Pp. 290. The American Journal of Insanity. April, 1858.

L'Avenir Medical de l'Iodure de fer. Journal des Cliniques des Hôpitaux de Paris. Mai, 1858.

Essay on the Pathology of the Blooil and its containing Vessels. By Thomas A. Wise, M.D. Edinburgh, 1358. pp. 888.

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On Elephantiasis as it exists at Travancore. By E. J. Waring, Esq. (Reprint.)

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Second Report of the Commissioners of Her Majestys Customs on the Customs. London, 1858. (By D. ·Wil. liam,

Four Letters to Sir James Clark, on Administrative Reform. By Alex. Harvey, M.D), London, 1538. pp. 80.

Kritische Geschichte des Ursprungs der Pathologie f. der Behandlung des Syphilis. Von Dr. Friedrich Alex. ander Simon, Erster Theil. Hamburgh, 1557. Pp. 261.

On Localized Galvanism applied to the Treatment of Paralysis and Muscular Contractions. By Richard Moore Lawrance, M.D. London, 1858. Pp. 104.



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Lawrence on Localized Galvanism in Treatment of Paralysis, &c., 12mo.

0 75 Durlacher on Corns, Bunions, and Disorders of Nails, 18mo.

0 40 Buckmill and Luke's Psychological Medicine, 8vo.

4 25 Pickford on Hygiene, 8vo. .

2 50 Roberts on Wasting Palsy, 8vo.

2 25 Smith, T., A Manual of Obstetrics, 12mo.

3 50 Brain, The Urzinic Convulsions of Pregnancy, 8vo.

1 00 Armstrong on Naval Hygiene and Scurvy, 8vo. .

150 Noble on the Human Mind, 12mo.

1 25 Macleod, Notes on the Surgery of the Crimean War, 12mo.

3 00 Lloyd on Requirements, &c., of Sick Poor, 12mo.

0 60 Labatt on Venereal Diseases, 12mo.

1 85 Transactions of the Odontological Society, 8vo.

2 50 Valentine's Text-book of Physiology, 8vo. .

7 00 Bain on the Senses and Intellect, 8vo.

5 25 Hassall on Food and its Adulterations, 8vo.

8 00 Taylor on Poisoning by Strychnia.

100 Redwood's Supplement to the Pharmacopæia

6 50 Connolly on Treatment of Insane.

4 00 Owen's Lectures on Comparative Anatomy, 2 vols.

10 00 Graham's Modern Domestic Medicine, 8vo.

4 50 Denman on Spinal Irritation, 8vo.

1 75 Adams on Sub-Cutaneous Surgery, 8vo.

0 75 Plattorer and Muspratt on the Blow pipe, 8vo.

3 00 Beal's Illustrations of Urinary Deposits and Calculi, 8vo.

2 85 Adams on Rheumatic Gout, ill. 8vo. and Atlas of Plates.

6 00 Alexander on Rheumatism and Gout, 12mo.

2 25 Addresses to Medical Students, delivered at the instance of Edinburghi Med. Missionary Society, 1855–6, 8vo.

1 00 Abbott's Handbook of Idiotcy, 2d ed. 12mo.

1 00 Beale on Health, Disease, and Longevity, 18mo.

0 75 Bellingham on Disease of the Heart, 8vo.

3 50 Bird on Vegetable Charcoal; its Medical and Economical Properties, 2d ed. 8vo.

1 00 Beale's Anatomy of the Liver, ill. with Photographs, 8vo. :

1 88 How to Work the Microscope, 12mo.

- 150 The Use of the Microscope in Clinical Medicine, 3 Parts 8vo. ill. 2 70 Becquerel & Rodie's Pathological Chemistry, trans. by Speer, 8vo. 3 50 Barnes, the Physiology and Treatment of Placenta Prævia, 12mo. 1 75 Burgess, The Medical and Legal Relations of Madness, 8vo.

2 50 Budd on Diseases of Liver, 3d ed. 8vo. Plates.

4 50 Bigg, the Mechanical Appliances for the Treatment of Deforınities. Part I. The Lower Links, 12mo.

1 20 Clelland's Mechanism of the Gubernaculum Testis, Prize Thesis, 8vo.:

1 00 Copeman's Records of Obstetric Practice, 12mo.

1 50 Chapman on Varicose Veins; their Nature, Conscqnences, and Treat: ment, 12mo.

1 12 Coote on the Treatment of Syphilis, 8vo.

1 50 Davey on the Ganglionic Nervous System; its Structure, Functions, and Diseases, 8vo..

2 60 Eyre on the Stomach and its Difficulties, 4th ed. 18mo.

0 75 Fell, a Treatise on Cancer and its Treatment, 8vo.

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New Medical Books received by Steamers from London.



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Middlesex Hospital Report upon the Treatment of Cancerous Diseases on the Plan introduced by Dr. Fell, 12mo.

075 Fenwick, Cause and Prevention of Disease. Part 1. ' Diseases of the Throat and Lungs.

075 Great Law of the Iluman Mind, and the Heavens and Earth, 18mo.

0 75 Grossmith on Amputations and Artificial Limbs, Plates, 8vo.

1 00 Hall on Prone and Postural Respiration in Drowning, 12mo.

1 50 Hill, Non-restraint System of Treatment in Lunacy, 8vo.

2 75 Hood on Scarlet Fever, and Crowing Inspiration in Infants, 12mo. 1 50 Jones, T. W., A Catechism of the Medicine and Surgery of the Eye and Ear, 18mo.

0 75 A Catechism of the Physiology and Philosophy of Body, Sense, and Mind, 18mo.

075 Lardner, Animal Physiology for Schools

, illustrated, 12mo.

1 00 Lee, Edwin, Effects of Climate on Tuberculous Disease. Fiske Fund Prize Essay, 18mo. •

1 60 Lee, Robert, on the Speculum in Uterine Diseases, 8vo.

1 25 Lee's Diseases of the Stomach and Indigestion, 18mo.

1 20 Lobb on some of the more obscure Forms of Nervous Diseases, 8vo.. 3 00 Manual for Midwives and Monthly Nurses, 18mo.

1 20 Miller's Elements of Chemistry, Theoretical and Practical, 3 vols. 8vo. Marcet on the Composition of Food and how it is Adulterated. . 1 85 Maclure on Dislocations and Fractures, fol. 2 Parts ready, each Part

1 50 Nottingham on Diseases of the Ear, 8vo.

3 50 Richardson on the Cause of the Coagulation of the Blood, 8vo. Pl. $4 60

On the Hygienic Treatment of Pul. Consumption, 8vo. 1 60 Roth's Handbook of Movement Cure; a Description of the Positions,

Movements, and Manipulations used for Preventive and Curative
Purposes, illustrated, 8vo.

3 00 Ramsey's Essays on State Medicine, 8vo.

3 00 Reeves on the Stomach and Duodenum, 12mo.

2 25 Semple on Cough; its Causes, Varieties, and Treatment, 12mo. 1 25 Simpson-Compressed Air as a Therapeutic Agent in the Treatment of Consumption, &c., 8vo., paper

30 Sibson's Medical Anatomy, folio, 5 parts now ready; each part 1 50 Swayne's Obstetric Aphorisms for the use of Students commencing Midwifery Practice, 18mo.

1 00 Siebold-A True Parthenogenesis in Noths and Bees, Dallas Todd on Bowman's Physiological Anatomy and Physiology of Man, 2 vols. 8vo. Illustrated

10 00 Teale on Plastic Operations for the Restoration of the Lower Lip, 8vo. 75 Thompson, Henry, The Enlarged Prostate, its Pathology and Treatment, 8vo. Illustrated

2 25 Thompson, Spencer, The Structure and Functions of the Eye, 12mo. plates

2 25 Tomes Dental Physiology and Surgery, 8vo. plates

3 50 Tanner-Diseases of Infancy and Childhood, 12mo.

2 60 West-Cranial Presentations and Cranial Positions, 8vo. paper 75 Williams' Hand-book of Chemical Manipulations, 12mo.

4 50 Wilson's, Erasmus, Three Weeks' Scamper through the Alps of Germany and Belgium, 12mo.

1 85 Williamson's Observation on the Human Crania in the Museum of the Army Med. Dpt., Fort Pitt, Chatham. 8vo. paper




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Newton & Calkins on Thoracic Diseases; their Pathology, Diagnosis, and

Treatment, 2d ed. revised and enlarged, Svo. Campbell's Essays on the Secretory and the Excito-Secretory System of the

Nerves. Illustrated, 8vo. Draper's Human Physiology, Statistical and Dynamical. Illustrated, 8vo. Eve's Collections of Remarkable Cases in Surgery. 8vo. Geddings' Lectures on Surgery; Prepared by Drs. Waring and Logan. 8vo. Gross's Elements of Pathological Anatomy. 3d ed. modified and revised. 8vo. Graham's Elements of Inorganic Chemistry, including the Application to the

Sciences and Arts. Ed. by Watts and Bridges. 8vo. Montgomery's Exposition of the Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy.c. pp. 8vo. Meigs, J. F., on the Diseases of Children. , 3d ed. carefully revised. 8vo. Peaslee's Human Histology in its relations to Descriptive Anatomy, Physiolo

gy, and Pathology. 8vo. Illustrated. Paine's Institutes of Medicine, 4th ed. with an Appendix; pp. 1095. Svo. Reform-Medical Practice; with a Synopsis of Principles on which the Prac

tice is founded, 8vo. Symes' Principles and Practice of Surgery; ed. by R. S. Newton, 8vo. illus

trated. Todd & Bowman's Physiological Anatomy and Physiology of Man. 8vo.

Wood & Bache, United States Dispensatory, 11th ed. 1858.
Bartlett on Fevers of the United States, 4th ed. revised. 8vo.
Ludlow's Manual of Examination, new ed. 12 mo.
Mackensie on the Diseases of the Eye, from 4th London edition, 8vo.
Gross on the Diseases of the Urinary Organs, 2d ed. 8vo.
Todd on the Urinary Organs, 8vo.
Lallemand and Wilson on Spermatorrhæa, 3d ed. 8vo.
La Roche on Yellow Fever, 2 vols. 8vo.
Curling on Diseases of the Testis, 2d ed. 8vo.
Knapp's Primary Pathology, 2 vols. 8vo.
Davis's History of the American Association, 8vo.
Parish's Practical Pharmacy, 8vo.
Dixon's Elements of Medicine, 8vo.
Carnochan's Contributions to Operative Surgery, 4to.
Wilson on Diseases of the Skin, 8vo.
Lee and Warren, Prize Essay on Consumption, 8vo.
West on Women, Pt. I., 8vo.
Barclay on Medical Diagnosis, 8vo.
Holland's Medical Notes, 8vo.
Buckmill and Toke on Insanity, 8vo.
Simpson's Obstetrics, 2 vols. Svo.
Cazeaux's Midwifery, 8vo.

Catalogues of S. S. & W. W's extensive stock of Medical Books sent free of postage to applicants.


Digestion and its Derangements.
The Principles of Rational Medicine applied to Disorders of the Alimentary Canal


Price $2 25, free of Postage. "This is no common publication, to be taken up and thrown aside, but the result of deep study and patient investigation. The author has travelled step by step through the intestinal canal, Assigning to each part, where

possible, its definite symptoms and treatment."-Dublin Quar: terly Journal of Med. Science.

“ Digestion and its Derangements, is one of the most interesting and instructive works of its kind that we have read ; and we believe Dr. Chambers has done good service to medical science in showing, as he has done, the intimate relation which exists between physiology and practl. cal medicine."--Med.-Chirurgical Revier. "A work of rare merit, and should be in the hands of every practitioner." – Eclectic Med. Journal.

"To the practitioner, no work is better adapted, and to the general reader much will be fonnd to direct in managing the digestive apparatus-an apparatus, when out of order, the most dim. cult frequently to restore."-Ohio Med, and Surg. Journal.

" Very few special works compare with the one befo us; the philosophical views of its anthor, their basis upon the strongest and firmest grounds, the lucid practical deductions, the felicity of expression, and the easy and pleasing style, all tend to make it not only an agreeable but an eminently practical work."- Nelson : Amorican Lancet.

“We desire to direct the attention of the profession to this useful yolume. "-Cincinnati Medical Observer.

“Should be studied by every one."-Charleston Medical Journal.

“We sincerely recommend it as one of great value, which should be in the possession of overy practitioner."_Boston Medical and Surgical Journals

“ Dr. Chambers wields a vigorous pen, and in the work before as the traces of a master mind Illuminate every page."- Western Lancet.

“ Dr. Chambers' book is one of the most philosophical which has for some time emanated from the British medical press. It is a book which we would, with a good conscience, recommend to a brother practitioner, or place in the hands of a pupil.”—Association Hoit. Journul.

“The volume abounds with originality, as was, indeed, to have been expected from a physi. clan of such eminence as the late Dr. Chambers, who is not so much notorions for having had for years the largest practice in England, as for having been one of the most diligent cultivators of pathological medicine in the United Kingdom., Verily his 'decennium pathologicum' is a monument perennius auro." - Medical Chronicle.

On Rheumatism, Rheumatic Gout, and Sciatica;


Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, London, &c., &c.

Price $1 75, free of postage. One of the most completo, philosophical, and satisfactory treatises which has yet appeared on the subject of rheumatism."--St. Louis Med. and Surg. Jour.

“A valuable, well-timed, and very complete monograpb."-N. O. Med. and Surg. Jour.

“A highly valuable work on the pathology and treatment of rheumatism."-Peninsular Jour, of Mod.

“The work is one of much merit-plain, practical, and comprehensive."- Western Lancet. "Full without redundance, and learned without pedantry."—Neno Jersey Mod. Reporter.

“By far the most practical and useful treatise that has lately issued from the press on the subject of rheumatism."-Up. Canada Jour.

“ An able oxposition of all that is known or recognized as plausible and correct apon this Interesting affection."-Georgia Blister and Critic,

"One of the best practical works of modern times."— Winslow's Jour. of Psychological Mode

"A very valuable treatise on the subjects mentioned. Decidedly in advance of any other monograph upon the different forms of rheumatism."Buffulo Medical Journal.

“This volume must rank high as authority upon the diseases it so fully and ably describes, It is a capital monograph, and well deserving of a prominent place in every library."-Nebo son's Amorican Lancoh

“Worthy of a place in the professional library, for its rich record of cases, its abundant sta. Listics of rheumatism, its clear statement of facts, and its useful suggestions. "N. Y.Daily Times.

" It contains a more completo description of rheumatism in its manifold phases and relations then is to be met with in any other treatise on the subject."- Medical Examiner.

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