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[blocks in formation]

&c. 74

second-giving notice to enemy of forces being about to sail to

West Indies, 75

third-writing another letter, 75

fourth—writing letters to French subjects about the state of our

forces, 75

eleventh--sending accounts to France, 76

twelfth-retaining one S. R. to carry information to French, 76

thirteenth-obtaining accounts of naval forces, with intent to

send them to France, 77

fourteenth-retaining H. L. to obtain such information for same

purpose, 77

fifteenth-retaining 11. L. to obtain information as to particular

squadron with like intent, 78

for adhering to Freuch king. 78

other overt acts compassing deposition and death of king, 79

for conspiring to levy war against king in bis realm, see 25 Ed.

III. st. 5. c. 2. 79

first overt act, that defendants met with a conspiracy to alter

constitution and depose king, 80

second-publishing books and inviting persons to meet for trea-

sonable purposes, 80

third-consulting as to time and place of meeting, 81

fourth-defendants agreeing that some of them should meet

about the convention, 81

fifth—for procuring arms to oppose regal government, 81

sixth-conspiring to levy war against king, 82

seventh-conspiring to subvert government, 82

eighth--publishing books inviting subjects to commit treason, 82

ninth-procuring arms to levy war against king, 83

common conclusion, 83

for levying war against king in this realm, 83

overt act-assembling armed with offensive weapons, 84


for hissing and insulting king on return from theatre, after an

attempt there to shoot him, 84

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