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presentment of bridge at quarter session, which county ought

to repair, 597 against individual for not repairing bridge which he ought to do,

ratione tenuræ, 599 against individual bound ratione tenuræ to repair, for suffering

bridge to decay, 599 for suffering bridge to be out of repair and unsafe, 599 for leaving parapet wall prostrate, so that passage is dangerons,

600 against assignees of corporation for not repairing public bridge

built in lieu of ford, which corporation ought to preserve,

600 for not repairing house near common sewer and bridge, 602 for not repairing highway within distance of 300 feet from


against corporation of city for not cleansing water course, 603
for suffering port to be so filled with rocks, stones, &c. as to

prevent ships from entering it, 605
presentment by commissioners of sewers for pot repairing part

of wall which was blown up by spring tides, defendant liable, ratione tenuræ, 606



HIGHWAYS BY ACTUAL OBSTRUCTION. for erecting and keeping shut gate across highway, 607 for locking and fastening gate erected in common public road, 608 another form for erecting and keeping shut gate across high

way, 610

for obstructing footway in defendant's close, by pulling down style

and erecting hedge, wall, &c. across way, 610 for digging ditch and raising hedge across highway, 611 for putting and continuing posts and chains across footway, 611 for erecting and continuing building on common footway, 612 for obstructing highway in various forms, 612 for continuing building on highway, 612 for building wall, 613 for digging up road and placing materials for building, 613 for taking up pavement of street and erecting portico, and narrow

ing foot-path, 614
for building on highway and narrowing it, 616
for building shed or porch projecting on highway, 617
for continuing hedge formerly erected by person unknown, across

pack and prime way, 617
for continuing gate on highway, 618
for stopping up foot-way without stating mode, 618

for making holes in foot-way, 619
for digging hole in public street, 619
for digging horse pond and erecting cistern in common passage, 620
for cutting gap in bank which confined water in water course,

and overflowed highway, 621
against nightmen for laying soil in streets, 6:2
for shooting dirt in highway, 622
for laying rubbish in square, whereby coach overturned and

caused death, 622
for laying rubbish in carriage way to church, 623
for digging up pavement, 624
for destroying pavement of public highway, &c. 624
for laying timber in highway, 625
for placing two carts for selling goods in public street, 625
for suffering empty drays to remain in street, 626
for letting wagyon stand in street, 626
for baiting bull in market place, being king's highway, 627
for letting off fire-works in public street, 627
for driving cattle, &c. killing them and leaving their skins, &c.

near Newgate market, 629
for causing offensive smells, &c. 630
for obstruction of highway only, 630
for carrying filth in carts, 631

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&c. BY OBSTRUCTION. for making embankments and narrowing Thames, 632 for making embankment or wharf projecting into Thames, 635 for stopping water course, whereby water overflowed highway, 637 for placing putts in river Severn and obstructing navigation,

&c. 638 For erecting ledges and dams in Thames, and injuring paviga

tion, 639 for continuing ledges and dams erected by others, 640 for nuisance in diverting water course running into public pond,

610 for nuisance and obstruction on Thames, by keeping vessel sunk

there, 641


&c. 641 for keeping unruly bull in field, through which these was public

footway. for keeping furious dog unmuzzled near highway, 643 for puisance in keeping pack of hounds, and placing carrion near

road whereby air was infected, 643 for placing carrion near highway, 644

for continuing carrion near highway which had been placed

by persons unknown, 645 for placing offal merely, 646 for keeping dogs which made noises in night, 6-17 for keeping hogs near public street, 647 for killing sheep near bighway and leaving carcasses, &c. there,

647 against butcher, for using his shop as slaughter-house in public

market, 648 for erecting furnace with boiler and using it for boiling tripe and

offal of beasts, 649 on road act for erecting necessary house near public highway,

that it became common nuisance contrary to act, 651 for laying dung, &c. in public market, whereby air was infected

and passengers annoyed, 652 for boiling bullocks' blood for making colors, 652 for making hartshorn in building erected near public street, 653 for erecting building, &c. for purpose of making bartshorn

therein, 653 for continuing building, &c. before built by persons unknown, 653 for erecting and continuing soap manufactory near highway, 655 for continuing only, 655 against apothecary for keeping house for inoculating near houses

and church, 657 for entertaining persons laboring under small pox, whereby

some of parishioners died, 657 for inoculating persons whereby small pox was communicated

to inhabitants, &c. 657 against overseers for putting number of poor persons in improper

neighbourhood, and thereby creating nuisance to inha

bitants, 658 for conspiracy to lessen value of houses in parish of St. Ann, by

the like 660 for keeping copper-smith's shop so as to annoy neighbourhood,

for carrying trade of brazier so near several dwelling-houses as to

be nuisance, 664
for cutting down and destroying turnpike gate, 665

FRAUDS RELATIVE TO HIGHWAYS. against surveyor of highways for using materials obtained for

repairing thein on his own premises, and employing public

laborers, &c. 666
for embezzling gravel got for parish, 667


against mortgagee in possession of gaol liberty and hundred court

for not repairing it, whereby prisoners therein could not be

kept safely, 668 against mayor and burgesses for not repairing Gloucester gaol, 669

on 6 Geo. I. for raising subscriptions to set on foot compan",

for purpose of selling bread, 669
for acting as if they had been a corporate body, 670
for raising subscription, not having charter from the crown, 671


HOUSES, &c. for keeping alehouse without license, 671 for selling ale and beer on sunday, 672 for keeping unlicensed dancing house, 672 for nuisance at common law, 673 for keeping house for cock fighting, &c. 673 for keeping common gaming house, 673 for keeping E. O. table, 674 for keeping common gaming house to play at faro, 675 second count, certain common gawing room and place, 675 for keeping common gaming house for billiards, 677


for winning more than 10l. at a sitting, 677
for same offence on two days, 678
for winning 201. within twenty-four hours at back-gammon, 678
for winning more than 10l. at one sitting, by betting on side of

another player, 679
for winning more than 201. within twenty-four hours by betting,

679 for losing more than twenty pounds within twenty-four hours, 679 on 9 Ann, for winning above ten pounds at cards at one tinie

and sitting, 680 for fraudulently winning money at dice, 680

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for agreeing to receive office of distributor of stamps for county,

on condition of allowing former possessor to bave profits

for life, 681 for attempting to bribe first lord of treasury, in order to procure

reversion of office in Jamaica, 683 for proposing to minister, that if he would procure office, de

fendant would pay 50001. into hands of third person, 687 for similar offence, and undertaking to lodge security for 500cl.

in hands of E. F. F. 688

against revenue officer, for giving up goods forfeited and taking

bribe, 689
for receiving bribe, 692
for offering to bribe revenue officers to give up and to refrain

from seizing goods, 693
for offering bribes to revenue officers, 695
against officer for receiving presents in India, 697
against register for engaging as a proctor, 698


AND POOR RATES. for carrying two paupers to parish where they had no settlements

where one died, 698 for bringing person ill with small pox into parish where she

died, 699 for bringing woman into parish where she had no settlement and

where she died, and parishioners put to expence in burying

her, 699 for lodging inmate who was delivered of bastard child, which

became chargeable to liberty, 700 against overseer for applying money received from earuings of

poor in work house to his own use, and giving in false

accounts, 701 against overseer for making up false accounts and verifying them

on oath, 704


for solemnizing matrimony without licence, &c. 711
against parish clerk for single felony in deceiving clergyman to

make false entry of banns when none had been published, 711 against parish clerk for making false entry of publication of

banns, 712
for misdemeanour in procuring marriage with minor by false

allegations, 713
against duchess of Kingston for bigamy, 718
against man for having two wives at same time, 721
for marrying second wife former being living, 721


ING HORSES. for slaughtering horse without giving notice to inspector of

slaughter houses, 721

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